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  1. Convoy works really well, but once one units get destoryed i am getting this spam } forEach (units _convoyGroup)-(crew (vehicle (leader _co> 13:45:02 Error position: <_convoyGroup)-(crew (vehicle (leader _co> 13:45:02 Error Undefined variable in expression: _convoygroup 13:45:02 Error in expression <nvoyGroup); Tried to terminiate the script in debug console, but does not seem to work, or maybe i am not putting the right thing there.
  2. Great mod! Enjoying it a lot, much more tactical than say Alive in conducting battle. And super easy to setup customised force pool and specify what is used for what. Still not tried the high command module yet but one thing I noticed and would like to double check is if commander always send max 3 groups per objective at at time for rec and/or capture? regardless the priority level and how many spare troops it has? If true this really limits the dyanmism of the battle, as I have to artificially increase the objective density to utilise a high concentration of forces, which I had hoped HAL would pick up by itself.
  3. shi4stone

    Kujari: PMC ops

    Do you plan to add an AI recruitment system so this excellent game can be played solo as well
  4. shi4stone

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    would this mission ever allow player to recruit ai teammates?
  5. shi4stone


    Can you please confirm if demoblizing works as intended and refund intel? because when i tried it it does not give back the intel. Thx!
  6. shi4stone

    [SP/MP] Dynamic ISIS War System 1.80

    Thanks for the recommendation! But none of those scratch the same itch your game does, i.e., OPEX and forgotten few are great but not really full map persistent campaign, they are just mission generators in the end. Others like anitstasi are mostly insurgent type mission. not the same feeling as commanding a blufor army as in your mod. Anyway, just to show appreciation of what you did and hope to see an update eventually!
  7. shi4stone


    just tested it i dont think demobilizing AI units actually refund intel (does not matter if i had enlisted unit, squad or as HC squad), did i miss anything? return vehicles does give back intel.
  8. shi4stone


    Would it be possible to add refund function so that i get the intel bacak if i bring the AI back to HQ and demobilize them? A bit of pity that the world itself is not persistent. I can only dream one day Alive and this can be combined:)
  9. shi4stone


    Does this mission track which area you have cleared and enemy camp destroyed while going out for a patrol? i.e., once i secure a town it stay secured until AI come to take it again? i guess what i am after is similar to alive. Or is the open world patrol just a way to farm intel and but no real impact on the mission progression? Also is there any way to save AI teammate? does it help if i move them to High command? and would high command team be saved? is it possible to do persistent save outside TOC? Thanks for the great mission, just wish to have more video in english on youtube to get a better sense from it. edit: test and seems no AI, HC or teammate can be saved sadly.
  10. shi4stone

    [SP/MP] Dynamic ISIS War System 1.80

    it is a bit old mod but still quite fun. Only thing i am struggling with it is how to liberate town? I think i have cleared up the area but the red marker stays red on the town. How do i turn it green?
  11. I read somewhere that this mod used to enable AI to heal AI automatically, but not anymore since recent update. Is that so? I know right now AI won't go revive others by themselves but will it be enabled in future again?
  12. shi4stone

    Released![MP][WarFighter] Liberation

    Just to report that the supply convoy raid 2ndary mission seems to have a bug as the ammo box captured cannot be recycled, when click recycle, the resource box says "scalar value" or something like that instead of a number for each resource type. was expecting a large amount of ammo
  13. shi4stone


    Very immersive mission! Have not managed to pull off a single one yet, always die outnumbered but still quite fun! A silly question, how do i use teamswitch function? i press u but its just group managment no way to control other AI. Besides, is there any plan to include AI revive like AIS or sunday revive? I tried myself could not make it work (not very familiar with mission editing any way...) Lastly, AI cannot enter the tanks and APCs parked in the base. Only one AI driver can get in then everyone else is negative.... They can get in APCs that I bought from delivery. dont know if this is intentional or not