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  1. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Unfortunately a lot of people do not seem to care about mod makers wishes. Thanks for adding the link
  2. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hi SGT Fuller and team your mod has been uploaded to steam by JPlays88
  3. SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    Found it my end try taking Aegis out that is what is conflicting for me hopefully it is the same our end or you are in for a long night ;)
  4. SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    No worries i'm not running anywhere near that
  5. SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    I've got it working now its a mod confliction just going through it now and will let you know ineptaphid which mod is causing it for me.
  6. SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    Awesome nice work and good to see you back Massi
  7. F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    Hi firewill thanks for the update. I'm getting the crash with f-15k as well as f-15e no other mods running.
  8. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Awesome Nice one Nightmare i am really pleased to see your carrying on not just for the sake for content for everyone but more importantly you own sake Im not so sure about the pic though i think i may be causing me to start tripping lol
  9. Night's M9 Weapon Pack

    Really pleased to hear your continuing work on aegis. All the best with it's development but don't stress yourself out with it because it doesn't matter when you release it. . Nice photo's with the F35
  10. Project Infinite v1.0

    That looks awesome thanks you the release Bnae trying now
  11. Night's M9 Weapon Pack

    Good to see you are still carrying on modding Nightmare Thanks for the m9 will give it a try always nice to get something new to play about with. All the best with everything going on
  12. RH Pistol pack

    All done 2 of your pistol pack and 2 of your acc pack
  13. RH Pistol pack

    Some people just don't seem to care or respect the mod creator's wishes. There are few uploads of your acc pack as well do you want these flagged also?
  14. RKSL Attachments Pack

    Hi this has been uploaded to steam workshop by AbeNoMasahiro