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  2. BLACKOUT...

    US 75th Rangers

    This section of the forums is for mod developers to give updates on their WIP mods. If you don't like seeing those, you don't have to look. I don't know why you're making assumptions about USP not releasing either, do you have some insider info? They're obviously planning to release it if they're giving updates here and made their own subreddit for the community. Just sit and wait like the rest of us and stop complaining.
  3. LJH_1

    US 75th Rangers

    OH fuck yes, my AVS blue balls have finally been relieved
  4. bludski

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Some screens from il-padrino #RHSKATYA
  5. For the span of about 3.5 to 4 years I've been working on a combined arms multiplayer game, unfortunately, this project took a serious set back when my computer was stolen and all my progress was lost. While I have started over with the easy stuff like vehicles, loadouts, bases, AOs and things of that nature, I've been struggling to find the motivation to do the more complicated and tedious stuff which is of course, making it all work together. Being that I work 12-14hrs a day with anywhere from 10-14hrs off, my time to work on this game is limited. My knowledge in coding and scripting is limited as well, forcing me to ask and learn as I go. With all that being said, I've been contemplating finding and commissioning someone to help me with coding the game to actually make it work.... I know it would be best if I could find someone with a high level of coding and scripting knowledge who also has the same amount of interest in my game mode as myself but what else should I look for and consider? I'm really just looking for a good starting point as well as anything I should keep in mind when choosing and making an agreement before I post on the Editing forum. It's going to be a pretty big job, something on par with Warlords I'd say, although a lot of the Warlords tools may be able to be used...
  6. Freddo3000

    ORBAT in Config

    Do as in this example: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_ORBAT_Viewer#Config where the classes are placed inside of each other. Do not define subordinates[] Also, never say "I solve the problem" without saying what you did to fix it, it will make future users very upset.

    Arma3 Videos

  8. SSgt 'Ice Cold' Sykes

    Variable not defined when using local variable

    So this has been working just fine for me until now because it seems it isn't possible to create more than one minefield. The unit gets created but there are no mines and i can't find the source of the problem.
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  10. Fookin awesome Johnny! havent had a chance to mess around with yet but oh yeah, im gonna fondle her! erhm him.. cough *It* (gender neutral)
  11. CaptainDawson


    1. Perhaps not much would improve with the feature disabled, so perhaps what we need is a different solution. Team Balance Parameter may be useful for balancing on player join as Beagle said, but it still does not prevent the eventual imbalance in team player numbers. 2. Players are much less likely to join servers with low player counts REGARDLESS of which team they want to play. This applies to players who don't care which team they will play on, most people just want to play on a well populated server. I played almost an entire game the other day and saw this play out. It could never get over about 16 players, despite the fact that both Blufor and Opfor had extreme advantages in players over each other at various times. Before the change, it was more likely to see a fresh server be completely full on both teams before half of the sectors had been capped. The player capacity means there will be an equal number of players if the server is full, regardless of the parameter of course. If we could fill more servers, we wouldn't have this problem as much IMO. 3. On that note. Having an equal number of players on each side does not necessarily balance the game in the long run. Those of us who have played Warlords extensively know that the game is often won or lost by a few players who know the most effective tactics to use in Warlords. I have been in plenty of games where one team had several more players, but was completely hopeless due to the opposing team having all the experienced players! Noobs often flood onto one team. I've tried to balance the game for the benefit of everyone by making an agreement with Opfor to send a few experienced players over to Blufor so we don't have to have another one-sided game, but we were prevented by the "Team Balance Parameter", because Blufor had 2 or 3 more players, players who were noobs I might add. There are plenty of players who like to join the losing team and help them out. If the losing team is flooded with a lot of inexperienced players, they can't join if they are prevented by the parameter. Team Balance Parameter means that server slotting is balanced as if a Blufor noob player who cannot learn how to teleport from the base is the equivalent of someone like an experienced Opfor player who single-handedly maintains air superiority and has 50+ vehicle kills in a single game. Letting the players balance the game themselves is a bad idea, but it's still better than the current scenario... At least without it, or with another solution, more players would want to join!

    Mission File.

    Hello there G1llam ! Did you made a search ? arma 3 life github https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=arma+3+life+github
  13. pioneer

    Arma3 Videos

  14. It's good to hear that you made it ! I'll try to check this as well !
  15. veteran29


    Update 1.2.2 - Fixed calculation of required amount of people (it was always one less)
  16. Is there a way to open the commander's tablet from a vehicle?
  17. JD Wang

    Rosche, Germany

    That would then put the map behind a paywall would it not? You'd have to own GM in order to use Rosche. While I own GM, half of my unit do not, which would take this incredible map out of the list of maps I could use for missions
  18. jacobs

    US 75th Rangers

    Yeah... ok nice but just teasing and not releasing anything is frustrating. Probably this mod will not be released due to concerns about "loosing the assets" so, why are you still showing off your progress here? We already know you are talented artists. You should think about become 3rd party DLC or just keep it private to your community...
  19. Some time ago the ticket was closed https://feedback.bistudio.com/T85691 since it was fixed, after 2.5 years of waiting. Can you explain why the problem is still in the game? On the tracker there are a lot of tickets about the "bipod" https://feedback.bistudio.com/search/query/hbHpGFuX3w7C/#R, starting in 2015, and this did not affect the priority of solving these problems.
  20. haleks


    Yeah, I just need to lower the armor value of the head hitpoint; I made a few changes in the configs and not all of them were 100% tested. I may have inadvertently increased the default "armor" values on zombie hitpoints... I'll probably need to reduce the size of the head hitpoint too - it seems a bit large and could make things too easy combined with a lower armor value.
  21. Hi Tricky, welcome to the forums. Download the zip file and unzip the entire mission directory into your missions folder. Then open the mission up in the editor. To make a new mission on a new map, then create and save a mission, and then copy all the files (except the mission.sqm) into your new mission's directory. You then will want to edit the init.sqf. Here you can create new path arrays to use. And modify the code that calls the main script to pass in units of your choice. I recommend thoroughly understanding the init.sqf in the demo mission before trying to create a new mission with your own init.sqf. I need to make an instructional video on how how to make your own move point array, so for now I suggest you just play around with my demo mission. For the different move points in the path array you can add different keywords to make ai do different actions at different points in the path. For example, see the path array assigned to variable _path2. On the two move point rows that contain "door" in the second column of the array, you can add "gunbreach" or "benobreach" (or remove those) to get different entries (breaching charge, shoot the lock, or just open the door). You can also add "grenade" to this keyword array in second column to have leader throw a grenade after reaching the move position. How to create a custom move path array: And note that flashbangs (thanks to Phronk) will be supported in next release!!! (they're working great in my dev branch). 🙂
  22. Work hasn't stopped! I've recently got my main PC back after moving house, but my trusty laptop has been a helpful aid all this time. I've recently begun working on porting air transport assets for the Soviet and American forces. Shown here is the MI-17. It will come in unarmed, rocket, and VIV versions. It will also have some minor vehicle customization
  23. pierremgi

    ArmaModFrance is back !

    Nice! waiting for a steam upload. Tkx
  24. Sezon.dev

    Texture expand bug

    I have the same problem, except that in my LOD 0 I only have 29698 faces. I do not understand why the UV deforms as much knowing that I already have to treat models a little bigger. If by chance you have an answer to bring me, I would gladly Sincerely, Sezon
  25. Update: 19 June 2019 - Added USMC webbings with m41 suspenders - Replaced Faces of War gear on USMC units with new marine gear - Added M6 gas bags - Adjusted colours of OD7 webbings - Added Transitional (OD7-OD3 mix) cartridge and bar belts - Added usmc musette bags - Added m1910 and M2 First Aid Kits on webbings - Fixed some musette bags accidentally having bandoliers included - Fixed weighting issues on leggings - Fixed broken ambient occlusions on usmc uniforms Download (Requires FoW and IFA3): Steam Workshop
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