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  1. P4R4S

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Even that I doubt that something ever changes and even more than I will make those changes happen, with the all time known problems of Arma 3 Units availability and I feel quite stupid trying it anyways once again for the like... fifth time now I think - well here we go again... I mean Support does not feel responsible to take troubleshooting about Arma 3 Unit service being down once again for months aaaaand propably only a few give any damn too, but here I am... What else can a guy like myself do to show some sympathy and interest, to get some attention for a problem to obtain changes? I not even get told what the problem is... I mean sure... I cannot help fixing it what I feel sorry for but on the other side... it's the duty of the operator of the website and service I think... and there must be somebody in charge of that (?) Anyways... Even that I allready mentioned it and it should be quite obvious what I'd like to request - Arma 3 Units service being down once again for I think at least two months allready (once again - I mean it's sad that it is rather surprising if it works for once than it being unavailable). If I open the Launcher (and I do alot, cause I play Arma 3 allmost every day) I allready get welcomed by the message "Arma 3 Unit Service not available". If I try to open the website I get either no access at all (like website not found) or Im able to join the website and I get this "We encountered an error. If the problem persists, please contact us as via email at support@bistudio.com." - well I did that but either I get no reply at all or I get something what pretty much lets translate into "We are not responsible for that - we don't care" great customer service... No seriously... would you PLEASE consider to fix the Service? I really like having this feature and after I had a problem with old Squad.xml (what does not work for me anymore for unknown reasons) the Arma 3 Units is my only option here...
  2. Hello my Dear Arma people, I have a problem with some of my Arma 3 Units. To be exact: the Emblem ingame... and Im actually not sure how to describe it. But I try... While the emblem is in a normal appearance in the menus etc. it is not in the acctual game - be it on the uniform or on vehicles. It somehow is kinda to sharp or maybe blurred and shiny or... glittering - especially when in motion - but as I said ONLY ingame. I had one single unit yet what Emblem did not have this kind of problem what is shown just how it is and actually it is not all to different as the other pictures I had in use (not less or more sharp or more colors or whatever), but now I tried to make another emblem and again the same freakin problem... well... Im looking for the reason why this is happening and even more how I can fix that. I try to show you what I mean but... on pictures this is not all to... visible but maybe you get what I mean anyways... I've put three of the best examples here: https://ibb.co/NmZzz3h and this is btw the original from the website and the acctual file: https://ibb.co/9wMH6PB https://ibb.co/yfk8JQQ I hope somebody can help me here... cause Im sick of wasting work and effort to create and edit those emblems 😞 Thanks -Paras
  3. P4R4S

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Here my feedback to the Unit System. After the old way to make a Squad.xml did not work for me anymore because of an unknown problem what did not allow me to change this xml for me or join another it was a very welcome alternative way to implement this option I didn't had anymore. I like this way to individualize yourself and give a way to identify you and your group to others alot and used it since 2014. Anyways... I also think there is a need to improve the system and make some changes and or add more settings - make it a bit more userfriendly so to say. First of all: if you create such an unit you allready geting trouble because you HAVE to make a description and this needs to have a minimum of 125 characters and this my dear people is exactly the problem why some of you were not able to open a group because you haven't realized that this is absolutly necessary - I did not at the beginning as well. If you have reached the 125 and everything else necessary is done as well you're good ... otherwise you are unable to go on. The 125 characters are to much in my opinion and should be reduced to an absolut minimum of maybe 25 or you change the need of this description what would be probably even the best idea. I mean It should be your decission if you want to add a description or not and shouldn't be forced especially not if there is not much or anything at all to say... So it should be optional and not required. Im not sure but I also think the biography isn't optional as well what it should be as well. Next thing I've noticed... others as to the Squad.xml it seems like you can't add a short comment what would be shown in the game (in the playerlist under the users profile). At least I've not figured out what to edit to add this comment but I would like to add some few words - of course optional as well! Than it should be also optional what characteristics it has. I mean if the "principal attitude" and "gameplayfocus" is not clearly defined why force the people to just do this? Another thing I've noticed. You can't edit the units ranks. Only if you allready got members with the rank but you can just edit this players rank and not the rank itself. If I say for example Rank 7 is General it would be only for a specific player but not the others with the same rank but if I want to clearly define what this rank should be this would be helpful. So an option to just make this possible would be nice. Well... this was it from my side. Thanks for this oppertunity and a way to easy realize this with the unit system but please... get rid of this stumbling blocks 😉
  4. after it did not work for around 12 hours it's now up again... I still wonder what's was going on but nevermind.
  5. Hello, Im not sure if only I have this issue but the Unit service seems to be down. The service does not load, my unit does not show up in the launcher but also ingame and in the end it just tells me that the service is unaccessable and when I try to go on the website it does not load. After I finally found a way to solve my problem with changing my Squad.xml in this way it's now not working anymore but why? What's the problem and is it a general issue maybe because the developers just overhaul it or something or is it once again just only for me? It's the hole day offline as it seems and I wonder why and also if it will come up again in an estimated time. I just do not find any informations about it and Im quite suprised. sincerely Paras
  6. Hello, for some time now I have a network problem what's causing that Im not able to use Steam in online mode but only offline. I think this is causing another issue I have with ArmA 3. When I try to play (singleplayer) scenarios in ArmA 3 I allways get the message "User is not logged in" and the scenario does not start for unknown reason. I mean... it does not make sense at all that I have to be logged in to play :l I tried to find a way to fix this problem but seems like there is no (known) solution. It would be great if I could get some help here
  7. P4R4S

    MiniDayZ 2

    Hmm I really need to apologize... It was quite obvious but somehow my device I used didn't show me the blogs so I missed that part and only seen informations about MiniDayz in General... But I still wonder when they plan to release it... Acctual I still haven't found any acctual news. No statusupdates and such things only some pretty uninteresting stuff about the franchise in general etc.
  8. P4R4S

    MiniDayZ 2

    Could you show me the link? Im not sure what website you're talking about because I've checked the Website of Bohemia Interactive what is the developer or am I wrong?
  9. P4R4S

    MiniDayZ 2

    Hello I'd like to ask if the development of a second MiniDayZ is still a thing. I mean do you really develop Mini DayZ 2 or is this just a false rumor or a fake story? For about a year I've seen some news about it and there was also a guy who told me about it in this forum. But I can't find any more informations about it and also I haven't seen any more updates to this. So I wonder if this is even true or if it maybe is cancelled but if so when do you plan to release it?
  10. P4R4S

    How to edit the files?

    To be honest: as long as Im only using them for my private purpose (only for me) I actually don't care... especially if it's a dead game anyway but well... guess I have to accept it... I hope this MiniDayZ 2 is not only multiplayer... especially on a mobile device this would be bad ... especially if many people just play the game with an emulator or similiar to play it on the PC like in any multiplayer pvp game to have a big advantage. But also because I enjoyed playing this first mini dayz alone (except of the many very frustrating and unfair points...). And if this than would require a network connection whenever you want to play it this would make it even worse...
  11. Hi, after Im now pretty sure this developers do not care about this game anymore I tried to find some files I could edit to make this game easier and less unfair but after I checked the main folder of the app I had to realize it's empty... so... well... is there a way to find/ open the files and maybe edit them with notepad or some similiar stuff? This game isn't bad but there are so many things what pissing me off so hard like to less (usefull) loot and lootable buildings (what even empty sometimes), to strong and fast zombies, to less health, equiptment get's destroyed to fast and easy, to less slots for items, enemies who see and attack you before you can take actions (also no way to sneak on them and kill them easily), items sometimes not respawn or just take way to long to respawn etc.
  12. I now realized it's a bug accuring only if you not use "English" as language... anyways... annoying...
  13. If you know another method how to make a squad.xml or how to realize it than let me know and I'll check if this may work for me... as I said I had alot of problems back than when I'd created my first Squad.xml so I've no idea if maybe the website is the problem (maybe some AntiVirus protection shit or who knows...)
  14. I've checked everything more than only once or twice so Im absolutly sure it's correct. Unfortunately it's not that easy 😞
  15. As you wish: I create one at this webside (I don't know any other way) https://armasquads.com/. The first times I tried it with my old account where I had/ have my old Squad running. I did not delete it because there are still other members in it but I think I once even did to make sure it's not the problem. But I tried to delete me as a member what stoped showing me in the squad (at this webside as well than ingame) but I still wasn't able to use another Squad.xml - it's not like I've got a errormessage or anything alike - it just isn't working... After it did not work I thought about maybe because Im only allowed to have one Squad.xml per account (but that would be pretty weird because you're able to create more than one). So I've created another account with another email of mine but did not solve the issue... Anyways I put in all the data what are needed (and also some additional). Squad Tag (I tried different variations but most of the time it were three normal letters like WoH with no special symbols or anything else), Squad name (also no special symbols), additional a Squad title and last of all a picture (but I tried it without a picture as well so it's not the problem) in the right size and format. Next step is creating a member - in this case only me. I copy/ paste my Player ID (what I find in the ArmA 3 profiles (it's also the same I use or have used in my old squad.xml)) in the first line, than my correct playername (it's a very easy name so nothing can go wrong - also the same as in my old squad.xml) and than I also have added an additional remark (but I've tried to leave it empty with no effect as well). So I save everything and just copy/ paste the link from the squad.xml inside my ArmA 3 profile in the menu after I've started the game. I checked everything if it's really correct but after ten times I was pretty sure there is everything as it have to be! Because I wasn't sure if it get's changed directly I tried to restart the game, waited for some hours till days but nothing happened. Ingame Im allways a normal player so to say with no Squad.xml, no informations, no picture at my uniforms or vehicles etc. Also I have to admit that I remember that I had back in the days when I've created my old Squad.xml (in 2014 I think) a problem to create the squad.xml as well but I was able to make it work. I don't remember how but I know things were differend and a bit more complicated than. Im not sure but I think I had to create a file and had to add all informations and members like I did with the Squad.xml and than I think I had to put this file in a ArmA 3 folder but I did not find anything... not helping that my ArmA 3 folder is now stuffed with so many subfolders etc. and the biggest problem is probably that I have no idea how this file was named... if there is nothing I've forgotten (and I even watched some youtube videos how to create a Squad.xml) to do I would think about this as the issue... but I've just no idea...