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    MiniDayZ 2

    Hello I'd like to ask if the development of a second MiniDayZ is still a thing. I mean do you really develop Mini DayZ 2 or is this just a false rumor or a fake story? For about a year I've seen some news about it and there was also a guy who told me about it in this forum. But I can't find any more informations about it and also I haven't seen any more updates to this. So I wonder if this is even true or if it maybe is cancelled but if so when do you plan to release it?
  2. P4R4S

    MiniDayZ 2

    Hmm I really need to apologize... It was quite obvious but somehow my device I used didn't show me the blogs so I missed that part and only seen informations about MiniDayz in General... But I still wonder when they plan to release it... Acctual I still haven't found any acctual news. No statusupdates and such things only some pretty uninteresting stuff about the franchise in general etc.
  3. P4R4S

    MiniDayZ 2

    Could you show me the link? Im not sure what website you're talking about because I've checked the Website of Bohemia Interactive what is the developer or am I wrong?
  4. Hi, after Im now pretty sure this developers do not care about this game anymore I tried to find some files I could edit to make this game easier and less unfair but after I checked the main folder of the app I had to realize it's empty... so... well... is there a way to find/ open the files and maybe edit them with notepad or some similiar stuff? This game isn't bad but there are so many things what pissing me off so hard like to less (usefull) loot and lootable buildings (what even empty sometimes), to strong and fast zombies, to less health, equiptment get's destroyed to fast and easy, to less slots for items, enemies who see and attack you before you can take actions (also no way to sneak on them and kill them easily), items sometimes not respawn or just take way to long to respawn etc.
  5. P4R4S

    How to edit the files?

    To be honest: as long as Im only using them for my private purpose (only for me) I actually don't care... especially if it's a dead game anyway but well... guess I have to accept it... I hope this MiniDayZ 2 is not only multiplayer... especially on a mobile device this would be bad ... especially if many people just play the game with an emulator or similiar to play it on the PC like in any multiplayer pvp game to have a big advantage. But also because I enjoyed playing this first mini dayz alone (except of the many very frustrating and unfair points...). And if this than would require a network connection whenever you want to play it this would make it even worse...
  6. I now realized it's a bug accuring only if you not use "English" as language... anyways... annoying...
  7. Hello, I recently noted that the DayZ mobilegame got an Update but unfortunately I had to realize that this bug that every item is named "0" is still a thing... This is very annoying but also fatal because it makes this quests you get from friendly survivors impossible to accomplish. So I'd like to request at least this to get fixed.
  8. If you know another method how to make a squad.xml or how to realize it than let me know and I'll check if this may work for me... as I said I had alot of problems back than when I'd created my first Squad.xml so I've no idea if maybe the website is the problem (maybe some AntiVirus protection shit or who knows...)
  9. Hello, I've created such a thread once a while ago but after I hoped for a solution for my problem what did not come (actually there was only one reply). I'll try it now again because this problem is really making me sick even that it's actually not worth to mention... but anyways... I want it done! Because I wont like to write it again here the link for the old thread: But I have to bring up a new discovery I made... Im not able to join any other Squad not even if I create a new one even when I've deleted my old Squadmembership or a new account to make a new Squad.xml or anything else but Im allways able to join/ rejoin my old Squad and so there must be the problem. Somehow the game or maybe a file I have no insights (or don't know about) keeps me (locked) in this Squad and when I join another one Im still a member of this other first Squad.xml but because there is now another link of course it can't take the informations of my old Squad but doesn't from the new one as well... at least that's what I think but I have no idea how to solve this but I want it so bad... so please... if you have an idea and especially more experience as me (what's not hard I bet) than give me a hand here. Sincerely Paras
  10. I've checked everything more than only once or twice so Im absolutly sure it's correct. Unfortunately it's not that easy 😞
  11. As you wish: I create one at this webside (I don't know any other way) https://armasquads.com/. The first times I tried it with my old account where I had/ have my old Squad running. I did not delete it because there are still other members in it but I think I once even did to make sure it's not the problem. But I tried to delete me as a member what stoped showing me in the squad (at this webside as well than ingame) but I still wasn't able to use another Squad.xml - it's not like I've got a errormessage or anything alike - it just isn't working... After it did not work I thought about maybe because Im only allowed to have one Squad.xml per account (but that would be pretty weird because you're able to create more than one). So I've created another account with another email of mine but did not solve the issue... Anyways I put in all the data what are needed (and also some additional). Squad Tag (I tried different variations but most of the time it were three normal letters like WoH with no special symbols or anything else), Squad name (also no special symbols), additional a Squad title and last of all a picture (but I tried it without a picture as well so it's not the problem) in the right size and format. Next step is creating a member - in this case only me. I copy/ paste my Player ID (what I find in the ArmA 3 profiles (it's also the same I use or have used in my old squad.xml)) in the first line, than my correct playername (it's a very easy name so nothing can go wrong - also the same as in my old squad.xml) and than I also have added an additional remark (but I've tried to leave it empty with no effect as well). So I save everything and just copy/ paste the link from the squad.xml inside my ArmA 3 profile in the menu after I've started the game. I checked everything if it's really correct but after ten times I was pretty sure there is everything as it have to be! Because I wasn't sure if it get's changed directly I tried to restart the game, waited for some hours till days but nothing happened. Ingame Im allways a normal player so to say with no Squad.xml, no informations, no picture at my uniforms or vehicles etc. Also I have to admit that I remember that I had back in the days when I've created my old Squad.xml (in 2014 I think) a problem to create the squad.xml as well but I was able to make it work. I don't remember how but I know things were differend and a bit more complicated than. Im not sure but I think I had to create a file and had to add all informations and members like I did with the Squad.xml and than I think I had to put this file in a ArmA 3 folder but I did not find anything... not helping that my ArmA 3 folder is now stuffed with so many subfolders etc. and the biggest problem is probably that I have no idea how this file was named... if there is nothing I've forgotten (and I even watched some youtube videos how to create a Squad.xml) to do I would think about this as the issue... but I've just no idea...
  12. P4R4S

    Is the Game dead?

    Hi, After I did not see any reply from developers or people what have insights to the DayZ mobile game but over 100 views (what made me wonder) I also had to realize that this Game isn't listed in the PlayStore anymore. The reason for this is at it tells me that this game isn't running on my device (anymore) but that's not true. Because I allready had it installed it was and is still there and except of the ingame and gamemechanic problems it's just running fine. So well... will there happen anything in this game or can we call it dead? Would be sad because there is potential but as I said in my other threads there are also alot of problems what need to be fixed and/ or improved. Sincerely Paras
  13. Hello, I recently tried to play this mini DayZ game of yours again but unfortunately there are still this old problems that this game is just to hard and more frustrating than fun so nothing really changed at all... I like to post here some problems I've noticed what need to change or improve in my opinion and maybe this will move you developers to do something: - Zombies are to fast and discover you before you really have the chance to avoid them - same for this wolves. - inflicted damage to high if you take hits but also if you use your weapons there is just way to less damage your equipment can take to get ruined. By 100% most of the time only four hits and its pretty rare you find something what really got 100% or even more than 50% - to less loot - alot places you can loot (what by the way aren't many at all) are also empty and have absolutly no or really bad loot (useless stuff). Even with good cloth and the absolute rare luck to find a bagpack to less slots/ room for loot - by the way if it get's destroyed it becomes useless - it's just to hard to survive even in Beginner difficulty in Veteran just impossible - all items are named "0" I really recommend to the developers to play this game themself to get a feeling for the game and necessary improvements and changes you can and have to add. Even that the idea is great and there also some positive points it's not possible for me to recommend the game because it's just to hard and frustrating to survive (no chance to survive)
  14. Hi there, first of all I have to apologize because I put this thread in the wrong section but somehow this was the only one I was able to interact with. So if you're a moderator please move it to the right place. But now to my problem: I've created a new Squad.xml for me in ArmA 3 with this website https://armasquads.com/ after my old one I was using for I think 5 years now was outdated (back in the days I was member of a small Clan what dispanded few years ago but I kept the squad.xml because of loyality and maybe nostalgia and also because some of the people I still play with sometimes...). because there are still some members I think using it I kept this squad.xml untouched and just added another Squad. The other squad.xml I've created few years ago with the same website I think and was using it without problems even that it was different back this days to make it work... as I remember I had to download a file and edit it to add members but seems like this isn't necessary anymore (?) However I've added a second squad and added all necessary informations and checked if everything is correctly (at the first time I had some symbols in the tag and thought that may be the problem but actually I don't think so because my old squad.xml used the same symbols and worked). Username, ID and URL (to my ArmA 3 profile) was all copied and past in the right way and without any mistakes... I checked it several times. I also deleted the squad and made a new one to check if maybe something went wrong with it but as it seems I can't use it in general and Im out of ideas what to do... Oh and the picture isn't the problem as well... it's 256x256 pixel, only 70Kb and I also checked without any picture but everytime it looked the same like in the screenshot I'll add here: https://imgur.com/a/IxHarCC as you see there is no Squad.xml - not a squad logo nor the squad informations like tag, title or remark (rest I left free) If anybody knows something what could help me solving this problem let me know. Also if you need some other informations as well I'll try to answer as fast and as good as possible. thanks
  15. P4R4S

    Squad.xml not working

    Is there a way except of this website I've told about to bring a squad.xml to work?
  16. P4R4S

    Squad.xml not working

    yes Iam and yes I have tested it on an own local hosted server as well as on normal servers
  17. P4R4S


    Hey dude, can you upload this mod to steam as well? It would be much easier to install and bring it to work :)