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  1. vafana

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    @alky_lee I made a port for Kujari map: Terrains CUP is needed. Starting points are in the west, south and east, on a river crossing the map. Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b0YAxBFaT7apIdIV6DaIxgIdOwky11JS/view
  2. vafana

    Arma 3 still a popular title

    Apparently ArmA 2 is just as popular, because images from ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead's map Takistan, is used in a promo video of a new tank produced by the Israeli:
  3. vafana

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    From Delta Force to ArmA1 in 2007; I was amazed by the game, however at first was very frustrating, dying every 2 or 3 minutes not knowing from where the enemy is shooting... I uninstalled it, then after a while I installed it again and.... since then the ArmA series has not been uninstalled from my PC. Another game did not have this honor .
  4. I tested it in the editor and it works, slot and weight, but when I want to use it on the "Pilgrimage" mission, it does not work anymore.
  5. @hcpookie QLU-11 35x32mm inventory and slot error it is not fixed ...
  6. Yes, it was "Pilgrimage" mission by @Rydygier
  7. I am getting this error: '...Variable "TCL_Cover"); (time > /#/ time) then _time - (time + 15; if (...' Error Undefined variable in expresion: _time
  8. Hi @hcpookie I've encountered a bug, QLU-11 (anti material grenade launcher) can't be used in any of the weapons slots and has no "weight" can be stored even in a T-shirt.
  9. vafana

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    @Pvt. Parts Thanks for the tips; I will apply these when I find some time.
  10. vafana

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    It is possible that the "fix" appeared after I did the update, I really don't remember...
  11. vafana


    Any mirror please..? I hate Steam ....
  12. vafana

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Every time I tried with a fresh start, now I understand that there is something wrong in my settings, I will try to delete all the mission saves, mission and 3CB mod and then ''reinstall'' them. I'll sort out somehow, because I love 3CB mod. Thank you once again for help.
  13. vafana

    3CB BAF Weapons

    It is Rydygier's mission from here https://www.dropbox.com/s/5j210j901511qmu/Pilgrimage_195_beta5.7z?dl=0
  14. vafana

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Thanks for the prompt response. It's strange, because I've only loaded CBA and 3CB Baf Weapons and ''Pilgrimage'' does not use anything from RHS, and the error only occurs when I load 3CB BAF Weapons. I tried a simple mission from the editor and the error does not appear; I tried instead of 3CB to load another weapon mode (R3F Armes) and there is no error. Anyway, thanks a lot for the reply.