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  1. Thanks for the great release, I appreciate your work. At first glance at the map, I found a place with buildings that overlap at these coordinates [3788.9,11100.5,0].
  2. Yeah, it was a surprise for me too, I entered two sessions in the same way, I tried another way but it doesn't work.
  3. I found that the only way the game doesn't crash is to first open Steam with these parameters: -silent -nochatui -nofriendsui -console -no-browser then open the game from the desktop shortcut. If I click to open the game first from the same shortcut (and automatically Steam as a result), the game crashes every time.
  4. Yes, I tried the normal version twice, then the experimental version. I specified this in the ticket opened in feedback tracker. The BIOS is updated before installing the game, that is, on the day it was released, the game worked normally for a few months until I uninstalled it. It has nothing to do with the BIOS. I will have to wait to be resolved through the open ticket on the tracker, personally I have tried everything I found on the internet regarding the error for a game I paid for.
  5. Hi, I did everything you mentioned.
  6. Hi, thanks for the reply. The problem is that for more than a year the game worked without problems, then I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again after about two months and since then I haven't been able to start the game, every time the same crash. I made a ticket on the feedback site with the crash files attached. I will do a memory check though. Edit: I did a memory check, there are no problems with them.
  7. Hi, That would mean that I would have problems with other games as well, which does not happen.
  8. Is there any fix for the game crash on startup whit: ''Exception: Access violation. Illegal write by 0x0 at 0x0''? I reinstalled the game yesterday, same error, uninstalled and reinstalled today with the same result, updated gpu driver, checked file integrity as well. I sent the report, but from what I understand from some comments on Steam or Reddit, it's an error that persisted from last year. Does anyone know a solution?
  9. vafana

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Well, from what I have tested so far, it spoils things in Pilgrimage, for example the helicopter no longer takes off, it stays on the airfield with the engine running, the revive system spoils almost all the beauty of the game in SP, I tried to disable it by adding to the mission the module provided by CDLC, no success, CDLC has auto-implemented AI system that breaks some things, eg. body markers no longer appear, etc. I haven't tested much, but there are already many problems, the craziest being that the eastern faction does not exist, only the western and independent one. Out of curiosity, I've changed the units on the Altis map for now, including the plane instead of the helicopter, I'm curious if the plane will take off. On the Normandy map it's a real mess, around strongholds and airports, all the bushes have loot crates. edit: Surprisingly, the plane took off.
  10. vafana

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    I have already made a port, for now as a test, without assets from CDLC, this is because I don't like certain things about this CDLC, and Pilgrimage behaves strangely on Normandy map, then the map optimization is very weak for now. So, at this stage, it's not worth it for me. However, I would like to do some tests on the Altis version (or another map), in the sense of changing assets with those from CDLC, from what I understand, some modules are needed to disable the things that make Pilgrimage not work as it should. I will see.
  11. Is there any way to disable revive system in SP?
  12. vafana

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    I have already tried it for the Normandy map, it works perfectly; of course, at first I changed the name of the map from .Altis to .SPE Normandy, I placed the folder in Documents/Arma3/Missions and opened in the editor on the specific map, I selected from the menu which coordinates I wanted and they appeared in the RPT after a few minutes. Simple and effective.
  13. vafana

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I think so, but the mission you provided is much more efficient, especially since it also includes crossroads. Thank you very much.
  14. vafana

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!
  15. vafana

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    There is a code for this, @Rydygier posted a link that goes to a previous post, but I can't find the code there...