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  1. vafana

    You've played to much Arma when:

    When 🐰 you 🐰 see 🐰 rabbits 🐰 everywhere 🐰
  2. I can confirm what @mickeymen says.
  3. vafana

    Pilgrimage in Livonia

    @pvt. partz a few small suggestions, if you don't mind: I know that "ambient combat" is part of the atmosphere of the story, but the option of "disable" for fps sake would be desirable; and I don't know if it is intentional, but there are many "holy places" omitted, if you consider to put them all, in my port version there are all (-1 maybe). Thanks again for the port, I enjoy it.👍
  4. vafana

    Pilgrimage in Livonia

    Thanks for the responses, the error is a mystery, because the second time I started the mission, it didn't appear anymore.... but I tend to believe that it is related to "ambient combat", and in this version not having the possibility to disable it, I cannot verify. @pvt. partz Very nice port, thanks!
  5. vafana

    Pilgrimage in Livonia

    Hi, @pvt. partz Another approach to the mission is welcome, thanks; But for the moment it's unplayable for me because from the beginning I get this error on the screen and it doesn't go away at all: '...AIs set [foreachindex,0]}; } } foreach // RYD_JR_AllSpawnedAIs; , RYD_JR_AllSpawned...' Error Undefined Variable in expression: ryd_jr_allspawned
  6. This is really impressive job, keep up the good work!
  7. I noticed that AI "hearing" is very bad, an explosion with HE grenade at a distance of 100m from an enemy patrol, did not alert them at all; another strange reaction was when from a distance of 600m I eliminated with a HMG, half of a group on patrol, and after a few seconds the others went into safe mode. It's weird that I noticed this reaction after the last update.
  8. I did some tests, it seems that it has nothing to do with your mods, it was Blastcore and the new dev branch update. Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate your work.
  9. Yes, with LAMBS RPG mod.
  10. Hi @nkenny After the last update I have this error, every time I shoot with an RPG32: '...["","","","","","","_sh"]; private _p - /#/getpos _sh; _p params ["_px","_py","pz"...' Error getpos: Type String, expected Object,Location I'm not sure if it's related to you mode, but before this update I didn't have this error.
  11. Hi @nkenny I have this error popping up during gameplay "...dangerMode select 1) select 1; [_this,/#/_target] call lambs_danger_fnc_shareInfo..." Error Undefined Variable in expression : _target
  12. @nkenny This is very impressive, especially suppressing fire carried by the vehicle, this is something new in the Arma they usually only shot if you were in their sight. Thank you, great work!
  13. It is not a mod, it's a function in a mission. Pilgrimage
  14. It happened to me again, the same conditions, an AAF group calls reinforcement, a Spetsnaz group responds, I manage to eliminate everyone, only one unit Spetsnaz AT surrenders, regardless of whether I release or eliminate it, the error immediately appears and no longer disappears from the screen. I noticed that the AT unit takes command and calls for reinforcement again, while surrendering.
  15. @0Y0 Hi, I like your mod, it adds a lot of immersion to the game, but in one of the missions (Pilgrimage) which uses a system of selling inventory of a dead body, after an enemy is killed, this function no longer works, ie disappears from the menu, and it only happens when I use this mod.