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  1. Stormforge

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Ok use the format [0,1,2,etc.] array inside the customChat array. I am still lost on the whole local/global variable thing, so yeah not at this time. Though I was following the scripts for the enemy and civilian comms/chat too. I am still wrapping my head around a lot of it with Biki's help, and there is a lot I do not understand yet, understatement and a half. Was wondering if you would let me post some of your code in Mission and Script Editing, to ask questions about it, or just do it here? Too make sure though. I was looking at this. I do not understand a lot of what is going on here, but I assume you are referring to these individual scripts for each group type. Some of an example of where I am at in knowledge too. Or this one? Though the more I look at this one the more it seems to be the one I am looking for. Especially with _gpClass being defined as all "CfgGroups" right before it starts. Where the above seemed to be limited to the stock IND_F and OPF_F forces. Which it seems would have to be changed too. I may be off on this as I really do not know enough yet. Between the two scripts it looks to be that the "AllGroups" arrays are getting populated twice with IND_F and OPF_F groups. And that the second script is all that needs to be run to populate the arrays. Wait I think the _added might have something to do with that? Still trying to figure out what a lot of it is doing yet though. Though in my case I may be able to remove the second script and get away with modifying the top scripts for each array.
  2. Stormforge

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Sorry another question. I reused your random name generator and such for the companion, with the player. Replacing player setName, and adding the names listed in CfgWorlds depending on map. _pname = RYD_JR_Names select (floor (random (count RYD_JR_Names))); RYD_JR_Names = RYD_JR_Names - [_pname]; _psurname = RYD_JR_Surnames select (floor (random (count RYD_JR_Surnames))); RYD_JR_Surnames = RYD_JR_Surnames - [_psurname]; player setName [_pname + " " + _psurname,_pname,_psurname]; Was following the RYD_JR_Mourn for the ingame messages, and was wondering about the customChat for the calls and such. Would the following work with the above? RYD_JR_Conversations = [ ///// [ [ "Lucas %3: %2? Uncle Lucas here.", "Is it true about Philip? I can't believe it." ], true, "Lucas %3" ], ///// ]; to RYD_JR_Caller customChat [RYD_JR_RadioPhone,_sent,_pname,_psurname]; and this _sent2 = "%2: OK. I can talk again."; RYD_JR_Caller customChat [RYD_JR_Conv,_sent2,_pname]; Think I misunderstood your above message. Just to clarify, I am going to have to add another "if then" check statement to limit it for each group type, in addition to what is already there? Not something simple like adding configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "CUP_O_ChDKZ" >> "Mechanized" after the "foreach" for the RYD_JR_AllMechGroupsE?
  3. Stormforge

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Ok yeah. Was trying to follow RYD_JR_AllArmGroupsE and _units instead. Started going back through JRinit, but was dozing off. Warmonger has the classnames for the insertion helicopters, but was starting to see RYD_JR_AllArmGroupsE, and the others like it from JR_fnc, in JRinit before I went to bed. Not looking at it right now, but guessing it is in the configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "CUP_O_ChDKZ" >> "Mechanized" type format? Learning a bassackwards way. Tried Fockers tutorial, but was banging my head in boredom by the second chapter. Well written and easy to follow, I just have issues learning that way. So I am opening it up, and seeing what does what. Tinkering with it you could say.
  4. Stormforge

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Ok I am stumped. Only somewhat kinda know what I am doing, or maybe not. I see in JR_fnc and JRinit where it calls for certain units, groups, and items for the initial game setup for checkpoints, airfields, warlords, etc and changing what they spawn. What I cannot figure out is the Ambient Combat, what I assume is JR_Warmonger, and how to restrict it to only spawn from a certain faction. Was thinking this was what I am looking for below. { case (resistance) : {_gps = RYD_JR_AllArmGroupsI;_gpKind = "arm"}; case (east) : {_gps = RYD_JR_AllArmGroupsE;_gpKind = "arm"}; } More specifically the (resistance), (east) portion. Would this be what I am looking for? If so how would I restrict it to say, for faction east, CUP_O_ChDKZ?
  5. Stormforge

    [SP/MP] Old West - Wild West Map

    Yeah got a little excited, lol. Hat, old style jeans, and the dirty, worn Union jacket look good too. Can't have the Old West without proper time period clothes.
  6. Stormforge

    [SP/MP] Old West - Wild West Map

    Nice! Was having trouble placing it. The front sight looks a bit tall for an Enfield, and was throwing me off. Looks good and can't wait to play. Any others slated to be included? Springfield 1861, Sharps, Spencer, Henry, Smith Carbine, Colt 1851 Navy/1860 Army, Remington 1858, Colt 1873 Cattleman, LeMat, Volcanic, Kentucky/Hawken style rifles/pistol? Don't really need the Dragoon as you are making the Walker.
  7. Stormforge

    [SP/MP] Old West - Wild West Map

    Black Powder Firearms? Hope so, this is looking amazing. From the above pictures it seems so. Having trouble placing the rifle in the last picture. Is that a Mauser passing off as an Enfield/Springfield/etc?
  8. Stormforge

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    @rsoftokz Awesome work on your modified Pilgrimage. Possible idea for additional drop down options menu. Always thought starting gear could be separate from difficulty. Currently I like to start on normal with map markers and whatnot, then sell off everything like I am starting on Insane. Loot set to normal.
  9. The team icons is hidden by ACE itself. Pause and there should be an ACE menu upper left of the screen with option to turn it back on. Using ACE I would recommend stripping it down to the basics of what you cannot live without. I have yet to try my stripped down version on it. Usually works on most SP missions including Pilgrimage, Hunter Six, various Ravage Misssions, etc. For the IEDs that I have seen in the Kunduz version they seem pretty easy to spot, though I only have seen the same one multiple times. Only one type? Though I was taught to be wary of things sitting on the side of the road. Surprised me when it wasn't a buried mine, but looked somewhat like an actual hidden IED.
  10. Thanks. Will give that a try. Edit: Playing the Kunduz version and I am liking it a lot. Have definitely ramped up the difficulty. Ran into a T-72 that I called in the AH-1 to take care of, just to get shot in the head by an FN FAL at 400m. My squad does not want to exit the base at the beginning of the mission on foot. Need to transport them by either helicopter or ground vehicle to get them out.
  11. Haven't really had a chance to play around more as I am lost just on recruiting teammates. Activate the squad management menu, hold f, then use the mouse wheel. Can seem to only recruit one unit at a time, I take leadership, and they just stand there doing nothing when ordered around.
  12. To better understand what I was talking about I took a couple of videos below. Also to explain a bit more the AI helicopter is not under my control or part of my team. It is controlled through a script that forces it into combat mode and moves it to chosen location or returns it to base. Trying to understand the different behaviors as a hopefully upcoming mission maker. The RHS Apache was farther back and I had to move the CUP Apache up in order to get it to fire. Disregard the first missile fired in the RHS video. Was being impatient and was about to move the chopper and shut off the laser. CUP AH-64 RHS AH-64
  13. Yes this is from an AI controlled Apache. The RHS one spends missiles like crazy even on infantry from far out, while the CUP one only used a single missile on a truck, cannon on everything else all close range. Both were up against multiple armed offroad trucks and infantry in different locations, w/4 quad racks of Hellfires each Apache. Edit: Ok, I took both for a spin and that does seem to be the difference. In the RHS Apache the AI teammate was calling out targets much sooner. Thanks for the reply.
  14. Stormforge

    Enhanced Movement

    Enhanced Movement is not able to cross the new low rock walls on Tanoa. The character seems to get stuck about halfway across then does the Arma stuck character floating thing until it is back on the original side of the wall. No problems climbing anywhere else that I have seen, even with climbing through windows. This one here "Land_StoneWall_01_s_10m_F".
  15. Stormforge

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    What is the difference in the CUP AH-64 and the RHS AH-64? Not talking models or anything. I ask because I was messing around the Hunter Six mission by Lato converting it to one or the other to test them both out. With the RHS AH-64 it would engage any targets Laser Spotted judiciously with Hellfires even outside visual range, and the CUP AH-64 had to be almost on top of it and used the cannon much more than the Hellfires.