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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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Ladder animations that only touch the ladder. No starting in mid air.
Ability to climb obstacles like Enhanced Movement mod.
Raise/lower weapon command so can get through doors sideways or closer to walls.
AI that cannot see through dense grass.
Much better grass drawing distance.
Inventory has a "take all" option. Maybe if you click on the quantity and drag it takes all items.
Quick drop backpack command.
Better, longer lasting, grasscutting to see bodies.
ACE Advanced grenade throwing as standard (why can't I drop a grenade out the window)
Civilian traffic/AI module that is very light on CPU and has very limited AI actions; just to create crowds.

Number one, though, is: use more CPU threads if they're available, and use more of each thread. I often see CPU sitting at <70% on three threads and think, "I wouldn't be desiring faster hardware if ARMA used what I've got more effectively."

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Firing "from the hip" (ie, when not using sights) shouldn't take zeroing into consideration.


Having a 'flag patch' tied to identity, similar to how clan/unit insignia works. (think new XCOM games, or Stargate Atlantis =p )


Being able to cycle between firemodes and muzzles with a separate key. (really inconvenient when you forget you have a GL on your rifle... and very much a 'game' issue - no one's ever accidentally done this irl!)

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An Arma 3 iteration of A2's Sample Data Pack with all MLODs - including abandoned ones ranging from the Marshall's Mortar/Ambulance variants or dual-feed Hunter RCWS, as well as wrecked doodads like the Minivan. Premium DLC and Apex/Contact stuff would be excluded from the package for obvious reasons since DLCs still sell.


Given A3's age, the quality of older vanilla assets are beginning to show compared to newer stuff from the DLCs. Besides Aegis, a lot of other mods would also benefit from being able to directly alter the models instead of having to resort to hex editing/retexturing (i.e repurposing the Tempest Repair into an armoured troop transporter for RHSAFRF, etc.).

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