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  1. UnDeaD.

    AI ignore airfield

    Hi, if you refer to the editor then try increasing their skill, that way they will also spot enemies much quicker. One more thing you could do is to move the helos into one group, so they spot enemies and share it with the other ones. Or you could bring in a bit of scripting and use commands such as reveal
  2. UnDeaD.


    Hi, try this (this adds random blood textures to clothes): _unit setObjectMaterialGlobal [0, selectrandom ["A3\Characters_F\Civil\Data\c_cloth1_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Civil\Data\c_cloth2_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Civil\Data\c_cloth3_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Civil\Data\c_cloth4_injury.rvmat"]]; or directly into the unit's init box: this setObjectMaterialGlobal [0, selectrandom ["A3\Characters_F\Civil\Data\c_cloth1_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Civil\Data\c_cloth2_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Civil\Data\c_cloth3_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Civil\Data\c_cloth4_injury.rvmat"]];
  3. Hi, I'm not experienced with config defines but my first guess would be to put the unit/vehicle classnames into quotes. Hope that solves it.
  4. Hi, that is listed in magazines near the end of this list. Use the classname from there. Hope i could help.
  5. UnDeaD.

    Missing semicolon

    Hi, i'm not experienced with display stuff, but i saw on the wiki that closeDisplay requires(?) a parameter in front of it (display closeDisplay exitCode). Not sure, if that causes the problem, i'm just guessing.
  6. UnDeaD.

    GF Headshot + Killfeed Script

    Hi, I believe if you replace this part of the script if(!(isplayer _killed))then{ _killed_Name = getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> format["%1",typeOf _killed] >> "Displayname"); }else{_killed_Name = name _killed}; with this _killed_Name = name _killed; it should work the way you want it.
  7. UnDeaD.


    I believe if they have a weapon, they will fight for the faction they were grouped to. I'm just using them as playable units for a mission, so the restriction of using another faction's clothes doesn't apply to them, even when they are assigned to another faction the way I mentioned above.
  8. UnDeaD.


    The easiest workaround is to use civilians as playable units, which you group to a Blufor/Opfor/Independent unit. After that it should change it's color to the selected faction, and then you can delete that unit. Civilians can use any type of clothing.
  9. Hi, i'm using this condition in one of my missions: (count (fullCrew [_vehicle,"",true]) == count (fullCrew _vehicle)) which returns true if the _vehicle is full.
  10. Hi, "test" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue returns 0, because the default value you assigned to it is a string and it has to be a number. Remove the quotes from values and default and it should work fine.
  11. Hi, i'm pretty sure this will work: {deletevehicle _x} foreach (units opfor); With the 2.02 update the devs expanded the units command, so it can collect all units of a side, too. Link
  12. UnDeaD.

    Random task for AI

    Something like this: _rand = round (random 5); switch (_rand) do { case 0: {[New_AI_Group_3, _pos_1, 500] call lambs_wp_fnc_taskPatrol;}; case 1: {[New_AI_Group_3, _pos_1, 50] call lambs_wp_fnc_taskCamp;}; case 2: {[New_AI_Group_3, _pos_1, 50] call lambs_wp_fnc_taskGarrison;}; case 3: {[New_AI_Group_3, _pos_1, 50] spawn lambs_wp_fnc_taskCQB;}; case 4: {[New_AI_Group_3, _pos_1] call BIS_fnc_taskDefend;}; case 5: {[New_AI_Group_3, _pos_1, 1000] call BIS_fnc_taskPatrol;}; };
  13. UnDeaD.


    @haleks Not sure if it was asked before, or if it's already in the mod (although i haven't noticed it), but would it be possible to make zombies react to flashlights, weapon lights, vehicle lights, burning campfires and shoulder mounted chemlights? I often walk around at night with a light on and zombies don't seem to notice me. I think it would be a cool feature if they could react to it (zeds close would start to run to it and those which are a bit further would walk towards it)
  14. UnDeaD.

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    What i noticed about AI: The Falcon drone sometimes gets crazy and starts to go around in circles and increase altitude when it reaches it's waypoint. This happens when ordered to a position through the UAV terminal (on Altis, waypoint over sea, enemies in a 1.5km radius) Ifrit driver has a hard time reaching a waypoint after it stops due to collision/other reasons. He starts to reverse, then it looks like he is "tapping" the gas and moves very slowly. He keeps doing that for like 15-30 seconds, then he either gets stuck in a loop and does the same thing for a few more times or it starts moving normally. Hunter and Strider works fine, so i'm guessing it uses a different AI driving. I noticed the same thing for some modded vehicles, and that is probably because they are using the Ifrit's AI.
  15. UnDeaD.


    If you want to do it without additional mods then check this out: