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  1. UnDeaD.


    @haleks Not sure if it was asked before, or if it's already in the mod (although i haven't noticed it), but would it be possible to make zombies react to flashlights, weapon lights, vehicle lights, burning campfires and shoulder mounted chemlights? I often walk around at night with a light on and zombies don't seem to notice me. I think it would be a cool feature if they could react to it (zeds close would start to run to it and those which are a bit further would walk towards it)
  2. UnDeaD.

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    What i noticed about AI: The Falcon drone sometimes gets crazy and starts to go around in circles and increase altitude when it reaches it's waypoint. This happens when ordered to a position through the UAV terminal (on Altis, waypoint over sea, enemies in a 1.5km radius) Ifrit driver has a hard time reaching a waypoint after it stops due to collision/other reasons. He starts to reverse, then it looks like he is "tapping" the gas and moves very slowly. He keeps doing that for like 15-30 seconds, then he either gets stuck in a loop and does the same thing for a few more times or it starts moving normally. Hunter and Strider works fine, so i'm guessing it uses a different AI driving. I noticed the same thing for some modded vehicles, and that is probably because they are using the Ifrit's AI.
  3. UnDeaD.


    If you want to do it without additional mods then check this out:
  4. UnDeaD.


    Try this: {_x == "rvg_baconEmpty"} count (magazines player)
  5. UnDeaD.


    A mission I released a few days ago: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2446793856 It has persistence, a very basic base building and other stuff that are mentioned in the description.
  6. UnDeaD.


    Sorry for bothering you @haleks, but i just tried to repair a helicopter on top of a building, and it got teleported into it and exploded as soon as the repair was finished 😂 When you get to releasing a new update: could you replace _vehicle setPos (getPos _vehicle); with _vehicle setPosASL (getPosASL _vehicle); (line 43) in repairParts.sqf? This way this problem will be solved. Thanks.
  7. UnDeaD.

    [Release] SCCLoot

    Hello, how does the spawn chance works? Does it have to be 100 in total in each loot category? And when players meet, does the loot duplicate or will it spawn only for one player (but will be accessible for both)?
  8. UnDeaD.


    @MuRaZorWitchKING thanks! I think i got it: waitUntil {!isNil "rvg_uniqueItems"}; sleep 1; _blacklisted_items = ["rvg_sleepingBag_Blue", "rvg_foldedTent", "rvg_foldedTent_grey", "rvg_foldedTent_blue"]; _rvg_items = rvg_uniqueItems; rvg_uniqueItems = _rvg_items - _blacklisted_items; publicVariable "rvg_uniqueItems"; I just wanted to remove tents/sleeping bags, because they are kinda useless in a multiplayer game, and they are also excluded from persistency that I use. I just wanted to make sure no one gets confused when they set up a tent, put stuff in, and then it disappears after restart.
  9. This is a good loot spawner, works on locally hosted multiplayer as intended, but it doesn't seem to be working well on a dedicated server anymore. Sometimes I get military loot in civilian buildings and vice versa. Edit: Nvm, some variables were conflicting.
  10. UnDeaD.


    Is there a way to blacklist some items from the gearpool? I tried to add custom stuff to the items list. I tried adding only Geiger counter for testing, but it still kept giving me jerry cans, tents, chemlights, food (and geiger) and similar stuff with rvg_fnc_equip.
  11. UnDeaD.


    It's okay. I also checked the default Chernarus and the same thing happened, so the problem might be in Ravage CUP addon.
  12. UnDeaD.


    @haleks I encountered a bug on Chernarus Redux that is connected to Ravage. When i try to refill a jerry can from a pump, it throws an error that _fuelsource and _value is undefined. It refers to line 6 and line 15 in fillFeed.sqf. And yes, I have Ravage CUP activated.
  13. @gc8Yep, i checked that, thanks. @pierremgiThanks for the info, I was a bit confused about where to put the EHs.
  14. Hello, I have a few eventhandlers that I run on playable AI (and players) at mission start: Hit Killed FiredMan The problem I have is that these eventhadlers don't work for players on a dedicated server (and I think they wouldn't work for other players on a local server either). I know I have to play around with locality but I am not really familiar with that. I have read through some topics, but I couldn't get it to work. What i would like to achieve: To run these eventhandlers, when a player joins and takes place of the playable AI. To make the eventhandlers work for the AI, that takes control of the player's unit, when the player disconnects. (I can probably solve this with HandleDisconnect MEH. Tested: Not working). I also have 2 questions: Do the unit's EHs get deleted/removed when the player "leaves it's body"? How can I get the server to spawn a vehicle when the player's Killed EH triggers? If anyone has some ideas, that would be great.
  15. Yes i have tested that, it works in my mission, too, because the ticket bleeding I added to EntityKilled subtracts from the team's tickets right after death. There might a problem with the script i am running. I'll try to figure something out. Anyway, thanks for your help guys.