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  1. biggerdave

    3CB Factions

    I've noticed a two bugs not on that list: -The M14's automatic and semiautomatic firing sounds don't match. (I think one has been updated to match RHS's new M14, but the other was missed?) -Sterling's magazine only hold 30 rounds, rather than 34 (the displayname is correct, though!) Also, some minor 'issues' that might not necessarily be bugs: (but I'm a pedant, so I'm going to mention them regardless!) -Bren and FAL magazines should theoretically be interchangeable - don't know if this is applicable for the exact version of Bren modelled (and I'm not entirely sure if it only worked with the inch-pattern FALs or not?). Would be a nice feature regardless! -The AK47 doesn't match RHS's convention of having a separate weapon class for the N variant (I don't actually know for certain that there even was an N variant of the AK47? I guess it makes sense to have a sight mount on it in the context it's being used in this pack, since presumably it's not 'as procured from Izhevsk mechanical works') I love the canister rounds for the AAVP, by the way. And the motorbikes are really well implemented!
  2. I have discovered issues, and have added them to the feedback tracker! Regarding the engine limitation with the PM-63's silencer sights - would it be possible to add a second eye point (using the same system as back-up sights) to make it usable? (Come to think of it, can you move memory points using the animation system? If so, it should be possible to switch the sight position using the same animationsource that hides default barrel devices?) I also noticed the Luchs seems to have a laser ranging system? Not sure if this is intentional or not.
  3. biggerdave

    EasyFIA for Global Mobilization

    Coming up on our 1 year anniversary! How romantic! I know times haven't been the easiest lately, but here, I got you this small update, it's not much, but... it's the thought that counts, right? Changes of Note: -'Mogs -Bikes -Ma Deuce (and it's not just the version added in Old Man, it's been... augmented!) -Generic vehicle skins -Vehicle skins no longer tied to specific factions (meaning, if you want to use the red and blue striped vehicles on the green faction, for whatever reason, you now can)
  4. biggerdave

    EasyFIA for Global Mobilization

    Ignoring the advice of the old sage, you journey back through the dark forest. In a moonlight clearing, you encounter a man in full business attire, wearing sunglasses. He says nothing, but only hands you a briefcase, then disappears down a hidden pathway. Inside you find a hard disc, seemingly aged by centuries, if not millennia. Curiosity takes the better of you, and you connect it to your computer. On the disk you find this update to EasyFIA for Global Mobilization. Primary change in this update is the addition of two new factions, on red and blue. Vaguely based around the idea of explicitly NATO/Warpac backed groups. I've also added a few vehicles to Apex Syndicate faction, because... shrugs. Sadly it seems the mysterious figure in the woods hasn't visited all of you (yet) so you may need to follow this Steam Workshop Link to get your copy. (I forget if I mentioned, I'm giving up on uploading to 4shared, because only 3 people have downloaded it through there, and it's a massive PITA to do. Also, I'm pretty sure at least 2 of those people were me testing to make sure the link works.)
  5. I think you misunderstand - Both the Vz.58 and DSA FAL currently both use the SA-58 displayname. I'm saying it's probably better to change the Czech rifle to use 'Vz.58' instead. (Since, as you say, it is the correct designation) I could have been a bit clearer about that. My bad.
  6. I love the new FALs! ❤️ Maybe a good idea to give the rename the Vz.58, to better distinguish it from the SA-58? (Or you could rename it 'AK47Cz', like it was in flashpoint!)
  7. I mean, the camouflage nets are already pretty abstract shapes, and set up with hidden selections. It'd be trivial to rework them as strapped on foliage just in the mission editor (you don't even need scripts, it's literally just one command for the texture, one for the material). Hell, you probably don't even need new assets, just find one of the bush textures that works. Or you could use the Tin Foil Hat textures to protect your tank from THEM.
  8. biggerdave

    EasyFIA for Global Mobilization

    I have updated this mod. Pray I do not update it further. Changenotes: (Also I dropped a stealth update shortly after the last one, so technically I've updated it twice. I've included the notes for that too, since I didn't put them here before.) (And I just noticed I've misspelt 'converter' as 'convertor' in all the other changelogs...) Oh, and if you're in the UK, go and vote. If you've already voted, go and vote again. The more you vote the more democracy there is. That's just science, that is.
  9. There's a joke here about the tank itself being a steel coffin... I seem to be having some issues with the feedback tracker right now (ironic), so here are some small bugs I've found on the RC: -RPG7 doesn't have a UI indication of zeroing on iron sights (the zeroing itself does seem to work, though) -PT76 main gun magazines don't have displaynames, so you just get "reload " as an action for different shells. -PT76 PK has laser ranging (may be intentional?) -The numbering on the left side (I think it's the left side - the side that was previously covered by the box) of the T55/A/AK turret is reversed (the individual numbers are correctly oriented, just the order is backwards, ie, 1234 will instead appear as 4321 - if the box is toggled back on, the numbers on top of it are correct) -The RPK (both East German and Polish variants) and KM-72 seem to have mounting brackets modelled (unless I'm misunderstand how the mount works, in which case ignore this), but aren't able to mount sights (also, isn't the mounting bracket on the AKMN and SVD the same? Seems weird that sights aren't interchangeable between the two - like, I know that they wouldn't 'just work' IRL, so I can see it as a design decision, but considering you can swap sights between the AK and RPG...)
  10. biggerdave

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    Pinzgauer ❤️ There seems to be some issues with the headlights on the Supacats - some of them (the lightweight, resupply and ambulance versions, I think?) have the 'beam' effect permanently on (whether the headlights are enabled or not), and on all variants the 'flare' effect appears a lot further forward than it should (this might be an engine limitation?)
  11. biggerdave

    EasyFIA for Global Mobilization

    Pushed the first major update to the workshop, adding a winter faction. There are also two new uniforms for the woodland faction and a minor rework of the Iltis texture. Here's some screenshots: (Terrain is CUP's winter Chernarus) As a publicity gimmick for this update, I have utilized my newly constructed psychic beacon to subtly adjust the noosphere. The winterized T55 has now replaced the lorry of a popular brand of soft drink as the vehicle that rolls into your town to signify the arrival of the Christmas season.
  12. Firing "from the hip" (ie, when not using sights) shouldn't take zeroing into consideration. Having a 'flag patch' tied to identity, similar to how clan/unit insignia works. (think new XCOM games, or Stargate Atlantis =p ) Being able to cycle between firemodes and muzzles with a separate key. (really inconvenient when you forget you have a GL on your rifle... and very much a 'game' issue - no one's ever accidentally done this irl!)
  13. biggerdave

    3CB Factions

    I love it! Feeling very warm and fuzzy having jeeps and 5 tons again. Some issues: US cold war faction classes are defined as side=0, instead of side=1. Most factions don't have flags defined (looking at the ingame config viewer, it seems as though they've been ((incorrectly?)) assigned as icons. The 3CB BAF factions have the same problem) There's some alpha sorting(?) issues with the M60 - the infantry version has the bipod legs rendered over the heatshield, and the MUTT-mount heatshield is rendered beneath the entire weapon. Cold war special forces (on both sides and eras) don't seem to be spawning with specialist equipment (toolkits, democharges, etc.) I'm not sure if it's a bug per-say, but it seems odd to me that the M16A2 has a flat-top upper, while the colt carbine doesn't. (I realize this is the most insignificant thing to get peevish over, but I have very strong feelings on the subject of AR15 upper receivers for reasons I rather wouldn't talk about)
  14. biggerdave

    EasyFIA for Global Mobilization

    Posted a minor update, adding (some) stringtables and slightly adjusting infantry textures. The translations are a mix of "this probably makes sense" cut together from BI's translations, and Google Translate, so a lot are probably wrong. (particularly concerned about the Japanese and Korean - for some reason google translate insists on translating certain terms to wildly different terms and I'm missing some Korean transliterations). Vehicles aren't included right now. (Apologies for the wrong section mods - my understanding was beta addons weren't supposed to be in the 'complete' section!) Unfortunately, I don't have access to templates for GM's headgear, so that'll either have to wait until GM's data is decrypted, or their team update the sample data. I did consider including some reworked vanila stuff, but I want to try and keep 2035 content to a minimum.
  15. biggerdave

    EasyFIA for Global Mobilization

    In my defence, it's really difficult to mess up vehicle retextures with GM. I'll have another look at the infantry textures before the full release. There are a few things (ok, quite a lot things) with them I'm not particularly happy with, but I've found if I try to make everything perfect, I end up never releasing anything! (hmm... all those "emojis", and there's no embarrassed face... don't they know shame is the only emotion I'm capable of feeling?)