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  1. biggerdave

    3CB Factions

    I love it! Feeling very warm and fuzzy having jeeps and 5 tons again. Some issues: US cold war faction classes are defined as side=0, instead of side=1. Most factions don't have flags defined (looking at the ingame config viewer, it seems as though they've been ((incorrectly?)) assigned as icons. The 3CB BAF factions have the same problem) There's some alpha sorting(?) issues with the M60 - the infantry version has the bipod legs rendered over the heatshield, and the MUTT-mount heatshield is rendered beneath the entire weapon. Cold war special forces (on both sides and eras) don't seem to be spawning with specialist equipment (toolkits, democharges, etc.) I'm not sure if it's a bug per-say, but it seems odd to me that the M16A2 has a flat-top upper, while the colt carbine doesn't. (I realize this is the most insignificant thing to get peevish over, but I have very strong feelings on the subject of AR15 upper receivers for reasons I rather wouldn't talk about)
  2. biggerdave

    EasyFIA for Global Mobilization

    Posted a minor update, adding (some) stringtables and slightly adjusting infantry textures. The translations are a mix of "this probably makes sense" cut together from BI's translations, and Google Translate, so a lot are probably wrong. (particularly concerned about the Japanese and Korean - for some reason google translate insists on translating certain terms to wildly different terms and I'm missing some Korean transliterations). Vehicles aren't included right now. (Apologies for the wrong section mods - my understanding was beta addons weren't supposed to be in the 'complete' section!) Unfortunately, I don't have access to templates for GM's headgear, so that'll either have to wait until GM's data is decrypted, or their team update the sample data. I did consider including some reworked vanila stuff, but I want to try and keep 2035 content to a minimum.
  3. biggerdave

    EasyFIA for Global Mobilization

    In my defence, it's really difficult to mess up vehicle retextures with GM. I'll have another look at the infantry textures before the full release. There are a few things (ok, quite a lot things) with them I'm not particularly happy with, but I've found if I try to make everything perfect, I end up never releasing anything! (hmm... all those "emojis", and there's no embarrassed face... don't they know shame is the only emotion I'm capable of feeling?)
  4. Classic Style Resistance for Global Mobilization Features: Randomized Headgear At least 3 new uniforms Full suite of vehicles (including your very own Command Beetle!) Custom Emblems and Font Svelte 6.5MiB archive, and 9.6MiB modfolder. Small enough to fit on 10 (and a bit) BBC microcomputer floppy disks! Currently Requires both Global Mobilization and either the Dev Branch or Release Candidate. Download Links: Current: (0.2.0/20190721) Steam Workshop 4Shared Legacy: (0.1.0/20190719) 4Shared (beware, here be Dragons those awful adverts that cover most free file hosting sites nowadays) Screenshots: "12 o'clock, enemy, APC, I'm detecting notes of rolled steel, and, mmm, is that diesel?" "Sir, that is not how you use binoculars! Sir! Sir!" "Psst, hey kid, wanna buy some 100mm HE shells?" "Ugh! T-tell my Wife... I think... I left the back gate unlocked..." "Brum! Brum! Buda-buda-buda-buda"
  5. Not sure if this is intentional or not (since they are part of NATO), but the LDF groups have friendly (rectangle) rather than neutral (square) icons in the right hand menu in eden (once placed they default to using the rectangle ones, since I guess that's hardcoded).
  6. biggerdave

    Issue with Gryphon retexture?

    Ok, you've nearly got it - texturesources is a class within your vehicle class (just like how your vehicle is class within cfgvehicles). Then each of the texture sets are defined as classes within that class, like this: class LDF_Gryphon_Grey: I_Plane_Fighter_04_F { author = "Shadowhunter388"; scope = 2; scopeCurator = 2; side = 2; faction = "IND_E_F"; displayName = "A-149 Gryphon"; crew = "I_E_Helicrew_F"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo1","camo2"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"Livonia_Gryphon_Retex\data\Grey_Fighter_04_fuselage_01_co.paa", "Livonia_Gryphon_Retex\Livonia_Gryphon_Retex\data\Grey_Fighter_04_fuselage_02_co.paa"}; typicalCargo[] = {"I_E_Helicrew_F"}; class TextureSources { class LDF_Gryphon_Grey { displayName = "Grey"; author = "Shadowhunter388"; textures[] = {"Livonia_Gryphon_Retex\data\Grey_Fighter_04_fuselage_01_co.paa","Livonia_Gryphon_Retex\data\Grey_Fighter_04_fuselage_02_co.paa"}; factions[] = {"IND_E_F"}; }; }; textureList[] = {"LDF_Gryphon_Grey", 1}; }; I've formatted this so only the classes are indented, that should make it a bit easier to understand what I'm getting at here.
  7. biggerdave

    Issue with Gryphon retexture?

    Yeah, I didn't want to copy out everything else... let's pretend, instead of being lazy, I didn't want to write out a full config that you could just copy and paste, so you'd need to do stuff yourself, so like, it's a learning experience? As if I'm some kind of wizened mountain monk.
  8. biggerdave

    Issue with Gryphon retexture?

    Anywhere within class Gryphon_OD - you'll need to do it for the other two, as well. You could save some time by only having the texturesources in the first vehicle class, then inheriting for the other two. So, like: class Gryphon_OD: I_Plane_Fighter_04_F { //stuff class texturesources { class LDF_OD { //tuff }; class LDF_Camo { ///stuff }; class LDF_Grey { //stuff }; }; textureList[]= { "LDF_OD",1 }; }; Then just have: class Gryphon_Camo: Gryphon_OD { displayname = "Gryphon Camo" textureList[]= { "LDF_Camo",1 }; }; class Gryphon_Grey: Gryphon_OD { displayname = "Gryphon Grey" textureList[]= { "LDF_Grey",1 }; }; For the other skins, which would tidy things up quite a bit. Something else to consider, Gryphon_OD isn't a very good classname - if anyone else is using the same, it can cause a lot of problems - I'd use something like "SH123_LDF_Gryphon_OD" instead. (also, configs are code, not script, everyone knows coders are way cooler than scripters!)
  9. biggerdave

    Issue with Gryphon retexture?

    Sounds like your hiddenselections are being overwritten by texture selection system. Try: class TextureSources { class LDF { displayName="LDF"; author="My name goes here"; textures[]= { "Livonia_Gryphon_Retex\data\OD_Body.paa", "Livonia_Gryphon_Retex\data\Underside_OD.paa" }; factions[]= { "IND_E_F" }; }; }; textureList[]= { "LDF", 1 }; Also, you should fix your texture names, aside from being a mess, that format isn't ideal for the engine - I'd use "OD_Body_co.paa" and "OD_Underside_co.paa". AFAIK missing out the _co doesn't matter for basic textures, but it's good practice to have in regardless. Here's the biki page on how your should name your textures.
  10. Erk, that was a typo, I meant the automatic rifle variant (SPAR-16S?) Sort of what I was getting at with that comment about the EMR, though. Could maybe convert the existing magazines that work with all weapons into hidden legacy versions, then add new classes for the modelled variants that work how they're supposed to? That would minimize the issue with backwards compatibility, it'd probably still be a bit too hacky, though...
  11. Guessing that's an issue with the data for the new magazines? It works perfectly with Toadie's STANAG magazines and all the CUP stuff out of the box! (haven't tried RHS yet) Pretty fantastic! Theoretically, I guess you could even add a 5,45 AK-12 without any new data, too! I'm slightly concerned as to how this is going to affect the Mk-1 EMR and SPAR-17, though. Leetspeak broke my account, can someone add/confirm these issues to the bugtracker for me, please? 1. AKSU magazine proxy doesn't change until too late into animation (doesn't change until after the new magazine is in place - this might be problematic, since there's only 1 5,45 magazine model in vanilla, it's only noticeable with something like CUP - deffo a bug with the vanilla AKSU, though) 2. OPFOR groups seem to be missing 3. As NikkoJT mentioned, a lot of STANAG magazines seem to be missing for rifles that they aren't intended for (C-Mags only work with SPAR-17, sand magazines only work with sand rifles) 4. UGV/UAV groups have the dummy 'crew' for the drone in the same group as their operator (might be an engine limitation?) 5. Taking the cargo position in a Stomper UGV allows direct control without a drone terminal.
  12. I am so happy you guys have finally nuked that butt-ugly steel helmet from OA, I have no idea why BIS thought that model was acceptable! New SLA dudes look pretty swanky too - not a huge fan of the camo vests, though. Have you thought about giving them the Type-56-2s you've got instead of regular AKSs? Would give them a bit more personality, IMHO.
  13. So, the start-up instructions in the Weisel interior got me thinking... Hold Space to Start Vehicle? The current "engine on" command is bit arcadey, it'd be a neat feature, have variable start-up times for various vehicles, have stalling as a potential damage state (so, an interesting form of temporary immobilization) - I guess it'd probably need to be implemented sort of like the advanced flight model for helicopters, since most 3rd party addons wouldn't immediately be compatible, and probably wouldn't be to everyone's tastes, but could definitely add a lot to the simulation, IMHO.
  14. biggerdave

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Realistically, the NLAW is intended to complement the Carl Gustav in rifle sections to deal with stuff that the Gustav isn't able to (landing helicopters, fast moving vehicles, winged mythological beasts, etc). Whereas the Metis isn't in the traditional rifle platoon, but attached as needed. (Of course, intended role and actual role (thanks to the entire budget being spent on doomsday devices) are very different things...) IMHO, the Vorana feels like it should have replaced the Titan for CSAT, rather than serve some weird "heavy-light anti-tank" role. Though I can see why BIS didn't do that, considering how much stuff it would break! (No one's going to haul that thing around as a rifleman in case they might run up against armour... well... no one playing with stamina on anyway...) I'd just change the names, rather than having some "light AT" or "heavy AT" dichotomy, so, like- Rifleman (AT, PCML) Rifleman (AT, MAAWS) Missile Specialist (AT, Titan) Missile Specialist (AT, Vorona) etc. (LAW, as in, M72? Would only really fit Guerillas or maybe SOF, IMHO. The NLAW is the replacement for the M72's replacement, it'd be like swapping an Abrams for a Sherman!)
  15. biggerdave

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Rather than completely removing your version of the Kamaz Grad(?) maybe rework it into a short(er) ranged unguided system? So, more of a counterpart to the SPGs than MLRS.