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  1. Another option. Create some enemies and place them at an out of the way place. Create a trigger. When the trigger fires, have the trigger transport some or all of the soldiers into the trigger area. And arrange it so that they appear at random locations within that trigger area. .
  2. Use opforce soldiers and give them AAF uniforms!
  3. I have been trying to do this for about 6 years. My ultimate goal was to have mortars fire so that the rounds would land randomly. I started with an AI rifleman firing at a practice target. I tried many things. The usual result is that he would fire at the target till it was "killed". He would never again at a pop up target nor could I make him fire at a second target.
  4. There is a vehicle named Strider. By default it comes in AAF colour scheme. In the virtual arsenal there is an option to select another colour scheme - Blueforce. How can I place a Strider on the map with a Blueforce colour scheme?
  5. Joe98

    Fix High Command?

    Arma was originally intended as a first person shooter. I am a wargamer so I would love it if high command worked in the way it ought. Many wargamers would be attracted to the game.
  6. synch the trigger with the vehicle. Then that vehicle is the only thing that can activate the trigger
  7. You can change the size of the marker so that it is so small it becomes invisible.
  8. I have the answer. Firstly start any mission and note the time. Now add a trigger with the command skiptime 1; Start the mission, check the time, walk into the trigger and check the time again. The time has skipped forward one hour ============================================================================================ To solve my issue above: Set the scenario time to 18:00 hours Quite often when a mission starts a script runs. If that is the case then at the top of your script type skiptime (random 1); Start the mission and the time will be anywhere from 18:00 hours to 19:00 hours at random. (The goal is to have a slightly different start time every time we play the mission. It means the light is different). .
  9. We all know that we can set the time in a scenario. 1. How do we set the time using a script? 2. Now that we have set the time using a script, how do we set the time at random between 18:00 and 19:00 ? . .
  10. Create one trigger that detects that the man is inside the trigger area. Create a second trigger that covers the whole map. This trigger detects that the man is injured. Create a third trigger that detects the first two triggers have fired. Voila! .
  11. Study the trigger screen. Within the trigger screen you can set the amount of time: Once the trigger conditions are met you can set the delay so the trigger only fires 5 seconds or 5 minuted or whater time after. .
  12. Its partly because the infantry are so small they are difficult to detect. I have tested this problem and you can too. There is a trigger activation: Detected by Opforce If the trigger never activates it means they cannot detect the troops. To force the attack you need to name the aircraft and name each soldier and instruct the jet to attack the soldiers
  13. hold the alt key and move you're objects up or down vertically and obviously place them on the ground!
  14. No you cannot make custom ammunition. Also you don't have to use the mines that come with the game. Instead you can use artillery shells or aircraft bombs that come with the game to create large explosions. If you want small explosions use the smaller hand grenade. You can even use individual bullets. .
  15. I have tried giving waypoints to a Stomper. No possible. You have to control it from the screen or else drive it like a car. .