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  1. Actually I name the leader blue1, but I didn't want to confuse the OP
  2. Which script command is a variable?
  3. Name the leader "leader". Name the first subordinate blue2 blue2 setpos getpos leader Causes blue 2 to teleport to the location of leader
  4. Joe98

    Cycling Waypoints

    How about just use waypoints without scripting?
  5. Place the box on the map with the correct contents. Then teleport the box to the destination via a trigger.
  6. The issue here is grammar, not scripting. I now see the above was a typo. I was responding to a typo.
  7. So now I think you are trying to say: In single player there is only one player and therefore "player" works. Whereas in multi player there is more than one player therefore "player" could mean anybody so the specific person needs to be defined. Originally I thought ""Item_keys" was the command that would not work in multiplayer. Doh! .
  8. I am always amazed that some commands do not work in multiplayer.
  9. Joe98

    Attack direction

    Place markers on the map so they spawn on the markers. Place the markers so they spawn at random on one of the markers.
  10. Joe98

    Syntax question for hints

    Structured text. Even I know how to use this. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Structured_Text .
  11. You see (he says referring to the other thread) it is easy to give a accurate instruction thank you 🙂 And now somebody else can utilise this in their mission.
  12. To are helping to make my point. If I use the underscore, then it will only run on my computer. If I upload the mission, nobody else can play it. If I don't use the underscore, the I can upload the map and anybody can play it on their computer. And yet above you gave 2 examples and you chose to include the underscore. Anybody who follows your example, and uploads the mission, will have a failure and then leave the forum and the game in frustration.
  13. Yes I agree. And yet and yet and yet and yet. It lists the scripts horizontally. When listed vertically it is much easier to read. It is easier to come back 6 months later and know what it means. it is easier to copy and paste 5 rows and then amend one number in each row. Fun is playing pretend soldier and shooting Ai targets. .
  14. I do not understand a word of that. Therefore, is this the right code? __box1 hideObject true; And what in the world is the underscore for?
  15. If you read the Biki entry for hideObject you will see that the alternate syntax allows one to "unhide" an object. _obj hideObject true; // hide object _obj hideObject false; // unhide object If the object is named box1 how would you write the code?