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  1. Have a look in - Tutorial - Virtual Arsenal - Garage. Note there is a vehicle named the "MB". This of course is a Jeep Wrangler. Note it can be painted different colours and there are other options too. Once I have painted my Jeep and selected my options, how do I get the Jeep into a scenario? .
  2. So dont spawn the units and the problem goes away. Instead, create the units and place them in an out of the way location on the map. Then, use triggers to move them to new locations. Much better than spawning.
  3. Ok, create a trigger. Within the trigger write a command that provides ammo to soldiers. Now find a clever way to position that trigger. You can even use one trigger to move another trigger to another location.
  4. You could have ammo boxes scattered around the map. Each box has a single magazine filled to 10%. Place them well apart.
  5. titleText is what I was looking for thank you! Now to study all the paramaters 😋😋
  6. I create a hint by way of a trigger. The hint always appears in the top right of the screen. How can I place the hint at the top-middle of the screen?
  7. To update the location of the player: Name the friendly unit blue1 name the enemy unit red1. Place a third man on the map, on a flat road, in an out of the way place. Name him green1 Set up some waypoints including a cycle waypoint so that green1 runs up the road 50 meters, turns around and runs back again 50 meters, turns around and runs up again 50 meters for ever and ever in a never ending loop. Set up a trigger in the middle of his route. When he enters the trigger, it activates. When he leaves the trigger it deactivates. You now type some script in two fields of the trigger, the activation field and the deactivation field; red1 move getPos blue1; red1 setCombatMode "RED"; ==================================================== The result is that whenever blue1 moves, red1 will always know his location and will constantly come looking for him. .
  8. Give each unit a name. Then name them within the trigger and only the named units will be deleted.
  9. Presume you will search 50 buildings. Place 50 dots along one edge of the map. Make them the smallest possible size being 1 x 1 Make them black. (Nobody will notice them.) Name each dot - dot01, dot02, .........dot49, dot50 Place a trigger over each of the 50 buildings. That of course makes 50 triggers. Set each trigger so they will fire only once. Name yourself blue1 In trigger number 1 you write: dot01 setpos getpos blue1 ///This makes one dot appear over house 1 Then write another line to increase the size of the dot to a good size Then write another line to change the colour of the dot to say, red. Write code in each of the other 49 triggers. So, you enter a trigger, the trigger fires and a dot is placed over the house. As you search house after house dots will appear over each house and remain where they have appeared. . .
  10. Yes that was just an example. Instead of hand grenade smoke find the class name of mortar smoke or artillery smoke and use that.
  11. And: How to make a trip flare = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = In a trigger in the field named On Activation type this: flare = "F_40mm_White" createVehicle [getPos (thislist select 0) select 0, getPos (thislist select 0) select 1,150]; How to use a trigger to fire smoke = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = In a trigger in the field named On Activation type this: smokeshell = "G_40mm_Smoke" createVehicle [getPos (thislist select 0) select 0, getPos (thislist select 0) select 1,150]; In both examples above: “150” is meters above ground level. Smoke is best at “25”
  12. Yes, you can simulate the explosion of anything in the game. Everything from hand grenades to massive rockets all from triggers. We moved house and I lost my notes! Search through Arma 2 posts. After you find the command you need to find the class name of the item.
  13. Thank you to enigma. This is what I was looking for. I wrote it like this: if (random 100 < 50) then {deleteVehicle red2 }; // Giving a chance of 50% of being deleted
  14. I place myself on the map and arrange it so I start at one of 30 places at random. I place 2 enemy soldiers on the map. They are named red1 and red2   I want the 2 enemy soldiers to start the mission about 200 meters to my north. When the mission starts a script runs and places the 2 soldiers 200 meters to my north as planned.   However I want red2 to appear sometimes and not other times. I means I never know how many enemy there are. So, in the init of red2 I set it so that he appears only 50% of the time Now, from time to time red2 is deleted. It means the script above stops with an error message: "object red2 does not exist" or words to that effect.   In the meantime if I wish to delete red2 in a script, I can use: deletevehicle red2 So, I am looking for a command along the lines of: deletevehicle red 2 and do so at random. What is the command for this? .
  15. I could do this easily in Arma 2 I could do this easily in Arma 3 Then there was a major update to the editor so I don't know how to do it any more I named a file Red Widget One And it came out as: Red%20Widget%20One.Altis Using underscores I changed it to: Red_Widget_One.Altis Now, how do I get rid of the name of the island? .