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  1. I presume you mean very specific predetermined RANDOM locations? Is that right? If so: Place the ammo box on the map. Click on the ammo box and empty the ammo box and then fill it with the required equipment. Find a marker named: Markers-System-Empty. Place 5 of them on the map at very specific predetermined locations. Right click on the box and select: Connect - Select Random Location and draw the line to the first marker. Do this for all the markers. The ammo box will start at one of 6 locations at random. That is, its original location or one of the other 5. .
  2. Joe98

    dynamic waypoints

    Place a waypoint on the map. Give it a radius of, say, 300 meters. Sometimes there might be rocks, a building or a pond at the exact waypoint so you can never actually complete the waypoint. To correct this, make the completion radius 50 meters. Now, every time you start the mission, the waypoint will be within a radius of 300 meters but it will be in a different place. This is very useful when you give enemy troops waypoints as it means their patrol route is different every time. .
  3. My suggestion is to do it all using standard equipment and weapons. Only after you have succeeded, then you can consider doing it again with a WW2 mod.
  4. The waypoints come in different types. One type is called a Cycle waypoint.
  5. Another option. You said you want the tower to start at a place at random. You could place 50 towers on the map and each one has a soldier on top. The soldier has waypoints so that he patrols around the top of the tower. Each of the 50 towers has a name: T0 to T49 Now have the game select a number at random from 0 - 49. That tower is kept and all the other towers are deleted. .
  6. You don't need to attach it. By experimentation, you place the compass on top. After you get it right, you click on the compass and then you know the coordinates. You can practise by trying to place a compass on a table. Then start the mission and see if you can pick up the compass. If you can pick it up, it means you have done it right. It takes a bit of experimentation to get it right. To make a man patrol around the roof you need to give waypoints. As he has appeared at random, unfortunately, you need to use scripted waypoints. Scripted waypoints can be found here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_Arma_3 Start, by using scripted waypoints on the ground. Then use a bern and use scripted waypoints on the top of a bern. The do it on your tower.
  7. Place something small on top of the tower such as a compass. Name the compass start1 Name yourself blue1 blue1 setpos getpos start1 .
  8. Give both of them separate waypoints so they walk along side by side.
  9. Also, in the condition field of the trigger, try command < 75. I dont know the command, you need to experiment.
  10. What do you mean by "modules" ?
  11. Not that I know. Rather, place a building on the map. Name it building1 Set it so it will start at random places. There is a command (don't have my notes handy) whereby you place building2 on the map and the building always starts, (for example) 20 meters south east of building1 In this way you can arrange for your composition to start at random places.
  12. I don't know sorry. You need to experiment. I have a set of notes 20 pages long! Careful. If the enemy is only 75 meters away he will shoot you!
  13. In the triggers, There is a condition called - detected by. Test this condition. It works great!
  14. Place a small rock on the map. Name it rock1 Set the rock so it will start at a random place. Place an enemy on the map and name him red1 In the init of the enemy write red1 setpos getpos rock1 The rock starts at a random place and the soldier starts by standing on the rock.