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  1. Joe98


    I used to know how to place a timer up on the screen. It would count down from (say) 30 seconds. It was found on forum that was closed. I kick myself for not writing it down.
  2. Joe98

    Replace dead gunner

    Place a box on the map. Name it box1 Place yourself on the map. Name yourself blue1 Place a friendly soldier nearby, standing on top of the box. the soldier is named blue2 Place another friendly soldier way over on the other side of the map. Name him blue3 Place a trigger on the map. If blue2 is killed then the trigger fires. the condition is !alive blue2 The command in the trigger is: blue3 setpos getpos box1 Now, shoot blue2. blue 2 is killed and blue3 is transported to the box. Back to your question: Every seat in a vehicle has a number. blue3 setpos getpos seat3 (of your vehicle - sorry I don't know the exact wording but you can experiment) .
  3. Joe98

    I want change player's side

    When you place a person on the map the 3 options are: The person is the player The person is playable The person is non-playable If you are the player, and you wish to switch to the playable person, you do so with the stroke of a key. Every person sets up their keyboard for the game so your key will be different to mine. You can create a trigger so that when the trigger fires, you switch to the playable character. . ============================================================================== Problem: You can create lots of person as playable. In which case when you hit your key, you have to choose a character from a list. So it is best to make only one person playable.
  4. When you create a trigger, you have the option: : the trigger is fired once only or : the trigger is fired every time the conditions are met .
  5. Further, you can create a trigger. Given the conditions are fulfilled, the trigger fires. Then, the weapon he is carrying is deleted and replaced with a different weapon. To the observer, from a distance, he seems to be switching from one weapon to another.
  6. May I suggest that you start by giving them an RPG and make sure they have no other weapon. And see how they handle it. In the second test give them a RPG and a pistol and see how they handle them. I have done this test. The RPG is always the secondary weapon. You have to give them an RPG and no other weapon. .
  7. . You don't need to spawn anything. Create the unit with the details that you see fit. Place the unit in an out of the way place on the map. Create a trigger and when the trigger fires, transport the unit to the correct location. . .
  8. You could place a box in every house and then there will be a box in all houses selected at random. .
  9. Place a soldier on the map (you). Place an ammo box in the building. Place it on any floor you wish. Start the mission. Walk into the building and make sure the box is in the right place. If it is in the wrong place go back to the editor and move the box around. Keep doing this till it is in the right place. Now click on the box and read the X, Y, Z coordinates. You can now use a script to place the box on those coordinates. While you are getting the position correct, you can make minor adjustments to the coordinates to get the box just right, rather than moving it with your mouse. . .
  10. Joe98

    Get POS Set POS

    Place a box on the map and click on the box. Set the placement radius to 20 meters. Now see the circle on the map around the box. The box will start at a place at random within the circle. .
  11. Joe98

    Get POS Set POS

    +20 means 20 meters to the east +4 means 4 meters to the east It is meters and not degrees. .
  12. Joe98

    Get POS Set POS

    Please experiment in case I made a typo: This dates back to Arma 2 days. Soldier is named green1 Truck is named truck1 In this example a soldier, green1 starts 20 meters to the east and 30 meters to the north of a truck named truck1 green1 setPos [(getPos truck1 select 0) +20, (getPos truck1 select 1) +30]; +20 = 20 meters East of the truck -20 = 20 meters West of the truck +30 = 30 meters North of the truck -30 = 30 meters South of the truck Instead of 20 meters if you want a random number between say 20 and 100 the command is: (Again the plus and minus refer to east, west, north and south) green1 setPos [(getPos truck1 select 0) - 20 - (random 80), (getPos truck1 select 1) - 20 - (random 80)] .
  13. In the editor is a menu item with a drop down. The choices are: Intro Mission Outro win Outro lose You can experiment with these.
  14. You can test with a simple idea. Turn a jeep into a truck. Drive your jeep into a trigger and the trigger fires. When the trigger fires it runs a script (sorry I don't have the exact commands). Your script does these things: You are placed on the ground next to the jeep The jeep is deleted from the map The truck is moved to the position where the jeep was You are placed into the driver's seat of the truck This all happens in a split second, so to the player it will appear instantaneously. .
  15. When editing you need to start with simple things and go from there. Start with one jeep with one driver and one passenger. There is a "disembark". Try that and go from there. .