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  1. Choose 21 items. Name them item0 through to item20 Place them in a neat and tidy row on the ground If, for example, the random number 12 comes up, the number 12 is saved as a variable. In a script, you access that variable and select item12 The next line in the script will select item 12 and move item 12 to a spot just in front of the player. ===================================================================================== OR: Choose 21 items. Name them item0 through to item20 Place them in various locations across the map. If, for example, the random number 12 comes up, the number 12 is saved as a variable. In a script, you access that variable and select item12 The next line in the script will transport the player to stand adjacent to item 12.
  2. Presume your AI turret is a machine gun. If your friendly troops are Bluforce then place a Opforce turret on the map. It will shoot Blueforce soldiers. If your friendly troops are Opforce then place a Blueforce turret on the map. It will shoot Opforce soldiers. The problem is that the AI has great trouble spotting enemy troops in the situation you describe.
  3. I don't know the actual scripting but this is the sequence. Select a unit. Find a way to set the unit direction at random Find a script to read that direction. Now use that result to have the other units face that direction If you have a leader, and his direction is set at random at (say) 98, when the mission stars all the members of his team will get into formation which means they will turn and face at more or less 98. . .
  4. Place your soldier on the map. Place 4 markers on the map Right click on the soldier and select "random" from the menu Drag a line to the first maker Do this again for each of the other markers When you start the mission, he will now start at one of 5 places at random, the original starting place or one of the 4 markers. .
  5. Place the explosives on the map in an out of the way place. Place a series of triggers on the map. When soldier enters any trigger, the explosive is transported to the centre of the trigger (it can be placed at a random location within the trigger) then the explosive is detonated. .
  6. For this I use something very small like a small stone. Place 20 of them on the map and set the height for each one. Each stone has a name: stone0 stone1..... stone19 You are named blue1 The code is blue1 setpos getpos stone0 and you will start on stone0 Instead of using 0 you select a number at random (sorry not at home at present) I think Harzach's solution above is another way although I have not tried it.
  7. The space is incorrect. The command is: (!alive SB) You can test this by placing a box on the map and then delete the box with a trigger.
  8. Give the trigger a name. For example trig2 Instead of disabling the trigger, you delete the trigger with the command deletevehicle trig2 The trigger is now deleted so obviously it will never fire.
  9. OK, how do I get the above code, to run, stop for 5 seconds, run again, over and over again. The enemy fails to chase me. Instead he runs to my starting location and then stops there. So he needs a command to run to my current location. .
  10. I changed the code above to read like this: _handle = [] spawn { while {true} do { hint "ON ON ON"; sleep 1; }; }; I confirm that the hint comes on and stays on. I need the hint to come on for 5 seconds, turn off for 5 seconds and keep doing so over and over again. How can I do that?
  11. OK but somewhere in there I have to place the two commands enemy move getPos player; enemy setCombatMode "RED" Where do I place the commands? .
  12. Ok, how do I create a script with a loop. It should probably loop once per second. Thank you
  13. I place myself on the map. I place one enemy on the map and I name him enemy I place a command in a trigger: enemy move getPos player; enemy setCombatMode "RED" The enemy comes looking for me. This works for enemy men, vehicles and aircraft. They always finds me! Except when I run away. Then they never find me. I start at location A and move to location B and they never find me, because they think I am at the same location as I was when the trigger fired. The solution is to have the trigger fire over and over and over again. To do this, I place a man on a road in an out of the way place. I use a cycle waypoint and he runs through the trigger, then turns and runs through the trigger over and over again! Every time the trigger activates the command fires, every time the trigger deactivates the command fires. It works just great! However I suspect it is inefficaint. Is there another way to get a command to fire over and over again? .
  14. Another option. Have aircraft flying around. Create a trigger. When the trigger fires have an aircraft bomb or an aircraft missile, to explode at a given location or explode at a random location nearby. To the player: Enemy aircraft is flying around and drops a bomb. .
  15. Joe98

    Help with Custom Loadout

    Place 10 enemies on the map. Give them specific rifles and equipment They should be numbered from 0 to 9 Write a script that deletes (say) 5 of them at random. Presto! You now have 5 enemies and every time you start the mission they will have a different set of weapons! .