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  1. RS30002

    Hunting task issues!

    hmmm...that could be a perspective solution indeed. So far i got around it by using edaly_boar which comes as a "civilian" straight in the mod and there's the action after i shoot it. It's kinda anemic tho...needs the module behavior of wandering around to make it look legit, got around it by using a search ad destroy wp on the boar with some radius and it kinda runs around for a while after spawning and then stops. How can i put the waypoint in a loop? //[this] execVM "scripts\BoarHunting.sqf"; boargroup = createGroup Civilian; boar1 = boargroup createUnit ["Edaly_Boar", [10786,12410.4,0],[],0,"NONE"]; sleep 1; _wpboar1 = boargroup addWaypoint [[10786,12410.4,0], 100]; _wpboar1 setWaypointType "SAD"; //_wpboar1 setWaypointLoiterRadius 100; _wpboar1 setWaypointSpeed "LIMITED"; waitUntil{sleep 1;!(alive boar1)}; sleep 4; cutText ["<t color='#01B933' size='1.7'>Villager:</t> <t color='#D3D7BD' size='1.5'>Take the meat from the boar.</t> <br/><t color='#D3D7BD' size='1.5'>***********</t>", "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true]; [ boar1, "Take the meat", "\a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\actions\take_ca.paa", "\a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\actions\take_ca.paa", "_this distance _target < 3 AND {!(alive boar1)}", "_caller distance _target < 3 AND {!(alive boar1)}", {}, {}, { Meatharvested = true }, {}, [], 7, 1, true, false ] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd", 0, boar1];
  2. RS30002

    Hunting task issues!

    it's something with the goat. if i put a normal civilian i get the action to take the meat.....but i need it to work on an animal lol
  3. Great script. how do i use: TAG_react_condition = { true }; // _this contains the group to check, can be used to stop certain groups from responding i want to exclude some named units in the area, to not get the seek and destroy waypoint
  4. Why doesn't this work? the add action bit after the kill. Also, im noob so i just wrote the Meatharvested variable as true, but in reality, i'd like the player to shoot several goats, farm them for meat and only then the quest completes. So instead of that variable there should be some couunter "meat +1" and then some value somewhere that says when meat reaches 7 pieces {Meatharvested == true} fires off. Ty in advance for any assistance //[this] execVM "scripts\GoatHunting.sqf"; goatgroup = createGroup Civilian; goat1 = goatgroup createUnit ["Goat_random_F", [10786,12410.4,0],[],0,"NONE"]; sleep 1; waitUntil{sleep 1;!(alive goat1)}; sleep 4; cutText ["<t color='#01B933' size='1.7'>Villager:</t> <t color='#D3D7BD' size='1.5'>Take the meat from the goat</t> <br/><t color='#D3D7BD' size='1.5'>***********</t>", "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true]; [ goat1, "Take the meat", "\a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\actions\take_ca.paa", "\a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\actions\take_ca.paa", "_this distance _target < 3 AND {!(alive goat1)}", "_caller distance _target < 3 AND {!(alive goat1)}", {}, {}, { Meatharvested = true }, {}, [], 7, 1, true, false ] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd", 0, goat1];
  5. heya, this looked interesting, so i tried it and it's definitely working, but am getting this error at start of mission. but other than that, when i cursortarget the truck under the net in the pic, 3 groups swarm that area from their intended patrol, one of them can be seen behind the hangar and theyre set up for a 30 radius patrol, never going far away from the hangar itself. Works great. Just the error needs to go away :D (no unwanted symbols, i checked)
  6. Ya, i see. It's working now. Even over the rock. Did try getpos as the first thing i attempted, but it didn't work both over water (over rock) and over land. The action fizzled out. That was before "i figured" (had some help from someone on steam) about setting search distance to higher which got me first progress (action working over land and water - even if lootUI didn't display over water yet) so i kinda forgot about getpos thinking it doesnt work and the only way to solve this is just through distance settings and object placement in editor.
  7. so i just tested it again and it does not work in this setup on the pic below. depth is 50 meters, box is "Land_vn_drevena_bedna", rock is "Land_BluntRock_monolith" and if its set under the pier like in the pic, the UI loot window appears for quarter of a second then vanishes. If i remove the rock, it works. idk..i can make a video and upload to youtube but am rly lazy right now tbh. In any case i managed to find a work around, so..all good
  8. Good for you i guess, idk what else to say really? I had big problems, couldnt even get the action to work until i set the search distance in settings to 45 meters. idk
  9. Rocks (boulders) just below the lootable objects were the problem. After rearranging them so they aren't directly below it started to work with no issue.
  10. yoyoyo happy to report that through the power of pure autism i managed to solve it! Had rocks under the settlement, just below the surface of the water, giant 4x scale objects that represented a foundation on which the settlement on stilts stands. This *somehow* interfered with the script because when i removed them it all started working, just had to adjust distance. I had to redo things a bit, so now it looks like this and wherever there's rocks below the surface there's no lootable objects on the piers, but that's fine, can work around it. *spam over!!!
  11. ait nvm, OCD got the better of me the solution is: LARs_searchPos = getPos _caller; instead of getposATL _caller Crisis averted lmaoooo PS: sry for spam #edit: nvm its not working lol, just the action worked, but i dont get the loot window #edit2: idk, tried every getPos and none of it works, would have to somehow put an "overwater check" above that line, idk something like "if overwater LARpos=ASL _caller else LARpos=ATL _caller"
  12. Okay, didn't want to revive this, but just had an idea! Is there a way to code the objects through holdaction settings of the object (in the editor)? In a way that would just mimic loot table of the main script and have none of that nasty lineintersect AGLtoASL yadayadayada (im thinking that's where it goes wrong, tho i did look at the acronyms and one of these should account for water surface, or idk....? I could manually do them, there's like 20 objects on the piers over open water, piece of cake compared to what i otherwise build lol
  13. Hey all, i have this quest where the player would be required to complete some tasks for the OPFOR troops on the island. One of the tasks would be to take control of a OPFOR UAV gunner position, which then takes off on a predetermined flight and the player is supposed to use the turret to spot contraband crates on the decks of fishing boats (fishermen moonlight as smugglers). So far all is good when i test with the CSAT tester, but when i actually try with the incognito west unit, it just breaks down, doesn't want to work, no error displayed and my guess is that it falls apart when a west player is assigned/linked an OPFOR terminal. Is it even possible to use opposing side terminal? or any way around it? Ty in advance for any suggestions PS: I'm really constrained with the tasks selection right now and i have to be using these hard code ones instead of simple "kill officer" because if a player pulls a gun at a wrong spot (or simply exits a vehicle w/o the gun in vehicle inventory-easy mistake to make) or if you kill anyone it's basically over, they catch you in a few minutes (savegame doesn't work, idk why, topic for another thread tho lmao). here is the script, it's only done to the point of flying, none of the knowsabout things have been coded in yet tho PLANuavcrew = createGroup east; PLANuav_1 = createVehicle ["O_UAV_02_dynamicLoadout_F",[3358.85,37635.2,0],[],0,"NONE"]; [ PLANuav_1, ["Opfor",1], true ] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; PLANuav_1 setDir 132; PLANuav_1 setPylonLoadout [1, ""]; PLANuav_1 setPylonLoadout [2, ""]; sleep 0.2; "O_T_Helipilot_F" createUnit [[0,0,0],PLANuavcrew,"PLANuavcrew1 = this; this unassignItem 'O_NVGoggles_ghex_F';this removeItem 'O_NVGoggles_ghex_F'",0.6,"corporal"]; "O_T_Helipilot_F" createUnit [[0,0,0],PLANuavcrew,"PLANuavcrew2 = this; this unassignItem 'O_NVGoggles_ghex_F';this removeItem 'O_NVGoggles_ghex_F'",0.3,"private"]; {_x moveInAny PLANuav_1} forEach units PLANuavcrew; player linkItem "O_UavTerminal"; waitUntil{ "O_UavTerminal" in assignedItems player }; diag_log "Terminal received"; player connectTerminalToUAV PLANuav_1; waitUntil{ isUAVConnected PLANuav_1 }; diag_log "Connected"; player action ["SwitchToUAVGunner", getConnectedUAV player]; waitUntil{ isUAVConnected PLANuav_1 && ( cameraOn isEqualTo PLANuav_1 ) }; diag_log "In gunner: adding ev"; addMissionEventHandler [ "PlayerViewChanged", { params[ "_oldUnit", "_newUnit", "_vehicle", "_oldCamera", "_newCamera", "_uav" ]; diag_log "PVC_fired"; if ( _oldCamera isEqualTo PLANuav_1 && { ( _newCamera isEqualTo player ) } ) then { diag_log "disconnecting terminal"; player connectTerminalToUAV objNull; diag_log "removing terminal"; player unlinkItem "O_UavTerminal"; diag_log "player disconnected"; removeMissionEventHandler[ "PlayerViewChanged", _thisEventHandler ]; }; }]; true; sleep 0.2; _PLANuavwp1 = PLANuavcrew addWaypoint [position base_boat, 0]; _PLANuavwp1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; //_PLANuavwp1 setWaypointLoiterRadius 200; _PLANuavwp1 setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; PLANuav_1 flyinheight 130; waitUntil {((PLANuav_1 distance base_boat) <= 800)}; _PLANuavwp2 = PLANuavcrew addWaypoint [position bigfshboat2, 0]; _PLANuavwp2 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _PLANuavwp2 setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; PLANuav_1 flyinheight 130; waitUntil {((PLANuav_1 distance bigfshboat2) <= 800)}; _PLANuavwp3 = PLANuavcrew addWaypoint [position bigfshboat5, 0]; _PLANuavwp3 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _PLANuavwp3 setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; PLANuav_1 flyinheight 130; waitUntil {((PLANuav_1 distance bigfshboat5) <= 400)}; _PLANuavwp4 = PLANuavcrew addWaypoint [position bigfshboat1, 0]; _PLANuavwp4 setWaypointType "CYCLE"; _PLANuavwp4 setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; PLANuav_1 flyinheight 130; waitUntil {((PLANuav_1 distance bigfshboat1) <= 400)};
  14. Didn't work. Got around it tho, synced the module with the invisible helper sphere in editor and then in the script attached the sphere to the boat and now it's moving like it's supposed to.
  15. Hey all, need some help with this trgtfshmngrp1 = createGroup civilian; "vn_c_men_12" createUnit [[0,0,0],trgtfshmngrp1,"trgtfshmn1 = this; this removeItem 'vn_c_pack_01_engineer_pl'",0.6,"corporal"]; sleep 0.5; trgtfshboat1 = "pook_Trawler_CIV" createVehicle [100,100,0]; trgtfshboat1 setDir 150; {_x moveInAny trgtfshboat1} forEach units trgtfshmngrp1; trgtfshboat1 setPos getpos richtaskhelper; trgtfshmn1 synchronizeObjectsAdd [richtaskdest]; sleep 2; dummy = [trgtfshboat1, "ColorOrange",true,700] execVM "JBOY\JBOY_boatRandomPatrol.sqf"; [trgtfshboat1, "<t color='#ED102E'>Rig to Blow</t>", "\a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\actions\settimer_ca.paa", "\a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\actions\settimer_ca.paa", "_this distance player < 17 && 'DemoCharge_Remote_Mag' in magazines player", "_caller distance player < 17", {}, {}, {player removeItem 'DemoCharge_Remote_Mag'; trgtfshboat1 setdamage 0.01; hint "10 seconds to blow."; sleep 10; "Bo_GBU12_LGB_MI10" createVehicle (getpos trgtfshboat1); trgtfshboat1 setdamage 1;}, {}, [], 10, 5, true, false] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd; It doesn't want to sync-add either the boat or the boat driver to the set task destination module, which is placed in editor and synced to the relevant task modules. "richtaskdest" is the name of the location module to be synced. Was hoping i could solve the mobile task destination problem with this, up until now i've relied on helper objects that get hidden for objective locations which are far away and/or are not stationary - like just to give a rough assessment of where the target area is. Ty in advance for any suggestions