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  1. I'm not saying that I expect anybody to do anything with it, in fact I expect the opposite. I'm not claiming to be some sort of modding prodigy and I'm not accusing anybody of anything (where did you get any of that from my post?) I just want people to be able to go "huh, that's neat" 20, 30 years in the future, if some weirdo is that curious about the game after all that time. I'm interested in preserving things for their own sake, not because I've got any particular use for them in mind, or because I believe there's an army of potential ARMA: CWA fans just waiting to be introduced (I don't, and there isn't.) But then I actually used to watch deleted scenes on DVDs and be disappointed when there weren't any, so maybe I'm the weirdo. That was more in response to anybody who would suggest "just play CWR, it's better for [x, y, z] reasons." Even if CWR is the best version of the Operation Flashpoint campaign that will ever be seen, I still think it's worthwhile to play the original game.
  2. itisnotlogical

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    I'd like a search bar in the animation viewer. Scrolling through the list is a pain sometimes when I can't remember what the animation is called or what section it's in...
  3. Even if nobody plays the game or makes mods for it, I don't think it's something that should potentially be lost because "nobody cares." Even if just one person in the whole world wants to see it, I think they should be able to. Of course I know that Bohemia's answer will most likely be a stern "no" for the foreseeable future, for all the reasons outlined in the thread above, but I can still imagine. I still haven't beaten OFP's campaign nor any of the expansions, but someday I mean to go back and do it. A3 is nice and all and CWR is an amazing piece of work, but there's something special and unique about the original with all of its quirks, flaws and rough edges. It's like those people who say "Yeah, Doom is great, once you install this mod and that mod and this sourceport and that level pack and make sure to add bloom and per-pixel lighting and quick kills etc. etc." and while that may be fun, is it really the same game?
  4. itisnotlogical

    Tool for fixing mod contamination?

    I haven't been able to reproduce it intentionally yet, but if/when I do I'll be sure to. The addon it says it requires is "CBA Joint Ammo Magazines," which I suppose would be possible to accidentally include, but I also found this in the mission.sqm in the Entities class under a group definition (whitespace and all): class CustomAttributes { class Attribute0 { property="groupID"; expression=" if (isNil 'CBA_fnc_setCallsign') then { _this setGroupID [_value]; } else { [_this, _value] call CBA_fnc_setCallsign; }; "; ... which I really don't know how it got there.
  5. I installed Community Base Addons a short while ago in order to try out another mod. Every mission I've edited since then now requires CBA and will not open without it, even though I never actually used CBA and never meant to. Nothing in the editor is even marked like other add-on content, so there's no way to tell what I would need to remove from within the editor. I figured out how to edit the mission.sqm and manually remove all references to the unwanted content, but I was curious if anybody's created a tool that can help with this in the future?
  6. I believe you also have to set the trigger to "Repeatable" for this to be the case.
  7. itisnotlogical

    Overview picture won't show.

    I got it. It turns out that overviewPicture is relative to the ARMA 3 install directory, and cannot look inside any mission folders (*.Altis, *.VR, etc.) for images. So by moving the image folders into the root campaign directory and starting the path from the ARMA 3 directory, it works now. If anybody's interested: if you use "Export To Single-Player," data like the briefing name, images, etc. are written directly into the mission.sqm (if you provided them in Eden->Attributes->General) making that part of the description.ext unnecessary if you're just making a single mission. But for some reason, if it's in the scenario folder, then overviewPicture etc. are relative to the mission .pbo rather than the root ARMA 3 directory.
  8. itisnotlogical

    Overview picture won't show.

    No effect. After looking at the campaign included in the Arma 3 Samples, I was able to get an image to show up by copying the path from the example campaign into my own: Result of overviewPicture = "a3\missions_f_epa\data\img\a_skirmish01_overview_ca.paa" This seems to suggest to me that there's a workaround in packing the images in a separate addon, but I'm going to bed and will have to figure that out tomorrow.
  9. itisnotlogical

    Overview picture won't show.

    Yep, 1024x512.
  10. itisnotlogical

    Overview picture won't show.

    Version info from the launcher says I'm on game version 2.04.147719. That is correct.
  11. Whether it's in a .pbo or just copying the mission files into the Campaigns directory, whether it's .jpg or .paa, whether I define it in description.ext or in Eden, I can't get my overview pictures to show in the Campaigns menu. No error message pops up, just a black square instead of the usual "white noise" graphic when no image is defined. Unfortunately nothing I found on Google solved the issue. Directory: (Campaign folder) - Campaign description.ext - missions -- mission1.Altis --- description.ext --- images ---- loading.jpg Mission description.ext: briefingName = "Hopeless"; onLoadMission = "Backed into a corner, the Altis Armed Forces stage a daring last stand at Ioannina."; loadScreen = "images\loading.jpg"; onLoadName = "Hopeless"; overviewText = "Backed into a corner, the Altis Armed Forces stage a daring last stand at Ioannina."; overviewPicture = "images\loading.jpg"; briefing = 0; debriefing = 0; class CfgDebriefing { class End1 { title = ""; subtitle = ""; } }; The loadScreen image shows up, but never the overviewPicture. Is there something obvious that I'm missing or is this a bug of some kind?
  12. I found this snippet in an old thread: { if (_x typeOf "Land_City_8m_F" || _x typeOf "Land_City_8mD_F") then { deleteVehicle _x; }; } forEach nearestObjects [player, ["All"], 1000000]; I can't test it myself at the moment but the docs for nearestObjects says you can put the classnames where "All" is in the above snippet, which would save script cycles on looping through every object in the defined radius. EDIT: I read the thread closer and apparently it doesn't work. Oops, I'm bad. Also, the .p3d is unnecessary when referring to objects by classname in a script. I wish you luck with your scenario 😃
  13. itisnotlogical

    How to make a drive to task.

    You could also change the condition field to just "true" and the trigger will activate as soon as the mission starts, or after the countdown/timeout has finished if you've set those. Also double-check that the task owner is set to "All Playable Units" or the player's faction--that's tripped me up more than a few times.
  14. I guess I'll have to go with createUnit then. Thank you for the clarification.