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  1. Lowinternettroll

    Boats in ArmA 3

    I agree with you.
  2. Lowinternettroll

    Helicopters flight model is completely wrong

    Ok, capitol of England) Iam old fart, and I played Flashpoint. I just another internet guy, who played DCS world since he was named Lock ON(about 15 years). All yours authorities are not authorities for me at all. Ok I try to explain simply. When you push cyclic, rotor cone and whole heli leans forward and heli start to fly forward, rotor cone sucking air from above and throwing air down and back and all surrounding airflow crosses rotor cone moves to the same direction. And after all this you pull cyclic(when you flying forward), rotor cone and whole heli leans back, but heli still moving forward by inertia. Now airflow hits cone from bottom to top at an angle. Now all autorotation conditions are complied and helicopter flying in gyroplane mode. Should I explain how autorotation works?
  3. Lowinternettroll

    Helicopters flight model is completely wrong

    Believe me, I know what I'am talking about. I know how and why helicopters flying, how autorotation occurs... I know how checking flight models. I speak English not very well. London is capitol of Great Britain, how do you do...
  4. Lowinternettroll

    Helicopters flight model is completely wrong

    BI tried to do realistic heli FM also they have Take on helicopters - heli sim with same problem. Why things must be wrong when they can easily be proper?
  5. Lowinternettroll

    Navy/Naval Content in the next Arma?

    The problem is that the game does not support moving platforms. You cant just jump on the roof of vehicle and take a ride. Ships and vehicles are moving platforms. If you want to ride on moving ship now, you will cant walking and jumping on ship. To do this, game must support different coordinate systems or our PC's must have enough power to calculate advanced physics of almost all objects on all moving ships. Second is more preferable but much harder to calculate. First is more practicable on current PC's. IMHO both variants is too hard for BI.
  6. Lowinternettroll

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    1. Flight model issue. IRL helicopters rotor rpm does not decreasing when you do G-turns(pulling cyclic) but instead they increasing because autorotation happens. 2. Thermal imaging issue. IRL portable thermal imagers in most cases cant see humans located behind the glass(windows).
  7. Sorry for criticism but I just want to help. Arma 3 helicopters FM not only terrible, but also initially wrong. In advanced FM mode when you pull joystick(cyclic stick) to do G-turn, rotor RPM is dramatically decreasing. IRL rotor RPM doesn't decreasing by G-turns(maneuvers), but instead they(RPM) increasing, because autorotation happens. Fix this problem please, because its ruining all flight experience in advanced mode.