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  1. With the multiple Cold War DLCs it would be nice to have the different sights for normal/night/thermal vision modes be supported properly by the engine. Right now GM and various mods (RHS) do this by zoom key which doesn't fit well with the control scheme. I'd prefer to switch into T72 night vision by pressing N rather than 5x zoom in. Same goes for toggling night illumination in rifle optics. tl;dr -Make it possible for vision modes to have different sight images. -Make it possible for vision modes to have independent values for available zoom levels. -Retain default behavior if above has not been defined in config Its a functionality that lots of content (including paid) wishes to use but one that so far everyone has had to implement with in a poor manner. A less serious idea: A public money pool for feature requests. If community can gather the money required to support the estimated work hours for a feature, it gets done. Basically Kickstarter for Arma engine changes.😁
  2. Reading recent patch notes I found that AI pathing is controlled by the PID algorithm which is a pure feedback algorithm. The problem with these is that they only react when the error has already occured in the system. Has Bohemia considered adding a feed forward control component to the AI pathing algo? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feed_forward_(control) The advantage here is that this type of algorithm can react before the error, potentially offering near perfect control (or staying on the road in this case).
  3. Come on Bohemia. If you are going to make a map that is 30% covered in rye fields, you really ought to be kind enough to finally offer some improvement to the method distant units in grass are rendered. Or you could just replace the growing rye with short harvested stalks, in which case the above would look reasonable enough. Also, the Spetsnaz units could use a plain Rifleman loadout.
  4. My problem was caused by player setcaptive true You can still connect with drones while setcaptive true if you right click on the map UAV marker.
  5. Yes, I have the correct faction terminal. I can connect to editor placed UAVs correctly but after I spawn a UAV by Radio Alpha, all UAVs dissapear from the terminal menu.
  6. I have the same problem. Trying to spawn a UAV. _type = "B_UAV_02_F"; uav = createVehicle [_type, position uavlog, [],0,"fly"]; createVehicleCrew uav; I can't connect to the spawned UAV and after spawning the UAV I also can't connect to any other UAVs placed in the editor. The log function posted by stanhope returns as follows: 16:32:07 [B Alpha 2-4:1,"BLU_F",WEST,WEST] 16:32:07 [B Alpha 2-4:2,"BLU_F",WEST,WEST]