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Found 17 results

  1. What do you think of a petition to open-source OFP / Arma Cold War Assault code? I know it's been a hot topic throughout the years, but I'm happy to resurrect it here a little. I sometimes play the classic OFP myself and there's some really cool people still improving it, so that'd be a great help towards improving the classic title that started it all. Also - does anybody know if BIS ever made some kind of statement regarding this matter?
  2. maty105

    Cant make lobby

    Hi there, me and my friend decided to try out multiplayer in CWA. However, I'm using multiplayer in this game for first time in my life, and we came across a problem: When I click on "New", it brings me back to the multiplayer main menu, switching from sockets to DirectPlay does nothing, just increases the loading time and in the end still brings me back to the multiplayer main menu. Is there any solution for this? I couldn't find anything on the internet, not even on Steam discussions and yes, I have port forwarding enabled on my router
  3. Hello folks, I made a single player mission over the last few weeks and now I can finally share it with the community. Its title is "Your Guardian Angel" as you have guessed. Your objective will be to locate a UH60 crash site, save the two stranded pilots and destroy the helicopter. Sounds straightforward, doesn't it? Well, play the mission, you're in for a surprise. I tried to randomise things as much as I reasonably could, so you'll be able to play the mission more than once without knowing already where to search. Further information is available in the ReadMe. All the required addons are included (hence the file size). Features: Custom sounds; Custom music (snippets from the movie G.I. Jane); An action-packed intro and an in-mission cutscene; A mysterious playable character; A careful selection of vintage addons that is guaranteed to take you back to the most glorious period of OFP... ...and it's free! Isn't life great sometimes? Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aTTOmyj5mhvuFjDXVAm52ITGupsf_YWi/view?usp=sharing Any comment - be it constructive or destructive, at this stage I couldn't care less 🤣 - is welcome! Have fun!
  4. Hello, everyone! I've been mission editing in CWA & ArmA 3 for several years, but this is my first post here. I'm trying to create a simple "conquest" mission in which the side (East or West) that spends the longest amount of time within a trigger area wins after 1 hour. For each given side, I have both a "Present" and a "Not Present" trigger for the objective area. When a unit of that side enters the trigger area, I want to continually increase that side's score (ex. add 1 point to a variable named "WestScore" for every 10 seconds that a West unit is present). Once all units of that side exit the trigger area, the score for that side should stop increasing. Then, when my timer runs out after 1 hour, "WestScore" and "EastScore" will be compared to determine which "win" trigger fires to end the mission. Naturally, I believe that a basic "while-do" loop is required for a continually-increasing score, but I am at a loss as to how to actually implement one in the game. Can a "while-do" loop be made entirely within my "Present" trigger, or do I need to write an .sqf file (I've never done this before)? Additionally, how would I incorporate a pause within the loop to slow down its iterations (I see that there is no "sleep" command in OFP/CWA like there is in ArmA 3)? So far, I've got everything working except for a mechanism to measure the amount of time that each side spends within the trigger area. Any guidance would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Addon Lun-class Ekranoplan (version 1.0) by SovietKot, VenoM218, SoldierEPilot. Ekranoplan has a maximum speed 280 km/h. Lun equipped 6 anti-ship missile SS-N-22 «Sunburn» and support turret with double autocannons GSh-23. Missile SS-N-22 «Sunburn» having maximum range - 6000meters. The addon can be found in the Editor under: >East>Armored>Lun-class Ekranoplan Archive UPDATE!!! Small fix. Download (Yandex Disk). Download (MediaFire). More screenshots: This addon requires: MCAR Scripts last version (MCAR_Engine.pbo) More information about the addon in the archive.
  6. Hello everyone, im new on this website! I need help on a problem, that I spent hours trying to fix it, but still no idea... So I'm making a stealth-kinda mission, with guards, alarms and stuff. I already made a Sentry to move into a house, and activate an alarm, when activated, making the nearby guards search for an intruder. I kinda got used to using triggers, but there is something I can't figure. It's the following; So in the base, I want a vehicle crew just chilling with a Sentry waypoint, and a Get In waypoint, so when they see an intruder, they'll use the nearby BMP. So it works well, but i want them to get in the BMP when they see enemy OR when the alarm is triggered. So I can only make them get in the BMP ONLY when the alarm is on, or ONLY when they see enemy... How can a make it both? I dunno if there is still people playing with this game, but I hope someone will find this thread. :) (I'm not from an English speaking country, I hope I was understandable :) )
  7. A remake of the Operation Flashpoint single mission "AMBUSH", using CUP USMC units. This one should resonate with some of us old school OFP players. I remember playing this demo mission from a demo disc attached to a PCGAMER mag back in the day, and I lost my mind at how amazing it was. The mission was a tough rock to crack. Very hard to get the AI to cooperate and for the mission to flow as it used too back in OFP. But finally, I've got it working to a playable standard. It's still hard though, you need to pull your weight in the squad and accept the fact the AI can be unpredictable. You'll probably need to revert to a save once or twice. So please enjoy this mission because I put a lot of work, time and effort into making it and getting it just right. Link to Steam Workshop ------- Ambush - OFP Remake
  8. A remake of the Operation Flashpoint single mission "Commander", using CUP USMC units. Lead a squad of grunts on a mission to defeat the enemy forces in the area. You'll have a lot of armored units at your disposal. I've also made it CO-OP for you to enjoy with a mate or two. Link to Steam Workshop ------- Commander - OFP Remake
  9. BennySouthSt

    23rd Realism Regiment

    23rd Realism Regiment Tactical, Organised Game-play in Operation Flashpoint/ArmA: Cold War Assault Who are we? We're the 23rd Realism Regiment. A relatively recently created group, the 23rd Realism Regiment attempts to build and maintain the tactical, organised style of game-play that Operation Flashpoint/ArmA: Cold War Assault in known for. With over 50 member, about 20 of which play with us regularly, we're able to hold relatively large scale co-op missions and, if we keep growing, eventually hope to host large scale, tactical PvP missions. We have a whole range of members, from traditional Operation Flashpoint veterans such as Alex to newer players such as myself. The same goes for ages and nationalities - our players are from countries across the world including but not limited to America, England, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Spain and Singapore just to name a few. As long as you're mature and can understand basic English, you're welcome within our ranks. We usually have weekly Sunday sessions at approximately 12:00 EST, with smaller, lighter sessions sprinkled in at other times in the week. Our WW4 EXTENDED server is up 24/7, as is the TS server we use to communicate and organize ourselves. Slightly interested? Give us a shot, and check out our steam page! All screenshots are taken In-Game and are of the 23rd Realism Regiment Minimum Joining Requirements - MUST have a Steam account that is in regular use. - MUST be running ArmA:Cold War Assault V1.99 (Steam version is already updated to this). - MUST be mature and possess the attitude described in this post. - MUST have a working microphone and Teamspeak 3 installed. - MUST understand basic English - it doesn't have to be perfect, but you gotta understand what's going on. Recommended - OFPMoniter is a great asset - it allows you to browse and join any public servers after the GameSpy closure and can launch the appropriate mods for any servers you join (assuming they're installed already). - CrossTalk for Teamspeak 3 - Only really necessary as a leader for distinguishing whispers from squad chat, but pretty cool/useful none the less. - The Mod - we'd appreciate it if you could get the mod installed before you join, but it's understandable that people would be hesitant to download something before they're part of the group. Need help installing it? Feel free to ask us! Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/23rdrr Want to join? Add Dan_The_Man or BennySouthSt on Steam, expressing your interest. We'll run you through the basics and invite you to the group. Server IP: TS3 Server: TeamSpeak 3 is our primary method of communication on our games. I'd recommend installing the CrossTalk Teamspeak plugin - It allows you to set radio effects in Teamspeak. Although it's not necessary, I find it very useful when receiving whispers; if they have radio static, it's easy to tell you're being whispered to and aren't listening to chatter in your channel. Plus, it sounds freaking cool! YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJgSRjRHTZUJoNDA7tI2Thw Not sure if the group is right for you? Take a look at our YouTube channel, organised by Saroonva! It currently features some snippets of some of our operations (and, i'll admit, a lot of me talking over the radio by accident!) Mod: http://www.mediafire.com/download/efh9k10nvh1v13d/23rd_WW4.7z We're currently running WW4 EXTENDED with a few extra maps thrown in - All credit goes to Kenoxite and Sanctury for WW4 and it's expansion, WW4 Extended! A 23rd tailored version of WW4 EXT is currently under development by yours truly, but won't be around for a while - even then, it's mainly back-end stuff i'm doing. For the average play, you won't notice the difference; enjoy the joy that is WW4 Extended! Admin Steam Profiles: BennySouthSt - Group 1IC - General Administration and Mods Dan_The_Man - Group 2IC - Recruitment and Operation Organisation Saroonva - Group 3IC - Youtube and Media ​Eazy - Server Maintenance Kotakulu - Missions and Scripting Got any questions about the above categories? Feel free to contact any of the above people! If it's not on the list, get in touch with me - using steam is preferable, but i'll respond to you on the forums too! Organisation and Gameplay The way we operate depends on a few things: The number of players in the session, whoever's acting as IC (Dan, Saroonva and I have very different command styles!) and the mission at hand. For example, if Dan was leading one of our weekly operations and we had a large player count, you could expect an open net between team leaders and command. I, on the other hand, would (probably) operate with a closed net, with fire-team leaders only communicating with the other fire-team leader and squad lead, who then communicates with command - trust me, it makes sense in game! Similarly, our more casual "Assassinate the President" mission would be significantly more relaxed than an organised "Zeus" mission (and yes, that is ArmA 3 Zeus in OFP - Check out this link for Kotakulu's amazing mission!). Generally speaking, your first few sessions will have you operating as a team member - you won't have to worry about the command structure or setting up whispers for a while. It's important you balance a decent level of initiative and discipline; whilst running off towards the T-72 might work, it's not the reason we play the way we do and will be frowned upon (and probably shot by some guy sat in a bush). Similarly, nobody is gonna object to you running 50m to that low wall to get a great flanking position on the hostile squad - it's better than clinging to you Team Leader and all getting wiped out by that lucky AI grenade, right? The ranks structure exists as a way to demonstrate leadership and experience - Simply having a load of hours in the game will not guarantee a rank,nor will topping the score board every game - you need to show an understanding of the best tactics and strategies for the mission as a whole as well as demonstrate your leadership abilities. Don't worry about a load of bollock-y "Sir, yes Sir" stuff - having a rank system simply makes it easier when determining who's taking what roles and what positions. You'll be granted "Cadet" once you join the group and will be promoted to "Private" once you complete your first large operation (or a series of smaller, weekly sessions if no op is running at the time).
  10. A remake of the Operation Flashpoint single mission "Rat Hole", using CUP Russian Federation units. Take your KA-52 and use it to smash the enemy’s base! I've replaced the V-80/KA-50 single seat helo to the KA-52 twin seat, mostly because this mission is almost impossible to play without a gunner to help you, and it just wasn't enjoyable. I've also made it CO-OP so you can play with a gunner. Link to Steam Workshop ------- Rat Hole - OFP Remake
  11. A remake of the Operation Flashpoint single mission "War Cry", using CUP US ARMY units. A large-scale combined arms operation. Liberate the town of Mirov in central Nogova, currently held by renegade Russian troops. I've also made it CO-OP so you can play with some friends. Link to Steam Workshop ------- War Cry - OFP Remake
  12. A remake of the Operation Flashpoint campaign mission #15 "Tank Rally", using CUP USMC units. Give the Ruski's a run for their Rubles in your M1A1, and help support the infantry at Chapoi as part of Yankee Platoon. Enjoy Link to Steam Workshop ------- Tank Rally - OFP Remake
  13. A remake of the Operation Flashpoint campaign mission #13 "Pathfinder", using CUP USMC units. As a machine gunner, assault the village of Saint Marie and Chapoi. Take out the self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG) systems (ZSU-23-4 "Shilka") so that air support can be brought in to deal with heavy armor guarding the towns. This mission was one of my favorites. It can be tough, but well worth it once you get to finish it successfully. You may have to try it a few times, your squad may make it to the end or you might end up being on your own. It plays out very much the same as the original OFP mission did which i'm very happy with. Enjoy Link to Steam Workshop ------- Pathfinder - OFP Remake e
  14. A remake of the Operation Flashpoint campaign mission #32 "Counterstrike", using CUP USMC units. Assault the Ruski controlled territory of Kolgujev with your fellow Marines after the air assault. Enjoy :) Link to Steam Workshop ------- Counterstikre - OFP Remake
  15. A remake of the Operation Flashpoint single mission "Clean Sweep II". Using CUP USMC units. This time around, you're the leader. I've made this mission CO-OP just in case anybody want's to play with a friend or two. There is GEAR SELECTION during the briefing, I recommend grabbing an Anti-tank Launcher ;) Link to Steam Workshop ------- Clean Sweep II - OFP Remake
  16. G'day all, I've whipped up one of my favorite Operation Flashpoint Campaign missions. Let me know what you think, I've used CUP USMC units while I wait for the CUP Conflict 85' mod to come to fruition. Link to Steam Workshop ------- "AIRBORNE - OFP REMAKE"
  17. A remake of the Operation Flashpoint single mission "Lone Wolf". Using CUP USMC units. "It's the middle of the night and you, as a special forces soldier, have one objective: destroy the tanks in the enemy base, to give our grunts a chance in the coming offensive." Always enjoyed playing this one. It's a quick, simple, yet slightly challenging SF mission. There's some gear selection so check your inventory during the briefing. Enjoy playing :) Link to Steam Workshop ------- Lone Wolf - OFP Remake