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  1. killjoyau73

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Top work guys, I mean it took you 7 years but hey, better late than never 😉 But seriously, it's good to see the spirit of OFP back, Looks like I don't have to keep remaking missions anymore! Can't wait to get stuck into the campaign again. Thanks heaps.
  2. killjoyau73

    Cold War Rearmed III

    It's tough but i got it working to a pretty solid state. I'd have just donated it and the rest to you guys if i'd known. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2027170116
  3. I experienced this bug as well but forgot to mention it.
  4. Made it through the first mission and my thoughts/experience so far. (This is just solely based on the mission and it's design and nothing to do with the quality of the units/terrain/sounds etc. etc.) After all that... The quality of the units, map, sounds, animations are all top notch. The stretch of the wall looks fantastic and the layout, detail and size of the map are great. I like the customisation of vehicles, there's a good spread of infantry with their weapons and gear, and this is all a good base to improve and add to. It's a shame there aren't any static weapon emplacements like an MG3 or DSHK or mortars but the static ATGM's are really well done. Being able to add camo netting to vehicles would be a really nice aesthetic touch (even if it doesn't actually reduce their visibility to AI) and i'd love to see a change in the UI (Is it even possible to change the UI?) because it would really add to the DLC's individuality if it was made more... "80's Deutschland" and i think it's important to separate this DLC from the ArmA 3 feel. I'm happy I paid $26 for it and it's got loads more potential but i just can't get 100% on-board with this first mission.
  5. Only 5hrs left of work until i can finally give it a try... Can't wait.
  6. Damn shame this isn't being released to enjoy over the weekend!
  7. What's the plans regarding additional scenario development? Also, did you guys meddle with the AI at all?
  8. Congratulations on the upcoming release, and thanks for all the hard work you've obviously put into this project. As someone who's been playing since the OFP demo first appeared on the PC Gamer Mag demo disc, this is the kind of content I've been dying to see in ArmA 3. We've all enjoyed the mods and OFP remakes over the years but ArmA 3 really hasn't had a dedicated Cold War Era mod associated with it until now. Let's hope people get behind it and you can continue to produce more vehicles, scenarios and content in the future.
  9. killjoyau73

    [SP] Ambush - OFP Remake

    Yeah me too mate. It's based off 1.96. The original DEMO ending just wouldn't come together properly so I did the full release version.
  10. A remake of the Operation Flashpoint single mission "AMBUSH", using CUP USMC units. This one should resonate with some of us old school OFP players. I remember playing this demo mission from a demo disc attached to a PCGAMER mag back in the day, and I lost my mind at how amazing it was. The mission was a tough rock to crack. Very hard to get the AI to cooperate and for the mission to flow as it used too back in OFP. But finally, I've got it working to a playable standard. It's still hard though, you need to pull your weight in the squad and accept the fact the AI can be unpredictable. You'll probably need to revert to a save once or twice. So please enjoy this mission because I put a lot of work, time and effort into making it and getting it just right. Link to Steam Workshop ------- Ambush - OFP Remake
  11. Ok, she's ready. Just like R0adki11 I first played this back in 2001 from the demo disc attached to a PC Gamer mag, and it blew my F**king mind. Enjoy AMBUSH "Bravo squad reporting, ready to attack, Sir!" "Hang a left and try to avoid the trees..."
  12. Sadly I haven't been able to get the DEMO ending to work (With the Shilka shooting down the UH60) or the binocular overlay to function properly during the opening cut-scene. Otherwise it's worked out ok.
  13. Should be ready in a few days... "What's the situation sir? Any activity in the village?"
  14. G'day everyone, here's the single mission "Commander" for you to enjoy.