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  1. L.K.

    SP UKF Patrol

    Here's Mikero's Editor103 if anyone needs it: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xuuhjum22k35bx3/Editor103.zip/file
  2. Hello folks, I made a single player mission over the last few weeks and now I can finally share it with the community. Its title is "Your Guardian Angel" as you have guessed. Your objective will be to locate a UH60 crash site, save the two stranded pilots and destroy the helicopter. Sounds straightforward, doesn't it? Well, play the mission, you're in for a surprise. I tried to randomise things as much as I reasonably could, so you'll be able to play the mission more than once without knowing already where to search. Further information is available in the ReadMe. All the required addons are included (hence the file size). Features: Custom sounds; Custom music (snippets from the movie G.I. Jane); An action-packed intro and an in-mission cutscene; A mysterious playable character; A careful selection of vintage addons that is guaranteed to take you back to the most glorious period of OFP... ...and it's free! Isn't life great sometimes? Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aTTOmyj5mhvuFjDXVAm52ITGupsf_YWi/view?usp=sharing Any comment - be it constructive or destructive, at this stage I couldn't care less 🤣 - is welcome! Have fun!
  3. L.K.

    FDF Mod

    I'm apparently late again 😂 Anyway, the band is called Airut. They're on last.fm, here: https://www.last.fm/music/Airut
  4. L.K.

    [sp campaign] Operation Fikoj

    First of all, thanks for keeping this small community alive, Sulon480! I played the campaign last night and had a lot of fun. My only comment would be to increase the difficulty a little bit (for example, less support for the player), since all the missions were fairly easy. The one I liked the most was that where you have to capture Goisse and enemy soldiers are hidden in the buildings - a very fine touch! Excellent work and thanks again for your contribution. All the best!
  5. Still playing your campaign, The Matmus and so far I found it really well-crafted and intriguing. I can see how much effort you put into it. If you're still willing to work on it, I have some advice for you. Nothing major though, it's just trivial things related to cutscenes, object placing and so on. Again, congratulations on your work and heartfelt thanks for keeping this small community alive! 🙂
  6. L.K.

    OFP Addon request thread

    @anuj There you go, mate: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lhrpny53dt845xs/Campaign - Samson War on Terror.zip?dl=1 I don't have the winter conversion though, sorry.
  7. L.K.

    OFP Addon request thread

    @zwobot Sorry for the late reply, here's Dr. Rebus texturing tutorial: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvzj2cagt9mit8b/rebus_tut_tex.doc?dl=0
  8. Good luck with your project, Kalle and, as a fellow mission designer, if you need help, feel free to tell me. :)
  9. L.K.

    Extended Effects

    It's inside this package: ftp://ftp.armedassault.info/ofpd/utils/ofpetools.zip If you want to decrypt mission pbos you may use Amalfi's tool as well. His DePbo does a great job.
  10. L.K.

    USCG Pack Release

    US Coast Guard: ftp://ftp.armedassault.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/USCG-Pack-1_fix.exe Nogova International Coast Guard: ftp://ftp.armedassault.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/NICG.rar
  11. So, I've looked into this and I confirm what krzychuzokecia said. You need to add the addonsAuto section as well to the mission.sqm, otherwise you'll get the error message, regardless of the fact that you have the addon or not. Once you make sure that the latest editor upgrade is in your addon folder, modify your mission.sqm file so that it looks like this: class Intro { addOns[]= { "editorupdate102" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "editorupdate102" }; [...] Of course do the same at the beginning of the file for class Mission as well. version=11.000000; class Mission { addOns[]= { "editorupdate102" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "editorupdate102" }; [...] I'm afraid, however, that you'll need to edit every mssion.sqm file in order for this trick to work. If I find a better solution, I'll post it here.
  12. I hadn't realized that it was on sale on Amazon! This reminds me of "Planet of War", another mission pack (illegally) put on sale which later received bad reviews. Anyway, back to your problem, Michele: would you mind to load a copy of the mission.sqm file Mediafire (or similar file-sharing platform) and share the link so I could look into that?
  13. Michele, I'm not familiar with the mission you've mentioned but you can use Mikero's Editor Upgrade 102 (aka Editor103) to avoid this kind of conflicts. Download from here. If you still get an error message, decrypt the pbo, edit the mission.sqm file and delete objects1, objects2, objects4 from the "addon" section, at the beginning of the file. Let me know if this helps!
  14. L.K.

    FDF Mod

    If you're experiencing problems with OutroWin and OutroLoose do that trick for them too.