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  1. Michele

    FDF Mod

    Hi there! 7 years later I'm still playing this! I encountered a "new" error: when I start the FDF main campaign I get the error about missing addons "kegsw66" for the intro video and "kegsw44" at the briefing menu. Obviously they are in the Addons main folder, I tried to put them in the finmod Addons folder as well but nothing changes.
  2. Michele

    lock targets in helicopters

    Hello, I'm having difficulties in locking targets for my gunner in helicopters. I remember that when red dots appeared on the radar I could browse them with "left Tab" or by clicking with "right mouse" but now it seems impossible sometimes. The first time I encountered this problem was when playing CSLA 2 mod. Maybe an error with modern systems ?
  3. Michele

    CSLA 2 Update2

    Hi there, I came across this mission only today, any fix for it ?
  4. So I need to download Kegetys editor upgrade (102) and write it as you wrote above. and what about adding "objects" ? Because I tried adding "objects" in the mission.sqm of the first mission (as suggested by zulu1) and now I can see a cutscene never seen before but I think something is still missing, because at the very start of the mission I still get the error. Anyway thank you all for the support!
  5. Do I have to add "objects" in Class Mission, Intro, OutroWin and OutroLoose ? Here is an extract of the mission.sqm : version=11.000000; class Mission { addOns[]={}; randomSeed=13902339.000000; class Intel { briefingName="$STRNG_1"; month=4.000000; day=8.000000; hour=23.000000; minute=55.000000; }; class Groups (ETC...................) Modified shouls be like this ? version=11.000000; class Mission { addOns[]={"objects"}; or like this ? version=11.000000; class Mission { addOns[]= { "objects" };
  6. The first campaign folder is called BTL1, inside it there is the "Missions" folder and also a MISSION.SQM file. I'm loading the MISSION.SQM of the first mission anyway. https://www.4shared.com/file/v-yflpOpda/MISSION.html If you need more files I will load them.
  7. They did a third product called "The Last Enemy". I recently bought "Between the Lines" because I heard of it back in 2001 and also I saw it on the shelf of the local store. It comes with a multilanguage manual and three campaigns. I will load the file this evening.
  8. I tried the Editor103 but nothing changed. For your information the installation program of the campaign puts the EditorUpgrade101 in the AddOn folder. Anyway I decrypted the .pbo but there is no clue of "objects" in the mission.sqm. I used the Find function of Notepad. Maybe I should put the campaign .pbo in the Res/Campaigns folder ? I will try also reinstalling OFP and patching it until 1.30 (the last patch of 2001?) Thanks anyway!! :)
  9. I found on the internet some .pbo about objects (objects1, objects2, objects4 ) and also objects.pbo that seems to be the missing one but nothing happened. Maybe Between the Lines is too old for OFP 1.96 ? Is not there anyone who played it?
  10. I can't see the cutscenes. The error is that addon "objects" is missing. I tried installing Kegetys Editor Addon 1.11 and the error changes in "editorupdate102" missing. I can read the briefing and play the mission without problems.
  11. Michele

    William Porter's Blog

    Is there a way to read again the blog ??
  12. Michele

    14th anniversary of OFP:CWC

    Rozek, the pictures are beautiful but how many of the units depicted were actually available in SP missions or campaigns ?
  13. Michele

    15th anniversary patch for OFP/CWA

  14. Michele

    15th anniversary patch for OFP/CWA

    Anyway, does anyone know where to download all the patches released to date for CWA? I remember one file including all.