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  1. So I need to download Kegetys editor upgrade (102) and write it as you wrote above. and what about adding "objects" ? Because I tried adding "objects" in the mission.sqm of the first mission (as suggested by zulu1) and now I can see a cutscene never seen before but I think something is still missing, because at the very start of the mission I still get the error. Anyway thank you all for the support!
  2. Do I have to add "objects" in Class Mission, Intro, OutroWin and OutroLoose ? Here is an extract of the mission.sqm : version=11.000000; class Mission { addOns[]={}; randomSeed=13902339.000000; class Intel { briefingName="$STRNG_1"; month=4.000000; day=8.000000; hour=23.000000; minute=55.000000; }; class Groups (ETC...................) Modified shouls be like this ? version=11.000000; class Mission { addOns[]={"objects"}; or like this ? version=11.000000; class Mission { addOns[]= { "objects" };
  3. The first campaign folder is called BTL1, inside it there is the "Missions" folder and also a MISSION.SQM file. I'm loading the MISSION.SQM of the first mission anyway. https://www.4shared.com/file/v-yflpOpda/MISSION.html If you need more files I will load them.
  4. They did a third product called "The Last Enemy". I recently bought "Between the Lines" because I heard of it back in 2001 and also I saw it on the shelf of the local store. It comes with a multilanguage manual and three campaigns. I will load the file this evening.
  5. I tried the Editor103 but nothing changed. For your information the installation program of the campaign puts the EditorUpgrade101 in the AddOn folder. Anyway I decrypted the .pbo but there is no clue of "objects" in the mission.sqm. I used the Find function of Notepad. Maybe I should put the campaign .pbo in the Res/Campaigns folder ? I will try also reinstalling OFP and patching it until 1.30 (the last patch of 2001?) Thanks anyway!! :)
  6. I found on the internet some .pbo about objects (objects1, objects2, objects4 ) and also objects.pbo that seems to be the missing one but nothing happened. Maybe Between the Lines is too old for OFP 1.96 ? Is not there anyone who played it?
  7. I can't see the cutscenes. The error is that addon "objects" is missing. I tried installing Kegetys Editor Addon 1.11 and the error changes in "editorupdate102" missing. I can read the briefing and play the mission without problems.
  8. Michele

    William Porter's Blog

    Is there a way to read again the blog ??
  9. Michele

    14th anniversary of OFP:CWC

    Rozek, the pictures are beautiful but how many of the units depicted were actually available in SP missions or campaigns ?
  10. Michele

    15th anniversary patch for OFP/CWA

  11. Michele

    15th anniversary patch for OFP/CWA

    Anyway, does anyone know where to download all the patches released to date for CWA? I remember one file including all.
  12. Michele


    Is the co-op campaign playable in singleplayer ? I don't know what co-op means indeed
  13. Michele

    15th anniversary patch for OFP/CWA

    But the question is : will they ever release the patch for non Steam users too ??
  14. Michele


    In january I received an email saying that Apex was free for the Special Edition owners, and that it would be automatically added to the account. Which account we are talking about ? BI Store or Steam ? I have not used the Special Edition cd key in Steam because I already own the game.