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  1. SpartanViperz

    Can someone help me with my mod config?

    @lordfrith Really big thanks, I am currently flying away with this coding now and am able to understand it much simpler than I did previously and I am building the mod I'd like to make, so thank you very much :)
  2. SpartanViperz

    Can someone help me with my mod config?

    oh thank you :)
  3. SpartanViperz

    Can someone help me with my mod config?

    whenever I try and open the config file it opens as random numbers rather than actual code, like this: https://gyazo.com/75052cd84b157ae3fb6f9eecda8a7025 and the rifleman does load but I'll try your changes as I thought something didn't look right.
  4. SpartanViperz

    Can someone help me with my mod config?

    Thank you so much that worked! My current config looks like this https://gyazo.com/c2ee976b9d6c5cacf80c04d180c1bea2 I'm still a little confused on the class names and I don't know if this is set up correctly as I tried to take some tips of a user on reddit on this thread: So if you could help me tidy it up or tell me if I'm doing the right thing, it would be very much appreciated.
  5. https://gyazo.com/27e4f556f11939bc7afbabde05b9e5e1 I'm fairly new to modding and I'm trying to create a replacement pack for the current NATO which changes their equipment to gear already existing in the game. I'm trying to make them look more like they were in the Alpha/Beta and first release of the game. But some of my mod config isn't working and I'm not sure why? My rifleman class works fine but when trying to create the grenadier class, I'm having some issues, the uniform, vest and helmet I want (which is identical to the rifleman just for testing purposes) isn't appearing and instead is just left with the vanilla gear, but I know some of the config is working somewhat because it has the addon image next to it in the editor and the backpack I placed on him works. Any help towards tidying my config up (as most of it is a copy and paste of sample configs which I've edited) and making it work would be massively appreciated.
  6. SpartanViperz

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    I'm trying to learn basic config atm with a replacement pack for default NATO but I am very new to modding and am struggling with just this so if you could help me I would appreciate it: https://redd.it/81gpyh Maybe in the future I'd be able to do something like this myself but I don't have too much hope :/
  7. SpartanViperz

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    can you not just have some alternate versions which do? pleaseeeee!
  8. SpartanViperz

    NATO Replacement HQ

    Love how you have made NATO not look like shit as they do in vanilla and used ECH alot more, and made it so they dont wear those disgusting chubby vests! why get rid of the tropic camo for woodland tho?
  9. SpartanViperz

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Any chance of adding US flags to the Nato Helmets like they were in pre-alpha? Keep up the great work
  10. SpartanViperz

    US Army & USMC Infantry Textures

    I really hope this mod isn't dead. but PLEASE PLEASE Sabre can you add these units to Zeus I would be more then appreciative And these units are my favourite infantry mods and probably my favourite two mods in all of ArmA 3 I hope you continue to make awesome mods because it seems like you have been dead recently but if you are reading this keep up your amazing work you have a gifted talent :D thanks, Tom :D
  11. SpartanViperz

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hey, can someone please make Sabre's awesome units (USMC and US ARMY) work in Zeus these are by far my favourite units in all of the ArmA mods their is out there! So I would be more then appreciative if someone could put these units into Zeus, I'm asking you this because it seems like Sabre's mods are dead at the moment, so sabre if you are reading this please continue to work on your mods they are by far the best infantry mods (in my opinion) and if you could put them into Zeus that would be even better. Sabre's amazingly awesome USMC: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19321 Sabre's amazingly awesome US army: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19319 Thanks, Tom :D
  12. Yes I do but it doesn't make sense I played survive when the old units were in their instead of the new ones so they didn't look like they do now :( and in win NATO command brings in more troops so shouldn't they be different from the ones on stratis? ---------- Post added at 16:31 ---------- Previous post was at 16:30 ---------- OK but on win NATO sends more troops in that still look terrible!
  13. Well 2 things, A you don't that more people might want this but not go on BI forums and B how does it make the NATO troops more fit the setting?
  14. I'm sorry I'm new and don't know how? ---------- Post added at 17:24 ---------- Previous post was at 17:21 ---------- But I don't want to have to script everything in on missions and if I'm playing someone else's mission they wouldn't have scripted it in! and I thought the changes were silly and should of asked the community first!