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  1. Suggestion: Interception of missiles & precision guided bombs. If there's a way to make the game treat those munitions like airplanes by making them destructible and targetable, then I figure existing SAMs could intercept them with the existing anti-air algorithms. After all, most guided munitions in the game fly at a subsonic speed, in a pretty stable and predictable pattern - similar to planes. (Of course, I may be wrong - I don't know much about the Arma engine.) This would add a lot of depth to the game and give more purpose to many of the Jets DLC & Encore assets (especially the SAM units & cruise missiles). Air defense would be more interesting - do you spend all your missiles on enemy planes, or do you conserve some in order to intercept missiles/bombs coming towards you or friendly units? Attacking highly defended airbases/carriers would be trickier - a lone cruise missile or a few MLRS rockets would be easily intercepted by one of the many AA units that are stationed there, so you'd need to coordinate bigger salvos of missiles coming from many directions in order to overwhelm their air defense network. On a similar note, what if you could control cruise missiles with the UAV interface? That would be really cool, especially if it'd be possible to intercept them. You'd have to plot waypoints that utilize the terrain in order to hide from radars, time the arrival of multiple missiles, or control a missile directly.
  2. Now you can lock onto lasers from far away (IIRC the spotting unit needs to have 'datalink send' in order for the VLS to see the laser), and the VLS can also lock into vehicles on its own, for some reason.
  3. nmdanny

    Pook ARTY Pack

    Happens with the Iskander, Iskander-K and Bastion-P. I just noticed that when I order a SRBM launch this way, it says "3K60 Launcher firing HE...", even when I have no 3K60(Bal) in the map. The Rubezh and Bal launchers do work with the command
  4. nmdanny

    Pook ARTY Pack

    There seems to be an error when trying to perform a scripted launch: I used this statement('cmdr' being the player who is near the launchers) _launch = [cmdr] spawn pook_ARTY_FNC_SRBMMISSION; After the launcher is selected successfully for firing HE, it does shortly open the missile hatch but doesn't raise nor fire the missile, it says in sidechat that launcher is unable to fire at the chosen grid + gives the following error(taken from the .rpt) 17:10:49 Error in expression < = (clickPos) inRangeOfArtillery [[_L], _am]; _inRange2 = (clickPos2) inRangeOfA> 17:10:49 Error position: <_am]; _inRange2 = (clickPos2) inRangeOfA> 17:10:49 Error Undefined variable in expression: _am 17:10:49 File pook_ARTY\functions\fn_SRBMMISSION.sqf [pook_ARTY_fnc_SRBMMISSION], line 223 However, firing manually with the artillery computer does work fine.
  5. nmdanny

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    If you're going for realism, it should go both ways :p Plus having a minimum range gives use to your SHORAD units as well as vanilla A3 AA units. This feature seems to be available since the 1.72 main branch update Would definitely love to see data link support, it would open up many interesting scenarios.
  6. Seems like aircraft respawned (by the Vehicle Respawn module) on the USS Freedom, spawn flying at full throttle with gear up, usually resulting in catastrophic results. Related to this issue: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T79620 For now, does anyone know of a script that forces the vehicle to spawn with engine off, no throttle and gear down?
  7. nmdanny

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    They're based on ship defense platforms which are white (like a ship), but I agree, since they seem more appropriate than having a Tigris/Cheetah (more "strategic"/long ranged) A CSAT and AAF camo variants would be also great.
  8. nmdanny

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    You're asking for too much, it is simply not worthwhile for BI to spend so many resources on making immersive cockpits while the majority of players will probably keep using the UI elements. Especially regarding MFDs, making them is very complex whereas there are already well-made UI solutions. Though I agree with no.6 that warnings should appear on the cockpit (and HMD) I'd argue that tank interiors and tank interior interactivity (consoles and displays like MFDs) would take priority over similar aircraft parallels, simply because ground/armor vehicles are much more prominent in ArmA.
  9. I assume that this is a known bug, but anyway: Some of the pylon dropboxes in the Wasp jet are blocked and can't be opened. Also, I hope that the missile variations for the DL vehicles will be increased, e.g, fitting rocket pods on a fighter jet or fitting AGM missiles/bombs instead of AIM9/AIM120s.
  10. nmdanny

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    They already said they're not going to add hangars or interiors to the carrier (besides the small interior which should work fine for briefings etc), so don't get your hopes up. Use the Nimitz mod if you want more advanced functionality.
  11. nmdanny

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Some bugs I've noticed: The CIWS (Praetorian 1C) doesn't make a firing sound The CIWS shells seem to be explosive but they don't make a visual splash. In some rare cases the missiles fired by the AA turrets impact the ship, it's usually when facing low flying aircraft at odd angles, I suggest having a minimum cookoff time/minimum flight range before the warhead becomes active. (Similar to grenade launchers), so that turrets won't accidentally blow themselves up. The radar sensors of the Mk49 Spartan, the Praetorian 1C are fixed and don't follow the turret's rotation. (The Mk21 Centurion is fine though) When trying to place units on the ship(via 3D editor), many surfaces on the ship(some sections of the runway and most turret spots) aren't recognized as surfaces (there's no cyan circle when hovering the cursor over them), so upon clicking, the unit spawns on the sea-bed. Although they do snap when you manually change their elevation via alt. Also, some feedback about the CIWS: Assuming that it's based on the real life Phalanx, it should fire at a much higher ROF, and fire AP (non-explosive) rounds. Only the land version(C-RAM) fires explosive/incendiary shells. Also, I think red tracers would look more awesome than white tracers (though white tracers might be more realistic for a naval CIWS, red ones are only on the C-RAM)
  12. The problem is that you need to be fairly close to the laser spot to even just mark it, so if you're approaching from a high altitude (e.g e.g 3 km above the target) you can't mark it. And even if you're flying low, you have to bash 'R' until you're in-range, which is annoying. Perhaps increase the marking range?
  13. Has anyone managed to lase targets with the UCAV Sentinel? It doesn't seem to make a laser dot. Or maybe it has a very small range? Edit: seems like it's bugged, the laser doesn't follow the TGP. I've made a bug-report here https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124470
  14. Of course that pictures of Sayeret Matkal or any other SF unit isn't illegal, such laws do not apply to random sites on the Internet. Of course they wouldn't pass the censorship laws in Israel(if you post them in an Israeli website/newspaper) but it's not relevant here. The main thing is, you're probably not going to find pictures of them. Regardless, most Israeli SF units use gear that is pretty similar to normal infantry gear - the same OD combat uniform, pretty similar helmets(with or without a Mitznefet cover), plain OD vest(or more modern ceramic armor), using M4s and Tavors as their primary weapons.
  15. nmdanny

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    I'm getting the same issue on Apex Sneak Peek branch too, I also experience the silenced SPAR-17 issue, can't hear the firing itself.