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  1. How do you even do this? You have to launch Steam and connected to Steam to play.
  2. Yeah, I meant pistol wise. Wasn't clear on that, my bad.
  3. ISparkle

    Contact petition.

    I wish this was BI doing it but... better than nothing.
  4. I don't know if devs will do it. Because LDF is considered INDFOR. And INDFOR seems to use different callibres so far. Lol.
  5. I am pretty sure I said that it was with military net radar attached... but yes, and it won't work always. Hence, me resorting to shooting after trying about 5 or more times on same squad/fire team. This was all without mods too.
  6. It wasn't that part I had trouble with. My trouble with Spectrum Device was picking up signals. I can point my device directly at a team leader or squad leader and most of times it just won't pick up radio signals on military radar spectrum device. Sometimes, even on the right frequency and my device pointed straight to the leaders, and radio operators, they won't pick up my spoof signals. Maybe my spectrum device was faulty the whole time since I seemed to have had troubles with what streamers had 0 trouble with.
  7. Yeah, left me wanting follow-up for sure. If this was intended, it was effective. As far as the feedback goes, I just remembered, anyone had trouble listening into LDF nets? For some reason, I could never get LDF net convos, hence, I feel that I got way less side missions. I also had to resort to shooting everyone due to me being unable to use the device against LDF effectively most of the times.
  8. ISparkle

    Make all DLC Maps Free

    That is a no. DLC contents for DLC owners. Maps probably take the longest to make and are the central part of the expansions. You are welcome to buy the DLCs.
  9. ISparkle

    Arma 3 Aegis

    I hope that you have plans for those helmets in camo also. Though, speaking of camo, do you have plans for desert-ish version of camos planned for Russians?
  10. ISparkle

    DLC Contact multiplayer

    Yes... so much yes. I would love to make a mission with alien assets in multiplayer scenario.
  11. This, I am not sure why some features like this are locked away even for the DLC owners. Would love Patrol waypoint.
  12. ISparkle

    Russians in Arma 3

    ArmA 3 Aegis by AveryTheKitty maybe something you are looking for. It may not be official but it keeps to 2035 theme and blends well with vanilla.
  13. ISparkle

    Contact petition.

    I would get behind this. Really, to use alien assets in the missions. It was a bit disappointing to find out that aliens aren't available for play in mission for Contact owners for their curated missions.
  14. It is really tad difficult to use the communication device we get. Drone Hacking don't work so well no matter which antenna I point at. Wasted good 30 minutes trying to get it to work. There's really no consistency on how to get it work. Field Manual doesn't help at all when you are told to basically aim at antenna precisely or something. I mean, it doesn't even work when I am right on top of the drone. Also, it is really a pain to do communications with aliens as well. I wasted total of an hour and half just trying to get through and it only worked randomly like the drone hack. I tried watching streamers who got through it and they all were just pressing random keys until it somehow magically worked. I don't think this is a well executed mechanic if we have to just rely on it randomly working for drones and alien entity. Oh yeah, I've been trying hard to find the pattern and I just can't. Tried different sounds in rhythms that aliens emit and etc... just doesn't work at all unless it is intended to be random.
  15. Oh no, you will have Viper Team on your door for exposing top secret of CSAT!
  16. Inb4 it was all a CSAT hoax to stop NATO/LDF military exercise to help Russia feel better. Now... where's my tinfoil hat...
  17. I was aware of that before making that comment. But... uh, thanks? Just commenting on slightly different ideas between BI and user was all.
  18. The second image with red light alien 'ship' seems to depict Spetsnaz if that is what you mean. Funny that they look like they are wearing body armor there though.
  19. ISparkle

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Bradley destroying T-72s and MBTs in the field is most likely the result of the army it faced wasn't really of quality and didn't have good field tactics. That and the questionable quality armies do not field good export versions as they tend to strip stuffs down even after the producing companies removing some techs. Even if LDF won't come with MBTs and jets, thanks to modders, LDF will be expanded.
  20. ISparkle

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I don't think so. You have to remember those were very much a result of tactical blunders on Russian/Soviet part in the environments with lots of covers for infantry to utilize. A tank supporting infantry in those same environment will be far deadlier than the tanks rolling into such environment without infantry covering it. Also, on Finland vs Soviet Union case, WW2 tanks =/= modern day/future tanks and tank tactics back then =/= modern day. And on top of that, it was also a Soviet army's inexperience that allowed Finns to do such. Once the Soviets learned, the things went differently. Especially considering that Livonia is landlocked, having an armor asset beyond an IFV would be logical as IFV's primary role is to combat infantry, not go on tank hunting. And infantry + tank combo complements each other in that tank takes care of armored and some infantry threats while infantry takes care of threats tank might face. Very difficult for any real military force to handle just with infantry force unless you are basically relying on a chance of enemy's tactical blunders to happen. Only real way for Livonia to stop tanks with just infantry and IFVs would be to establish air superiority which is impossible for them as they don't have fixed wing aircraft as of now. Livonia is defo weaker than AAF as is. Not that I am complaining or anything.
  21. ISparkle

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I am sure people are saying it's weak because it doesn't have air superiority. It ain't weaker than Syndikat though. Syndikat is just basically a huge network of gangs. But, I am not sure if they are stronger than AAF myself if they rely on NATO's air assets to provide them protection on the ground as they don't technically own any air. And you definitely won't stop Russians and their satelite states from rolling you over without MBTs and Air Force that can hold the ground imo. I don't think Livonian air assets will be in the game that isn't helicopter or so. That can be excused by the fact that it's literally got no functional air field in-game currently. But lack of MBT... I don't know. Maybe they couldn't pull off them of Kaliningrad border.
  22. ISparkle

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Spin-off means exactly what it means, a spin-off. It can be later accepted to be a canon lore. Otherwise, in general, spin-off isn't exactly considered canon to the main flow of things. The very nature of spin-off is meant to be a deviation from the main course. Since BI indicated that it is a spin-off, the events of Contact are happening in 'alternate armaverse' rather than 'real' armaverse until changed in the future.
  23. I will try that. Thanks. :) What about the AIs abandoning their superior firepower statics? I think it's in relations to static_weapons.sqf or so. After that error (when I try to group statics to unit, it seems to happen a lot. Or when static weapons spot enemy), they'd get off of static weapon immediately.