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  1. How do you even do this? You have to launch Steam and connected to Steam to play.
  2. Yeah, I meant pistol wise. Wasn't clear on that, my bad.
  3. ISparkle

    Contact petition.

    I wish this was BI doing it but... better than nothing.
  4. I don't know if devs will do it. Because LDF is considered INDFOR. And INDFOR seems to use different callibres so far. Lol.
  5. I am pretty sure I said that it was with military net radar attached... but yes, and it won't work always. Hence, me resorting to shooting after trying about 5 or more times on same squad/fire team. This was all without mods too.
  6. It wasn't that part I had trouble with. My trouble with Spectrum Device was picking up signals. I can point my device directly at a team leader or squad leader and most of times it just won't pick up radio signals on military radar spectrum device. Sometimes, even on the right frequency and my device pointed straight to the leaders, and radio operators, they won't pick up my spoof signals. Maybe my spectrum device was faulty the whole time since I seemed to have had troubles with what streamers had 0 trouble with.
  7. Yeah, left me wanting follow-up for sure. If this was intended, it was effective. As far as the feedback goes, I just remembered, anyone had trouble listening into LDF nets? For some reason, I could never get LDF net convos, hence, I feel that I got way less side missions. I also had to resort to shooting everyone due to me being unable to use the device against LDF effectively most of the times.
  8. ISparkle

    Make all DLC Maps Free

    That is a no. DLC contents for DLC owners. Maps probably take the longest to make and are the central part of the expansions. You are welcome to buy the DLCs.
  9. ISparkle

    Arma 3 Aegis

    I hope that you have plans for those helmets in camo also. Though, speaking of camo, do you have plans for desert-ish version of camos planned for Russians?
  10. ISparkle

    DLC Contact multiplayer

    Yes... so much yes. I would love to make a mission with alien assets in multiplayer scenario.
  11. This, I am not sure why some features like this are locked away even for the DLC owners. Would love Patrol waypoint.
  12. ISparkle

    Russians in Arma 3

    ArmA 3 Aegis by AveryTheKitty maybe something you are looking for. It may not be official but it keeps to 2035 theme and blends well with vanilla.
  13. ISparkle

    Contact petition.

    I would get behind this. Really, to use alien assets in the missions. It was a bit disappointing to find out that aliens aren't available for play in mission for Contact owners for their curated missions.