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  1. I have obtained a fairly cheap model that does not have an interior, it's not animated and it's not well textured. I suggested this cause I thought it could speed up the process but now I realize that would not be the case regarding your concerns. I also see that you guys do this for the sake of the process. Anyways, Thanks for the fairly quick response.
  2. hazzami

    [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Hope everything is going well with development?
  3. If I were to hand over a royalty free model form Turbosquid to the project, could you texture it, rig it and create interiors? If so, what format would you prefer?
  4. Can not wait for that update!
  5. That is very good to hear, glad to see this department of the project making progress!
  6. hazzami

    BAF : L85A3 RIS

    Is it possible if you can make a separate ad don that uses CUP's base.(I know, its a lot to ask for) Don't get me wrong, This mod with the 3CB dependency is awesome, I just don't use both mods together very often.
  7. hazzami

    BAF : L85A3 RIS

    Hey, any chance we will see a L85A3 with a grenade launcher some time in the future? Cool mod by the way!
  8. Did someone make a JSRS patch for this mod?
  9. It looks really good, Keep it up!
  10. hazzami


    I agree, the mod team should use RHS's t-90ms rather than the T-100 and yea I get it, realism to a degree is the best for arma 3!
  11. hazzami


    These you meant?
  12. hazzami


    Yes, the Zulfiqar 3 to be exact.
  13. hazzami


    I believe you are referring to the Zafir-74, which is basically a modernized T-72s which by the way, was licensed to Iran.
  14. hazzami


    Also, do you plan on adding the light scout Shahed 285?
  15. Do you plan on adding the Lazar series of armored vehicles in the future?