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  1. T. Ditch

    [WIP] Helocasting & K-Casting

    MP for me. looking forward to this coming out 👍
  2. T. Ditch

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Can someone please make a patch so that the NI arms 416 pack use JSRS sounds? it's not included as part of the JSRS NI arms mod.
  3. T. Ditch

    CAG/Delta Force Faction

    Any plans for more backpacks similar to what was in Altis armed forces?
  4. T. Ditch

    CAG/Delta Force Faction

    I asked since Kiory's shortdot before only had full zoom which seems to be fixed now, ill keep a look out for this new one.
  5. T. Ditch

    CAG/Delta Force Faction

    Looks great, will the shortdot zoom be adjustable? I know they wasn't before.
  6. T. Ditch

    Task Force Aspis Milsim Unit

    We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Royal Marines as the core of our Special Forces Support Group. Pictures below from Royal Marines Commando Training(RMCT) Day one For further information regarding SFSG see our SFSG Recruit Information Packet
  7. T. Ditch

    CAG/Delta Force Faction

    Looks great, nice to see that CTR being used more
  8. T. Ditch

    Joint Forces Command - UKSF

    Really looking forward to this, UKSF is underappreciated compared to their US SOF counterparts in arma.
  9. Plans to port the SMK pistol switching?
  10. SSO at their camp, Syria Mods:Aspis Gear(Unreleased Version), Project Zenith alpha(retextured) YuEmod(retextured), RHS USAF, RHS AFRF, SMA, CUP maps, Direone static animations
  11. Special Air Service Selection Jungle and standard operating procedures Training Blade patrol 2000s Mods: Aspis gear, 3CB vehicle, weapons and gear, RH M4 pack, TF black uniforms, military gear pack (old version), ASCZ Heads, nikoaton animations WIP, Direone static animations, SOF animations WIP(unreleased), CUP maps, Hazar Kot valley RHS USAF, RHS GREF, Project Zenith alpha, VSM
  12. 1st SFOD-Delta Recce Hazar Kot valley Mods: Project Zenith, RH M4 pack, TF black uniforms, military gear pack (old version),6x6 all terrain vehicle, ASCZ Heads, nikoaton animations WIP, Hazar Kot valley
  13. Freefall Mods: ASCZ heads, Aspis gear, RH MK18 pack, SOTG, BFST(unreleased)
  14. Website:http://tf-aspis.com/ Teamspeak:opspn.ts.nfoservers.com Operation time: sundays 6pm GMT/BST Impression The 45th Detached Reconnaissance Brigade is an english speaking Military Simulation group. The unit based around the VDV (Airborne Forces) of the Russian Federation, specifically 45th Special Purpose Brigade. Our campaigns are always supported by a extensive backdrop of realistic background stories based on real geopolitics. This backdrop creates immersion and a sense of your efforts coming together in a bigger picture and you making an actual difference. We balance low numbers, with realistic and fun battle order, in order to enforce professionalism and teamwork between people you know. Each member is a valued part of the group and each member is expected to uphold a role of responsibility, be it in the field or administratively. We accept people in the age group 18+, provided they are mature and like minded. The Company The unit is structured around two Platoons of soldiers, supported by their APC's, IFV or armor detachments, and on occasion also helicopter support. The Company is led by a Commander and his Deputy Company Commander, who is his second in command. Staff Positions The 45th Detached Reconnaissance Brigade also houses several administrative positions shops, that help run the community efficiently: Primary Staff Positions: Training Department is responsible for hosting trainings and entry evalutions, keeping our members sharp in their craft, creating manuals and SOPs and everything else it takes to keep our dedicated operators as efficient as possible. Logistics Department upkeeps our modpack, troubleshoots, takes care of our servers and provides technical assitance. In game, they are responsible for making sure correct equipment and supplies are issued to our Company. Warplans Department creates our immersive campaigns, produces stories, researches world conflicts and contributes towards the realistic feeling of our missions. Personnel Department is responsible for selective recruitment of fresh soldiers based on applications and interviews; and produces issued military IDs. They also deals with violation of unit policies, misconduct by members and much more. Story The unit has an established record of excellence dating back since 2012 in Arma 2. The great majority of all personnel in the unit have stuck together throughout all this time and it is with these expertises, forged on both the battlefield and on an administrative level that we've started to really know what a good MilSim unit is and what our members want, and provide them with challenging environments. Combined we have more than 49.000 hrs of experience together and through the years of comradery and deployments and countless trainings hat we are proud to say that we are what we say we are a veteran group. When we play, we do so on the basis of tried and tested in-house made missions which is composed on well researched conflicts and theatres of war which brings immersion and roleplay to the enviroment. The unit functions by staying true to the founding principles of promoting good behaviour, activity and professionalism on the battlefield. In order to do so we are enforcing discipline by giving proper trainings that allow newcomers to following the instructions and guidelines set out for them in the agreed-to policies. This unit was not build by one man, but by all of us working together towards the same goal: a culture of integrity, excellence, and dignity in everything we do. Updated 15/10/17 Recruitment: 12 slots in infantry(Rifleman,Assistant AT,Automatic Rifleman etc) 2 slots in Vehicle crew(Gunner and driver0 Pictures from unit field training exercises in preparation for our first upcoming deployment.