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ARPI brings up 280 items to improve military roleplay and immersion in Arma 3. With ACE3 and CBA, some items have functionalities.


STEAM-LINK: ARPI - ARES Roleplay Items



Items are for example :

  • Technical Equipment: Jammer, Scanner, Geigercounter, Chemsniffer, Musicboxes, Tools, Chainsaw, IED-parts, s.o.
  • Transportable Goods: Crates, Barrels, Food, Reliefgoods, Contraband, Illegal Drugs
  • Documents: ID's, Passports, Combattantcards, Notes, Letters, s.o.
  • Valuables: Money, Gemstones, Loot, s.o.
  • Things: Knife, Instruments, Machineparts, Campingstuff, Artifacts, s.o.

The main aims of this mod are:

  • improve battlefield roleplay and immersion
    • with military survival items
    • things you can find on kia combattants
  • reduce telling and hint-work of zeus with self explanatory items
  • support missionmakers with mission-relevant items and good
  • support checkpoint simulation with regular civil items and contraband
  • provide 3D Models for some items
  • supportet languages: english, german

Basic function of some Items via ACE Interaction

  • Message-Interaction: hint for the used activity, seeable in 15-30m range of the user, hints can be seen by admin and zeus globally (zeus will be informed about relevant activities)
  • Sound-Effect: 3D Sound to illustrate the used activity, hearable in 3-50m range of the user
  • Environment Manipulation: Some items will have special scripts in the future, such as
    • placing camping equipment
    • killing ai with melee-weaponry
    • self intoxication with drugs
    • technical effects for technical equipment (we will see 😄 )


  • Requires CBA3 and ACE3! (It is possible to deactivate the ACE3 functions in your init.sqf by adding: AR_InteractionsEnabled = false; )


  • No reuploads allowed!
  • If you want to change or implement something, talk to me, maybe we can make an improvement in the official version together.

Future Plans:

  • Some Items may have advanced scripted functionalities to manipulate the arma environment around you.
  • New Items, Sounds and Functions will be added
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