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  1. piggypotpie

    C2 -Command And Control

    Where's the discord? I'm having a tough time finding it
  2. Is there somewhere I can read about ACE3 medical for mission makers as well as medics? Can't seem to find any decent vids on it
  3. piggypotpie

    Community Factions Project

    When I use "CUP_O_RU" in Alive it states that it isn't compatible. Is this an error on my part or is there something up?
  4. I must be doing something wrong. Is there a reason why my asymmetric forces spawn in AOs that I blacklist?
  5. In the Alive diagram it says to sync it to mil obj, civ obj and custom obj. Is this diagram out of date or is your way better and winging it?
  6. Right, but what I was looking to do was have an opfor, blufor and independent. I want ind to be the asymmetrical force with the other forces being able to use CQB, too
  7. Right, but then the CQB should be synced to the opposing forces' commander module?
  8. Guys, I'm trying to build an Alive op where there is an OPFOR occupying and an Independent faction running an insurgency. Do I need to sync up the modules just as I would for a regular occupation/invasion conflict or making it asymmetrical make it different? The reading on it id a bit weird as it says in asymmetrical the military cqb should be synced to the military AI commander and not to the objectives. Any clues?
  9. I want to disable VCOM in particular units (so they stay garrisoned) and I use the code: setVariable ["Vcm_Disable",true]; In the init line, but all I get is an error message saying Generic error in expression. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  10. two questions: Awhile back VCOM was suppose to allow troops to surrender. Is this feature abandoned? Has the conflict between ALIVE and VCOM been solved? Thanks
  11. My userconfig file has disappeared. Anyone know where I can find a copy of the vcom one so I can add it back in?
  12. piggypotpie


    Sorry, if this has been brought up, but is this ACE compatible? I see the missions on the workshop don't mention it. Thanks "Compatible with additional mods (ACE3, TFAR, ACRE2, bCombat, ASR AI3...)" sorry. I will test it out with ACE and VCOM AI