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"OPEX is a masterpiece." (Sowens)

"This mod is awesome and should be approved by Bohemia." (Unknown)

"You have made what I've been looking for since a very long time." (Guim's)

"My friends and I are now only playing this mission." (Neall)

"It's a titan work. Respect." (BingaNarko)

"Thank you and go on, you're the best dude I have a poor PC and OPEX is running fantastic." (NeXoWw)

"God bless you !! To be honest I've never seen someone who is so reactive and attentive to the community's feedback." (Bobzap / Sayker)

"This mission is becoming so epic. I love it."(xaxa)





OPEX is an immersive, realist and fully dynamic task generator for ArmA III military simulator.


The first version was initially introducing the French Army fighting against terrorist organizations all over the world (hence the French name Opérations Extérieures - means External Operations). This new version now allows players to chose among several armies, depending on enabled extra mods !


Bonjour ! :smile_o:


I have to be honest, OPEX has totally be inspired by MSO from ArmA II. After I have tried it, I thought the idea of a dynamic task generator was brilliant, but some features were not perfectly fitting to what I was expecting for and some others were missing. So firstly, I tried to customize the original MSO but finally I chose to rebuild everything from scratch.


After more than 8 years of development (yeah, really !), and even if there are still many things to do, it's now time for sharing all I have did so far !




Made by Gemini

  • Mission that required more than 2000 hours of learning, experimentations and development (project started in 2012)
  • SP and MP compatible (from 1 to 50 players)
  • Unique immersive and realist atmosphere
  • Select the theater of operations (Europe, Middle-East, Africa...), your army (France, USA, Russia, UK, Spain, Czechia...) and the opponents (Taliban, Islamic State, Boko Haram, generic ultranationalists...) - extra mods may be required to get all options (see below)
  • Entirely built with random parameters for generating unpredictible situations and unlimited replayability
  • Custom menu at startup to enable/disable/set main mission features
  • Plenty of things to do: select a specific task (among more than 20 available), patrol to find and fight the enemy, locate and destroy weapon caches, neutralize IEDs, search buildings and interrogate local people to gather intel, capture opponents...
  • Dynamic civilian life with custom interactions (talk, search, arrest...)
  • Dynamic AI activities: patrols, ambushes, reinforcements, suicid bombers, roadblocks...
  • Dynamic reputation: take care of the local population or it may rise against you
  • Gather and exchange intel to recruit AI teammates and to get extra supplies, vehicles, supports...
  • AI improvements: ability to assign/unassign NVG/flashlights/silencer depending on daytime and behaviour, ability to board into nearest static weapon...
  • Primary needs system: eat, drink and sleep to avoid bad effects
  • Customizable MP synchronized music receiver in order to listen music into vehicles
  • Performance friendly: useless AI entities are automatically disabled/deleted to save computer/server ressources
  • Persistent save for both server (mission progression, global stats...) and clients (loadout, personnal stats...)
  • Playable without any mod (vanilla game) but compatible with many ones (CUP, RHS, R3F, 3CB, FFAA, BW, CFP, Project OPFOR, TFAR, ACE3, Winter 2035...)
  • Readable content fully translated in French and English
  • And much more to discover !

Made by the Community

  • Advanced medical system (tweaked version of Psychobastard's AIS script) or expert medical system (if ACE mod is detected)
  • Optimized AI behaviour (thanks to R3F AiComTarget script)
  • Move and transport almost every item (thanks to R3F Logistic script)
  • Random and dynamic weather (thanks to code34 for his script - I modified it a bit so weather's evolution is depending on world regions)
  • Futurist but realist electronic tactical glasses (thanks to TPW for his script - I modified it to create motion detector and hearbeat functions)
  • Live video feeds (thanks to BangaBob for his script)
  • Little immersion tweaks: light sensitive map and NVG's optimized utilisation (thanks to Viperidae for his scripts)
  • Map gestures with nearby players (thanks to dslyecxi for his script)




It's very easy, just watch this video (think to enable subtitles to get full detailed information).




OFFICIAL (trailers, tutorials...)













OPEX can be played without any mod (vanilla game) but in order to enjoy all the features and possibilites, it is highly recommended to subscribe (for free !) to the official mod collection. If you don't have a large storage capacity and a very high speed internet connection, you can also select only some ot these mods.




Don't hesitate to share your feedbacks, your suggestions and to report any bug or issue you may encounter here on the official BIS forum, or on Steam.


  • Picture "pictures\overview.paa" not found at startup when joining server despite the picture is present in the mission folder, I don't know how to fix this.
  • Some vehicles are sometimes exploding when spawning because collision detection is not reliable at 100% despite I'm trying to improve BI's commands as much as possible.
  • Ambient AI animations may sometimes be weired when playing on MP.



  • (Extreme priority): fix bugs and issues reported by the community
  • (High priority): add compatibility with best incoming mods (OFrP...)
  • (High prioriy): create version for several other maps
  • (Medium priority): add new tasks
  • (Low priority): optimize and tweak all scripts and functions (or better: rewrite everything because so many time has passed since the first code I wrote !)
  • (Low priority): correct current localizations and add new ones (will require some translators !)



  • Bohemia Interactive, for the best military games ever (OFP/ArmA serie)
  • code34 and MSO/PO3/ALiVE developpers, for the dynamic/random mission concept
  • Kamih, for the first MP tests during the early development
  • HeroesandvillainsOS, Vengeance1, Scimitar and Sumsun93 for their precious feedbacks
  • All beta-testers, testers and reviewers for their precious feedbacks and suggestions
  • BangaBob, for the live feed and drag body scripts
  • Binesi, for the defend/patrol tasks scripts
  • code34, for the dyamic and MP compatible weather script
  • dslyecxi, for the ShackTack Map Gestures script
  • KC Grimes, for the building occupation script
  • Killzone Kid, for its optimized random position script
  • R3F team, for their Logistic and AiComTarget scripts
  • Seth Duda, for its towing scripts
  • TPW, for the hud, houselights, streetlights and animals scripts
  • Viperidae, for the Little Immersion Tweaks scripts
  • Meh44, for the Russian translation
  • Tonic, for the Virtual Vehicle Spawner script
  • All addon and mod makers whose creations are used in this mission: ACE team, ACRE team, CBA team, CUP team, Icebreakr, James2464, Keeway, Minimalco & Robster, Nkey, R3F team, RHS team, X-Cam team
  • And fore sure, thanks to all the OFP/ArmA community for thinking, creating and sharing so many brilliant additionnal content

If I forgot to mention someone, please excuse me and contact me !



To the old OFP french community, that participates to give me the passion for this game.


  • bobmoran
  • Chris Young
  • DieAngelo
  • Drakkhen
  • Ei8ght
  • Flashpointgamer
  • Hôpdeux
  • horrido
  • Karax
  • Lodu
  • Nico
  • Occitania
  • Renaud
  • SoldierIsNotHistory
  • SPQR
  • uiox
  • Wolf_51
  • Xela89


And above all, many many many thanks to my wife, who is so patient and comprehensive every time I'm only thinking about the developing this project ! 😘




This mission is dedicated to the memory of Faiavan (1979-2018). I only had the chance to share one or two missions with Faia but his accent, his good mood and his sense of humor made me feel good. May he rest in peace.



If you enjoy this mission and want to motivate the author, please click on the 5 stars on the top of this web page and on the thumbs up button on the top of the Steam web page. It's free and it's always a pleasure !




If you would like to support the author's projects, you can also make a donation via PayPal by clicking here.




Please keep in mind that OPEX is a non-professional and non-official mission. It may be more or less often updated in order to enhance it. So if you play it, do it at your own risk.



2020-04-03 (version 2.06)

  • Added: phronk's Addon-Free Arma Radio script (AFAR) - for people playing in MP without TFAR or ACRE
  • Added: compatibility with the French faction from the combination of OFrP + FAF + AMF mods (thanks to Mikelima)
  • Fixed: camo selection based on played map
  • Fixed: wheel action to join/leave a player's group should now work as intended
  • Fixed: the AI guy who was moving through the TOC shouldn't do it anymore (Kunduz)
  • Updated: increase IED probability
  • Updated: Tanoa has been virtually relocalized in French Guiana


2020-03-30 (version 2.05)

  • Added: compatibility with the French faction from OFrP (Operation Frenchpoint) mod
  • Added: compatibility with the French faction from the combination of OFrP + R3F + AMF mods
  •  Fixed: access to the virtual arsenal no longer disappears after loading a game
  • Fixed: task 12 "Repatriate dead bodies" should now be succeeded as intended after unloading the bodies near the medical center
  • Fixed: actions attached to portable tents and sleeping bags should now work properly
  • Fixed: actions to join/leave a player's group is now properly shown
  • Fixed: some HQ markers were sometimes disappearing after loading a game
  • Updated: enemy AI skills has been decreased (please don't hesitate to share your feedback about it)
  •  Updated: usage of NVGs with any optic is now authorized again (as it seems it's now possible in real life)
  • Updated: added an entry in the FAQ to help users with the basic things to do before reporting a bug or an issue
  • Updated: contributor's panel and list (thanks to Rhinoferox)
  • Updated: a few other minor things


2020-03-28 (version 2.04)

  • Added: full Spanish translation (big thanks to Bardo !)
  • Added: FAMAS rifle for CUP French faction
  • Added: new wheel actions to join or leave another player's group
  • Fixed: the door of the custody suite is not locked anymore
  • Fixed: portable tents and sleeping bags are now properly loaded again inside the box in the armory (no more error "Bad config Gemini_sleepingbag")
  • Fixed: interactions in task 22 "Evacuate the civilians" should now work better, especially in MP
  • Fixed: no drone shouldn't be deleted anymore by mistake
  • Fixed: the "loading body" action is not limited to land vehicles anymore
  • Fixed: a few mistakes in the stringtable.xml file (thanks to Bardo)
  • Updated: the incognito function is now more efficient
  • Updated: desert camo is now also enabled for Middle-East regions (except for the French Army as in real life it uses woodland camo in this region)
  • Updated: MP7 has been removed from common handguns for CFP & RnT mod
  • Updated: for more realism, the probability to encounter enemy armored vehicle has been decreased
  • Updated: task description for "Install the wire" to make it more easy to understand
  • Updated: contributor's list and panel (thanks to Furia and Skolotaj !)


2020-03-25 (version 2.03)

  • Added: compatibility with the Italian faction from Pedagne mod
  • Added: compatibility with the German faction from BW mod
  • Added: compatibility with the German faction from CFP & Redd'n'Tank (RnT) mods combination - thanks to DoppelhopperWhopper for his help
  • Fixed: vehicle delivery is now working properly in MP
  • Fixed: gear crates are not disappearing anymore after loading a persistent save
  • Fixed: gear crates ordered from the delivery area are now filled with detected mod(s) equipment
  • Fixed: the mobile factory and the civilian truck are now working properly
  • Fixed: the proper crate is now delivered after ordering food from the delivery area
  • Fixed: rewpawn tents are now properly loaded into uniform crates
  • Fixed: proper player loadout should now be loaded in 100% of cases at mission startup
  • Fixed: it's now not possible anymore to revive dead bodies in the task "Repatriate dead bodies"
  • Fixed: unloading a suspect from a vehicle doesn't make him disappearing anymore
  • Fixed: HQ markers are now appearing properly in MP
  • Fixed: 3D markers are now working properly in MP
  • Fixed: laptops screens in the specialization room are now properly loaded
  • Updated: to avoid confusion and issues, it's now not possible anymore to use both vanilla and persistent save systems
  • Updated: AI teammates are now preventing the deletion of any distant element (may be useful, for example, to guard a vehicle inside the enemy territory)
  • Updated: more equipment is now available for ACE mod users (body bags, splints, explosives...)
  • Updated: tip wheel action to report bugs and issues
  • Updated: contributor's panel (big thanks to Terzi and Sir Jin !)
  • Updated: list of compatible mods (added Pedagne, BW and CFP/RnT mods)
  • Updated: a few other minor things


2020-03-21 (version 2.02)

  • New: server administrator can now open Zeus (not recommended at all because it can break several scripts... so use it at your own risk !)
  • Fixed: custody suite is now working properly
  • Fixed: in MP, player is no longer consider as an enemy in after destroying the armored vehicle (task "Bring back or destroy the tank") or destroying the UAV (task "Retrieve data from the drone")
  • Fixed: a few various minor things
  • Updated: the maximum amount of civilians has been increased in MP
  • Updated: the amount of potential enemies present for the task "Attack the training camp" has been increased
  • Removed: CH47 VIV chopper from CUP mod has been removed from the list of possible air transports because it has no empty space for passengers


2020-03-18 (version 2.01)

  • Added: support of TFC (Task Force Canada) mod
  • Added: support of R3F Vehicles mod
  • Fixed: vehicles and ammo boxes are now spawning properly loaded after loading a persistent save
  • Optimized: for a greater efficiency, air transport should now be less concerned with the presence of potential ennemies
  • Optimized: wheel action to holster weapon is now disabled if ACE mod is detected (as this mod already has this feature)
  • Updated: mod collection (added TFC and R3F Vehicles and swapped the original bugged version of Kunduz by a 100% working one)


2020-03-14 (version 2.00)

  • Soooooooooo many things ! 😀


2019-05-29 (version 1.251)

  • Fixed: respawn on Kujari map is now working properly in MP
  • Fixed: briefing is now properly displayed again at mission startup


2019-05-22 (version 1.25)

  • New: OPEX is now compatible with Kujari map !
  • New: added task "Protect the helicopter"
  • New: added task "Evacuate civilians"
  • New: Community Factions Project (CFP) can now be used instead of Project OPFOR (for people that would prefer this mod)
  • New: it's now possible to buy supply trucks (medical/ammo/repair/fuel)
  • New: added a basic function in the armory to quickly rearm player and AI teammates (only in SP - or if Virtual Arsenal is enabled in MP)
  • Fixed: task "Attack the enemy camp" was randomly not working and was sometimes leading to major issues that was completely bugging OPEX
  • Fixed: healing/reviving system is now working properly again
  • Fixed: loading/unloading a suspect from a vehicle should now always working properly again
  • Fixed: repair/refuel/rearm centers are now working properly again
  • Fixed: OB-50 optic is not forcing night vision anymore
  • Fixed: ammo boxes are not filled up again after a simple server reboot
  • Fixed: error message caused by LIT script (for non ACE users only)
  • Fixed: a non-existing EOD vest has been removed
  • Fixed: friendly and enemy patrols are not turning around anymore
  • Fixed: a few other minor things
  • Tweaked: reduced clutter of some items (water bottles, food...)
  • Tweaked: jail door on Kunduz was locked in MP - as a temporary workaround, it's now open by default
  • Updated: switched back to vanilla supply trucks (repair and rearm ones) because R3F ones are not working
  • Updated: added some items from last R3F mod update (weapons, uniforms...)


2018-10-13 (version 1.244)

  • Added: message in the memory of Faiavan (YouTube Channel / Tribute from his squad)
  • Fixed: minor error messages linked to missing dependencies in vanilla version
  • Updated: donaters board


2018-07-04 (version 1.243)

  • Fixed: on complete edition, player can now heal himself with a first aid kit (by double-clicking on the item into the inventory)
  • Fixed: crates are now spawn properly again in medical center and canteen at mission startup


2018-07-22 (version 1.242)

  • Fixed: penalties for abandoned vehicles/bodies into hostile territory are now applied properly
  • Fixed: proper crates are now delivered when ordering medical or food supplies
  • Fixed: some AI ambient animations (FATA)
  • Added: drones at Lythium's HQ
  • Optimized: conditions to succeed/fail task "07: Defend the village"
  • Updated: contributor's board (thanks to "Un Metalleux Sympa" !)


2018-06-07 (version 1.241)

  • Fixed: both parameters for equipment settings are now displayed properly in the settings screen


2018-06-07 (version 1.24)

  • Added: a virtual garage is now available in the delivery area (requires to be enabled at startup in the mission settings) - thanks to Tonic for his script VVS
  • Added: a "low" parameter is now available for the ambient features
  • Fixed: the task "17 - Deliver humanitarian supplies" should not automatically failed anymore
  • Fixed: there shouldn't be unexpected deletion anymore of friendly gear, vehicles or drones
  • Fixed: earplugs and rangefinders are now available again into the support crate (for ACE users)
  • Fixed: binoculars are now available again into the support crate (for non ACE users)
  • Fixed: the correct language is now properly selected for civilians on Tanoa
  • Tweaked: the density and frequency by default of ambient functions have been adjusted
  • Tweked: the auto-cleaning function has been entirely rebuilt for better performances and results
  • Removed: the Russian translation has been temporarily removed because it was causing some issues for other languages


2018-05-30 (version 1.239)

  • New: OPEX now supports Jets and Tanks DLCs
  • Fixed: vehicle music receiver is now working properly again
  • Fixed: storage crates in the armory are not locked anymore
  • Optimized: there should be less unexpected explosions due to the dynamical civilian vehicle spawn script


2018-05-03 (version 1.238)

  • New: OPX is now translated in Russian (big thanks to Meh44 !)
  • Fixed: suspects loaded in vehicle should now not be able to disembark by themselves anymore
  • Fixed: handguns are now properly loaded again in weapon crates
  • Fixed: ordering drone at the delivery center is working properly again
  • Fixed: various other minor things


2018-03-22 (version 1.237)

  • Fixed: buying AI units is now working properly on dedicated servers
  • Fixed: buying supplies is now working properly on dedicated servers
  • Fixed: ALT key allows again to open/close bugged doors on Kunduz and Lythium maps
  • Fixed: dependency to CBA in Altis and Tanoa versions has been removed again
  • Fixed: double-clicking on food is working properly again
  • Fixed: an AI ambient soldier was standing instead of sitting on a stack of pallets (Isla Duala)
  • Fixed: a few minor errors in the .rpt file
  • Added: new wheel action to get weapon on hand after it has been get on back
  • Added: OPEX should now support VCom AI mod
  • Updated: the maximum amount of active civilians has been decreased to reduce slowdowns on modest computers
  • Updated: air vehicles are now exclude from the auto-cleaning function in order to allow compatibility with some extra mods (e.g.: ALiVE)
  • Updated: FAQ


2018-03-01 (version 1.236)

  • Updated: OPEX is now playable as vanilla (for Altis and Tanoa versions only) - but be aware, in this case some features are disabled)
  • Updated: the amount of units composing the enemy patrols has been adjusted for a better balance
  • Updated: thanks panel (thanks to Payrot !)


2018-02-20 (version 1.235)

  • Added: OPEX now supports Xnooz's Press Pack - this is optional and only usefull for users of this mod
  • Added: some OPEX data are now saved into .rpt file to help solving possible issues
  • Fixed: gear at startup is now properly loaded for every team leaders
  • Fixed: player is not considered as a renegade anymore after destroying the UAV (task 18)
  • Fixed: there shouldn't be any conflict anymore between AIS and ACE medical systems
  • Improved: vehicle spawning script
  • Improved: incognito script
  • Improved: a few other things
  • Updated: ACE, TFR and ACRE mods are now supported with the light edition (if they are installed and enabled)
  • Updated: some vanilla GPS are now available into support crates


2018-02-11 (version 1.234)

  • Fixed: enemy AT soldiers have now again loaded RPGs


2018-02-10 (version 1.233)

  • Fixed: CUP is not essential anymore to play on Altis and Tanoa
  • Tweaked: players should not see flying civilian vehicles anymore


2018-02-07 (version 1.232)

  • Fixed: French vehicles should now be loaded everytime (for full version)
  • Fixed: AI ambient patrols shouldn't spawn just nearby players anymore
  • Fixed: toolkits are now available again in the armory


2018-01-24 (version 1.231)

  • Fixed: ACE medical objects are now loaded as intended
  • Fixed: backpacks are now loaded into uniform crates as intended


2018-01-22 (version 1.23)

  • Fixed: task "13 - Install a spy microphone" is now working properly again in MP
  • Fixed: jailing civilians is now working properly again
  • Fixed: ordering vehicles is now working properly again in MP
  • Fixed: predefined loadouts are now working properly again in MP
  • Fixed: music receiver is working properly again
  • Fixed: tents and sleeping bags are available again in the armoury
  • Tweaked: mission is now automatically reset in case of critical update to avoid issues and manipulations for players
  • Updated: default Virtual Arsenal is now replaced by ACE one (only for ACE users)
  • Updated: ARC uniforms and vehicles are now automatically loaded (only for ARC users)
  • Updated: contributor's in-game panel (thanks to Louis !)


2018-01-11 (version 1.22)

  • New: OPEX is now compatible with Crazy Mike's "Winter 2035" mod (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1195447305)
  • New: it's now possible to select between light and complete edition of every OPEX versions directly when mission starts
  • Removed: the dedicated light edition of OPEX for Altis is not available anymore on Steam (because it's now included on standard version)
  • Added: new AI units can now be recruited (radio operator and drone operator)
  • Fixed: many bugs/issues caused by last ArmA and some mods updates
  • Fixed: doors are now working properly on Kunduz and Lythium maps (thanks to pierremgi for the script !)
  • Fixed: markers are now displayed properly in Zeus interface
  • Fixed: map cleaning function is now suspended when a player is logged as Zeus, to prevent unintentional objects deletion
  • Fixed (partially): most of the decoration items on the armoury walls are now spawning much more faster on dedicated servers
  • Tweaked: civilian people spawning is now faster
  • Tweaked: vehicles spawning is now more reliable and should limit cases of unwanted explosions
  • Tweaked: AI is not selecting its handgun anymore if it can use its rifle
  • Tweaked: some ground lights have been removed from heliports because they were sometimes causing some collision issues that may damage helicopters
  • Tweaked: autosave progression has been disabled to allow possibility to play "on the fly"
  • Tweaked: both mission and unit persistent save action have been merged into one (because I'm not sure it's usefull anymore to split them)
  • Tweaked: the composition in the editor and the global script organization related to OPEX customization have been reworked to facilitate modifications and updates (big thanks to Jack Ost for his time and for his suggestions !)
  • Tweaked: parameters screen at startup now includes tooltips to help newbies
  • Tweaked: many scripts have been reworked to allow better performances and easier maintenance
  • Tweaked: many global variables have been renamed with OPEX prefix to avoid possible conflicts
  • Tweaked: HQ is now better protected (if the feature is enabled)
  • Tweaked: many other things
  • Updated: JackFrench mod is not required anymore (French vehicles have been replaced by R3F ones - until OFrP ones are available) 
  • Updated: players squads composition
  • Updated: contributor's in-game panel (thanks to Magnus !)


2017-10-10 (version 1.216)

  • Fixed: player is not teleported anymore to the objective position on task "19 - Find the enemy compound"
  • Fixed: AI teammates specializations are now properly saved
  • Added: wheel action to reset player (it restores main wheel actions - usefull if player persistent data are corrupted, for example after a game crash)
  • Tweaked: compatibility with ACE revive system
  • Tweaked: player AI teammates behaviour after team switching
  • Tweaked: a few other minor things
  • Updated: maximum players amount has been increased to 50


2017-09-27 (version 1.215)

  • Fixed: a debug hint message was displayed when it should not have
  • Fixed: wheel actions are not deleted anymore after team switches
  • Tweaked: there should be less unexpected civilian vehicle explosions
  • Updated: available vehicles at startup for Isla Duala version


2017-09-26 (version 1.214)

  • Fixed: action to install spy microphone (task 13) is now working properly again (thanks to Adonaiis for his feedback)
  • Tweaked: civilians amount on task "09 - Capture a suspect" has be increased
  • Tweaked: injured friendlies are not marked anymore if friendly tag is disabled in game options
  • Removed: carry option for injured soldiers is temporary disabled because animations are not working properly (waiting for an update of Psychobastard's AIS script)
  • Updated: player movements are now slower when he has reached its primary limits (thanks to Kilian for the suggestion)
  • Updated: donater's board (big thanks to Tatoune !)


2017-09-20 (version 1.213)

  • Fixed: vehicles are not deleted anymore in case the game is leaved before it has been saved
  • Fixed: customed medical and revive system (AIS) is now fully disabled if ACE mod is detected, to avoid any conflict
  • Fixed: HQ gates are working properly again
  • Fixed: ennemy is detecting properly again the player side
  • Fixed: air transport is unlimited again in SP or if unlimited support is enabled at mission startup
  • Tweaked: incognito function
  • Tweaked: a few other minor things


2017-09-18 (version 1.212)

  • Fixed: mission was not working anymore because of an undefined variable
  • Fixed: a few other minor things


2017-09-18 (version 1.211)

  • Fixed: ACE mod activation issue


2017-09-17 (version 1.21)

  • New: medical and revive system compatible with AI for both SP and MP (thanks to Psychobastard for its script)
  • Fixed: nearby AI units shouldn't be frozen anymore because of dynamic simulation system
  • Fixed: customed parameters at mission startup are working properly again
  • Fixed: task "16 - Neutralize an IED" is not succeeded anymore after neutralizing any IED on the map
  • Fixed: player weapon should now be 100% properly restored after a respawn
  • Fixed: storage crates into the armory are now empty at mission startup
  • Tweaked: player persistent save is now independant and has to be performed from the Tactical Operation Center
  • Tweaked: trainings are now persistent
  • Tweaked: access to delivery area has been enlarged on some maps to allow big vehicles to go out
  • Tweaked: air transport
  • Tweaked: it is now also possible to be incognito when using civilian or enemy vehicles
  • Tweaked: live video feed is now global (same for all players)
  • Updated: player voices are now disabled in MP for better immersion
  • Updated: a few civilian vehicles have been added nearby HQ for incognito recon
  • Updated: HQ ambience (thanks to new objects bringed by ArmA's Orange update)
  • Updated: a few other minor things


2017-09-10 (version 1.202)

  • Fixed: virtual arsenal is working properly again
  • Fixed: AI animations should now work properly for JIP players too
  • Updated: vanilla saving system has been re-enabled


2017-09-09 (version 1.201)

  • Fixed: mission initialization is now working properly on local servers
  • Fixed: respawn tents are now working properly again


2017-09-08 (version 1.20)

  • New: OPEX (Altis) is now available in a "light" version that requires (almost) no mods
  • New: OPEX is now semi-persistent: task progression, credits amount, personal loadout, vehicles and supports can now be saved and loaded even after mission has been updated
  • New: it’s now possible to set AI units language at startup from OPEX's parameters screen
  • New: task "15 Capture or eliminate the terrorist attacks instigator"
  • New: task "16 Disarm the IED"
  • New: task "17 Deliver humanitarian supplies"
  • New: task "18 Retrieve data from the drone"
  • New: task "19 Locate the compound"
  • New: full packages are now available in the armory when Virtual Arsenal is enabled
  • Fixed: TFAR is now finally working properly
  • Fixed: Zeus is now finally working properly even after respawn
  • Fixed: IEDs are now working properly again
  • Fixed: unlocked supports are now the same for every players in MP
  • Fixed: vehicles and objects are not hidden anymore at startup on dedicated persistent servers
  • Fixed: AI ambient animations should now work properly in MP
  • Fixed: AI teammates are not moving slowly with raised weapon anymore
  • Fixed: rearming, refueling and repairing vehicles is now working as intended in MP
  • Fixed: action for resting (and skipping time) is now available even if primary needs are disabled
  • Fixed: special items (like spy microphone) are now available in the accessory crate even if Virtual Arsenal is enabled
  • Fixed: some objects were not properly displayed on Lythium because of a recent update of the map
  • Fixed: flag textures are now displayed properly again on every map
  • Fixed: some markers were not properly deleted after succeeding/failing tasks 07 and 08
  • Fixed: sounds from Little Immersion Tweaks script are now working properly
  • Tweaked: air transport support should now be more reliable and not be stuck anymore on the ground
  • Tweaked: task manager dialog box is now bigger to be more readable
  • Tweaked: cleaning function should be more reliable and should not forget any useless objects anymore
  • Tweaked: weather's evolution is now depending on world regions
  • Tweaked: if ASR AI3 mod is detected then forcing deactivation of R3F's AIComTarget script to avoid any conflict
  • Tweaked: civilian behaviour when being interrogated
  • Tweaked: civilian ID card and passport can now be read directly by double-clicking on the inventory object
  • Tweaked: better localization when server and client have different languages
  • Updated: AI enemy skill level is now lower to balance the difficulty
  • Updated: value of refund vehicles has been adjusted and now also depends on vehicle damage
  • Updated: ACE cable ties are now also compatible with OPEX civilian interaction interface
  • Updated: HQ decoration
  • Updated: old sign "Department of Defense" is now replaced by new "Department of Armed Forces"
  • Updated: cafetaria is now called "mess" as it is in the military language (thanks to Papa Bear for the information)
  • Updated: user interface color has been changed from orange to blue
  • Updated: wheel mouse actions has been changed from orange to white
  • Updated: new entries in the FAQ
  • Updated: donaters list (big thanks to Janus !)
  • Updated: a few other things


2017-08-06 (version 1.198)

  • Fixed: small error message when running a new task (if showScriptErrors command was enabled)


2017-08-06 (version 1.197)

  • Fixed: ambient civilian functions are now working properly when playing in MP
  • Tweaked: if bCombat mod is detected then forcing deactivation of R3F's AIComTarget script to avoid any conflict


2017-08-03 (version 1.196)

  • Fixed: auto-cleaning function was causing serious issues on some computers


2017-08-02 (version 1.195)

  • Fixed: civilian ID verification menu is now working properly
  • Fixed: local text for non-polyglot civilians is replaced back by "???" because ArmA doesn't seem to be able to display arabic and greek alphabets
  • Fixed: no more error message when disembarking a suspect from a vehicle


2017-07-29 (version 1.194)

  • Fixed: saving/loading game should now work properly again
  • Fixed: Zeus interface should work again on every map


2017-07-29 (version 1.193)

  • Fixed: new screen at startup is now working in SP


2017-07-28 (version 1.192)

  • Fixed: task "09 - Capture a suspect" is now working properly again


2017-07-28 (version 1.191)

  • Fixed: action to drag/load/unload wounded/dead units should now work properly for ACE3 users


2017-07-27 (version 1.19)

  • Added: new screen at startup to allow player to set up the mission (for both SP & MP)
  • Fixed: player's primary weapon should now really be properly reloaded after a respawn
  • Fixed: friendly AI controlled vehicles should not be deleted anymore when moving far from players
  • Fixed: remote-controlled drones should not be deleted anymore when moving far from players
  • Tweaked: support authorizations
  • Tweaked: task "01 - rescue a pilot" - the pilot should now be able to throw blue smoke grenades as long as he hasn't been localized
  • Tweaked: initialization files management (init.sqf, initServer.sqf, initPlayerLocal.sqf, onPlayerKilled.sqf, onPlayerRespawn.sqf...) for a better comprehension and a better execution of the commands
  • Tweaked: bCombat fleeing function is now auto-disabled at startup to avoid possible unexpected AI behaviour when a task is running (thanks to scimitar for the information)
  • Tweaked: player remains the team leader of his squad (if he was already) after using the team switch function (thanks to neofit for the suggestion)
  • Tweaked: distance to load directly objects into vehicles without having to carry them has been increased from 5 meters to 10 meters (thanks to ageat for the suggestion)
  • Tweaked: "???" has been replaced by local text for non-polyglot civilians (thanks to Erken for the suggestion)
  • Updated: a few more ACE3 objects have been added into the support crate at the armoury (only for ACE3 users)


2017-07-11 (version 1.18)

  • Added: team switch function (default: enable in SP and disable in MP but can be set up in MP mission parameters)
  • Added: penalty for abandoned friendly dead bodies on the battlefield (default: disable for SP / enable for MP - can be set up in MP mission parameters)
  • Added: penalty for abandoned friendly vehicles on the battlefield (default: disable for SP / enable for MP - can be set up in MP mission parameters)
  • Added: interpret speciality (available in the training center), to talk with any local people
  • Added: incognito function (players can now use civilian clothes to look incognito - but be aware that standing too close of an enemy or a civilian, holding a visible weapon/backpack/vest/NVG or running/crouching/crawling will generate suspicions and could lead to being spotted)
  • Fixed: action to drag/load/unload wounded/dead units should now work properly
  • Fixed: there shouldn't be any incompatibility issue anymore with Badbenson's Enhanced Movement mod
  • Fixed: current player's loadout should now be properly reloaded after a respawn
  • Fixed: no friendly vehicle should disappear anymore when returning to base
  • Fixed: objects loaded in vehicles should not disappear anymore
  • Fixed: AT friendly units should now be able to engage enemy armored vehicles
  • Fixed: time acceleration should now work properly when selecting real time (1) in MP mission parameters
  • Fixed: Zeus should now still be available after a respawn
  • Fixed: HQ fences/fortifications should now be properly displayed on Lythium map
  • Fixed: AI should now be able to enter into the heliport on Lythium map
  • Fixed: medical center's marker is now properly positioned on Tanoa map
  • Tweaked: squad / high command management
  • Tweaked: auto cleaning function (thanks to Jack OST for his help)
  • Updated: supports (artillery strike, air support...) are now available again after succeeding each task
  • Updated: ambient functions (civilians, patrols...) density can now be set up in MP mission parameters (even if it's recommended to use default settings)
  • Updated: a few AT4 and LGI are now available at startup into the launcher crate at the armoury
  • Updated: a few ACE3 objects have been added into the support crate at the armoury (only for ACE3 users)
  • Updated: Taliban faction has no tank platoon anymore
  • Updated: added a few more ambient objects on Isla Duala's Tactical Operation Center
  • Updated: FAQ
  • Updated: donaters list (big thanks to Maxime Gms !)


2017-06-19 (version 1.17)

  • Fixed: empty vehicles and AI ambient units should not be hidden anymore at startup on dedicated servers with persistent mode enabled
  • Added: dynamic group manager (BIS_fnc_dynamicGroups): press the U key (default) to join/leave/invite any other player
  • Added: MP parameter to activate/deactivate ambient civilian parked cars (default: activated)
  • Tweaked: conditions to allow dragging of wounded/dead units
  • Updated: ambient boats are now disabled on Lythium map (because this map has too small water areas)
  • Updated: brightness of some pictures


2017-06-16 (version 1.16)

  • New compatible map: Lythium (Afghanistan)
  • Added: Zeus can now be activated in mission parameters (be aware, it's a beta test and only recommended for expert users - it may cause unexpected troubles like dispawning units - please report them back if it happens)
  • Added: new parameter in MP to select who is authorized to manage tasks (admin / team leaders / everybody)
  • Added: new customed ambience textures
  • Added: new panel to thank OPEX reviewers and helpers
  • Added: push-up and squat actions into fitness center (it doesn't bring anything, it's just for fun)
  • Fixed: primary needs action is not disappearing anymore after respawn
  • Fixed: having rest is now possible on Taunus version
  • Fixed: mobile HQ is not dispawning enemies anymore
  • Fixed: customed pictures should now be displayed properly to every clients in MP
  • Fixed: spelling mistake in French for "dormitory" (shame on me)
  • Tweaked: conditions to allow dragging of wounded units 
  • Tweaked: conditions to allow shouting on civilians
  • Updated: HQ mapping
  • Updated: boxes in the armoury are now also containing gear for divers and pilots
  • Updated: donaters list (big thanks to Terzi !)


2017-06-06 (version 1.152)

  • Fixed: dispawn problem in the HQ should be finally fixed (again, I apologize about the inconvenience)
  • Updated: map center and map radius are now better detected, there shouldn't be task outside map limits anymore


2017-03-06 (version 1.151)

  • Fixed: no object/unit/vehicle are deleted anymore in the HQ


2017-06-02 (version 1.15)

  • Fixed: no object/unit/vehicle are deleted anymore in the HQ
  • Fixed: civilian people script was broken
  • Fixed: civilian vehicle explosion when spawning should now be rare
  • Fixed: friendly AI patrols managed by HC command are not disabled/deleted anymore when player is too far
  • Fixed: task "02: Search and destroy an enemy artillery battery" is not created anymore outside map radius
  • Fixed: action to put weapon on back is not be available anymore when player is inside a vehicle
  • Improved: AI speed reaction for spotting
  • Removed: R3F towing script
  • Added: Seth Duda's advanced towing scripts
  • Added: ambient civilian and friendly boat activities
  • Added: ambient enemy bivouacs
  • Added: it is now possible to sell vehicles at the delivery center
  • Added: new custom poster 😉
  • Updated: it is now possible to drag any dead/injured body (thanks again to BangaBob for its script)
  • Updated: AI units & squads enlisting / demobilizing actions
  • Updated: new starting time for more realistic dawn and dusk
  • Updated: thirst, hunger and tiredness limits now depends on the map region
  • Updated: a few other things
  • Updated: donaters list (big thanks to Nicholas B. !)


2017-05-21 (version 1.14)

  • Added: mobile construction vehicle (available near the delivery zone) to build new FOB anywhere (thanks to R3F factory script)
  • Added: empty crates in the armory to store more gear
  • Added: friendly patrols can now be fully managed with high command keys (default: Ctrl+Space)
  • Added: pre-built squads can now be recruited in the delivery zone
  • Removed: AI recruitment limitation (it's now allowed to enlist as many AIs as the game can managed)
  • Updated: transportation vehicle is now better selected to match caller's squad size
  • Updated: new mission parameters for ambient modules (civilian people, patrols, IEDs, ambushes, HQ protection...)
  • Updated: ambient AI activities frequency
  • Updated: display conditions for shouting actions
  • Updated: radio reports are now disabled when no AI unit is into player's group, to increase immersion
  • Updated: donaters list (big thanks to xaxa63 !)


2017-05-15 (version 1.132)

  • Fixed: actions in the training center were not working anymore after respawn


2017-05-14 (version 1.131)

  • Fixed: drone terminal in the armory is now the proper one


2017-05-14 (version 1.13)

  • Fixed: mission was not starting on Isla Duala version
  • Fixed: training center marker was missing on Isla Duala version
  • Fixed: task "13 - Install a spy microphone" a debug hint command was not disabled
  • Fixed: malus when arresting innocent civilian was not calculated properly
  • Fixed: customed markers were auto-deleted by auto-cleaning function
  • Fixed: air strike support was not assigned properly
  • Fixed: some tasks were broken after loading a saved game
  • Fixed: support were not properly assigned after loading a saved game
  • Fixed: HQ markers were not working anymore after loading a saved game
  • Added: drone operator skill in the training center
  • Added: AI crewmen can now be recruited
  • Added: instructor uniforms in the armory
  • Added: a few FÉLIN optics in the armory
  • Added: mission parameters to allow customization of a few things when playing in MP (enabling/disabling Virtual Arsenal, starting time, time multiplier, starting credits, available supports...)
  • Updated: default time speed is now slower to allow better weather and light transition
  • Updated: ambient civilian density has been increased
  • Updated: drones are not pilotable by drone operators


2017-05-07 (version 1.12)

  • Fixed: task "06 - Defend the fuel truck" is not validated three times anymore when succeeded
  • Fixed: in task "11 - Bring back or destroy an armored vehicle" the unit that destroys the vehicle is not considered as a renegade anymore
  • Fixed: transported dead units were sometimes appearing on the top of the vehicle
  • Fixed (Tanoa version): "thanks_OFP.jpg" was not found
  • Updated: it is now possible to enlist AI units from ambient friendly patrols
  • Updated: player body is now deleted from server when after disconnection
  • Updated (Tanoa version): boats in hangar have been removed (there were randomly damaged because ArmA's engine doesn't like boats be on the ground)
  • Updated: civilians fleeing function (added a few new animations to bring more variety to their reactions)
  • Updated: new entries in the FAQ
  • Updated: a few other minor things
  • Added: training center, to learn specific skills (medic, engineer, explosive specialist)
  • Added: task "14 - Attack the training camp"
  • Added: a drone is now available at startup in the HQ
  • Added: parachutes in the armory and in air vehicles
  • Added: panel to thank donaters (big thanks to michaelnbc !)
  • Added: poster to thank MrRatSuper for the videos on YouTube


2017-05-11 (version 1.11)

  • Fixed: task "07 - Defend the village" should now work properly (enemies were not moving to the village because of the dynamic simulation module)
  • Fixed: a few AI ambient animations were bugged in MP and should now work properly - unfortunately I'm still looking for a way to fix the last ones (especially the "sit_sad1" animation)
  • Fixed: player's animation when sitting then deconnecting and reconnecting to server
  • Fixed: customed textures should now appear properly for clients in MP
  • Fixed: some debug markers (grey and green dots) were still visible for users
  • Updated: changed debug variable name to avoid conflicts with some mods
  • Updated: mobile respawn point (tent) has not to be guarded anymore
  • Updated: task "09 - Capture the suspect" should be now easier to succeed (suspect localization has been improved)
  • Updated: civilians are now moved to an empty position when disembarking from a vehicle
  • Updated: new entries in the FAQ


2017-04-26 (version 1.102)

  • Added: UAV terminal is now available into the support box at the armory
  • Added: FAQ in the diary to help to understand main features
  • Added: function to reset AI team mate position via 0-6-x radio command (usefull if he's blocked into a building - thanks to guitou for the suggestion)
  • Added: new weapons from last 3.5 update of R3F Weapons: HK USP, HK416 11'', SIG-551 and LGI


2017-04-20 (version 1.101)

  • Fixed: suspects can now be disembark from vehicles even on dedicated servers


2017-04-18 (version 1.10)

  • Fixed: HQ markers should now be displayed properly when using GPS
  • Fixed: many other things
  • Updated: actions for buying supplies, units and vehicles have been moved to the Delivery Zone (more convenient)
  • Improved: global performance, thanks to new "Dynamic Simulation" and "simple object" commands and options
  • Added: task "10 - Neutralize the sniper"
  • Added: task "11 - Bring back or destroy the armored vehicle"
  • Added: task "12 - Repatriate dead bodies"
  • Added: task "13 - Install a spy microphone"
  • Added: BangaBob's drag body script to allow players dragging injured/dead bodies
  • New: Altis compatible version !
  • New: Isla Duala compatible version !
  • New: Kunduz compatible version !
  • New: Tanoa compatible version !
  • New: Taunus compatible version !

2017-01-28 (version 1.06)

  • Fixed: mobile respawn function should now work properly (actions, positions...) when playing on a dedicated server
  • Fixed: fnc_needs relative error message should (really) not occur anymore when playing on a dedicated server
  • Fixed: leader detection should now work properly when requesting support on a dedicated server
  • Fixed: black screen effect when having rest
  • Updated: support crate in the armory now contains also some NVGs, cable ties and bioscans
  • Updated: AI ambiance in the HQ
  • Updated: a few other minor things
  • Updated: task "03 - Secure the village" - the way to suceed it has been simplified
  • Added: task "06 - Defend the truck"
  • Added: task "07 - Defend the village"
  • Added: task "08 - Neutralize the officers"
  • Added: task "09 - Capture the suspect"
  • Added: map markers when AI friendly patrols are performed nearby players
  • Added: R3F AiComTarget script to improve AI behaviour
  • Added: dslyecxi's ShackTack Map Gestures script to improve coop communication when playing in MP
  • Added: action to sit on chairs in the Tactical Operation Center
  • Added: personal action to put player's weapon on back

2017-01-04 (version 1.05)

  • Fixed: AI units are now spawning properly after all players had respawn at least one time
  • Fixed: medical box and food box are not empty anymore at start-up
  • Fixed: rare fnc_needs relative error message should not occur anymore
  • Updated: cleaning functions has been a bit optimized

2017-01-03 (version 1.04)

  • Fixed: emergency support (0-0-1) should now initialize properly
  • Fixed: primary needs action is now remaining when player respawns
  • Fixed: a few other minor things
  • Updated: demobilizing AI units is now allowing to get a refund
  • Updated: shout function has been removed from friendly units (useless)
  • Updated: assigned french voices to all friendly units (they have an accent but it fits better than english voices)

2017-01-01 (version 1.03)

  • Fixed: main officer should not disappear anymore when joining a game hosted on a dedicated server
  • Fixed: rare ACE relative error in case player is using a custom version of ACE mod
  • Fixed: introFinished error when joining a game hosted on a dedicated server
  • Fixed: tasks should not be created anymore outside map area
  • Fixed: a few other minor things
  • Updated: time multiplier has been slow down so now it is 6 when playing in MP (means 24 hours in-game is equal to 4 hours in real life) and 3 in SP (means 24 hours in-game is equal to 8 hours in real life)
  • Updated: now player can select the rest duration (note that time could still not be skipped when playing in MP)
  • Added: invisible helipads in the HQ to help AI pilots landing
  • Added: portable tent can now be used as a mobile respawn point by team leaders when playing in MP (limited to one per game to avoid filling map)
  • Added: AI ambiance in main base
  • Added: dedication boards to thank OPEX contributors 😉
  • Added: BI's simulation manager module to improve global performances
  • Changed: air transport is now illimited and available from the start when playing in SP
  • Changed: intro & outro musics

2016-12-18 (version 1.02b)

  • Fixed: ammo of team leader is now properly selected at start

2016-12-15 (version 1.02)

  • Fixed: AI teammates shouldn't be deleted anymore when left behind
  • Removed: dependency to ACE mod (and so, every linked features)
  • Added: code34's dynamical & MP compatible weather script (to replace equivalent ACE feature)
  • Added: vanilla revive module (to replace equivalent ACE feature)
  • Added: vanilla commands to save gear when player respawn (to replace equivalent ACE feature)
  • Added: Viperidae's Little Immersion Tweaks scripts (to replace equivalent ACE features)
  • Added: new Gemini's items (to replace equivalent ACE ones) - please be sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Gemini's items addon (2016-12-15)
  • Added: new music tracks in vehicles
  • Added: ambiance music when starting a new task
  • Added: support is now also available from the start (radio code 0-0-1) but only on extreme cases, if too many enemies are nearby players
  • Updated: task "03 - Secure the village" should now be easier to succeed
  • Updated: replaced obsolete BIS_fnc_MP command by remoteExec in every scripts

2016-12-12 (version 1.01)

  • Fixed: interactions with civilians should now work properly in MP
  • Added: function that detects if every required addons are installed (only usefull for mission editors)
  • Added: function that detects if every required objects have been placed into the editor (only usefull for mission editors)
  • Added: Project OPFOR is now required to replace many of the addons below
  • Removed: dependency to Massi's vehicles
  • Removed: dependency to Massi's weapons
  • Removed: dependency to Accuracy's Iraq Syrian Conflict mod
  • Removed: dependency to CAF Aggressors
  • Removed: dependency to CUP units
  • Removed: dependency to CUP vehicles
  • Removed: dependency to CUP weapons
  • Removed: dependency to Scorch's inventory items
  • Removed: dependency to ASDG Joint Rails for R3F weapons
  • Removed: task "06 - Defend the truck" - this one may not work properly on some maps with islands, it will be updated later
  • Updated: Task Force Radio mod is now optional
  • Updated: ACRE mod is now optional
  • Updated: civilian cars should now don't spawn on walls and so shouldn't explose (TPW's parking script)
  • Updated: now player has just to double-click on items into his inventory to use them (primary needs function)
  • Updated: the mission should now be more easy to customize (check custom___addons and custom___general_parameters folders)
  • Updated: many other things

2016-09-07 (version 1.00)

  • First public release




  • From Steam Workshop (highly recommended because it requires only 1 click - then everything is automatic)
  • From Armaholic (not recommended because it requires manual installation and updates)
  • From my website (not recommended because it requires manual installation and updates)



Enjoy ! :smile_o:



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Is it really SP with the normal BIS save-anywhere system or actually MultiplayerSolo like the Alive-based scenarios and the apex campaign? Need to know before I start downloading/updating gigs of mods not being used anywhere else.

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Fore sure there are a few things that may not be very usefull when playing in single player (Task Force Radio, revive feature, live video feed...) but it should be fully playable in SP with the normal save system :smile_o:.

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Fore sure there are a few things that may not be very usefull when playing in single player (Task Force Radio, revive feature, live video feed...) but it should be fully playable in SP with the normal save system :).

I meant I haven't upgraded the CUPs and RHS'es in a while, and I am afraid to look. I am not playing anything currently that uses them, and it would be a shame to DL these gigs for Opex at the 500KB/s I am having where I live then lose interest in it because it uses a checkpoint system instead of the normal save :).

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Yeah I totally understand. In fact, more of the half of the required addons are not used in OPEX but some of the most important ones have too many dependencies. :sad:

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I'd honestly like a bit more of a breakdown about what this is exactly before I commit to a lot of these mods. I thought I had all the mods ever made in Arma but apparently not. :)

Some SP questions:

1. The above is a little confusing. So you can use the vanilla save and load function in SP?

2. If revive doesn't work in SP, how do you heal? Vanilla healing?

3. If playing alone, is AI enabled so we can play with some AI teammates?

4. This is a series of missions right? Like no editor work needed? Just download and play?

Or better yet, do you have any video so I can see how this works in action? Generally speaking I avoid any missions using ACE when I play alone because it cripples what you can and can't do (AI can't heal, AI engineers can't repair, etc). I'd love to see how this plays but there are a ton of dependencies I've never even heard of. I definitely don't mind getting them, but finding out later I can't actually play this would be pretty disappointing. It sounds incredible.

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Thanks again for your interest :smile_o:


1. Yes, you just have to put the mission into your single player mission. The save system is the same of every SP mission.

2. In case of light injury in SP, you should be able to heal yourself or ask an AI medic to do it. In case you would be killed... you'll have to reload from last save.

3. Yes, you can recruit AI teammates from the HQ.

4. No editor work needed. All tasks (only a few for the moment but I will add more later) are already implemented into the mission: you just have to select the one you want (there's also an option to select a random one) at HQ.


Each time you start a task, a new random location is selected with random enemy forces. The goal is to propose a totaly new experience each time you are playing, even if you start the same task twice.


I will try to make a small video before the end of the week to illustrate main features, I will let you know as soon as possible.

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As promised, here is below a small gameplay video:

  • Please, do not judge the result: I made this quickly and I did not take time to really plan the operation. :smile_o:
  • There are several text annotations all along the video (available both in English and French), to read them you have to enable subtitles on YouTube.



I will try to make more detailed videos later to introduce other main features.

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Astounding. I'm hoping the ALiVE Devs see this and invite you to make some features for them. :) The mission generator, the eating/drinking elements (which I'd like to know more about), and radio shown here would be a perfect marriage. I'm looking forward to this immensely.

Just to get this out of the way because I'm sure this will alienate a ton of people: Are there any dependencies which you could safely and easily cut out? For instance, perhaps using Project OPFOR would allow you to remove several addons rather than keeping Iraqi Syrian Conflict (etc), or anything else like that?

Anyway, I'm really impressed by what you've shown. I'm really looking forward to it. The only thing keeping me away (which won't keep me away, I'll get them) is the amount of requirements. I'm not suggesting anything; it's your mission. I'm just thinking out loud that if there were any redundancies, maybe removing some would make this more accessible and in the long run, easier for you to maintain.

Thanks for the video and I look forward to the next video. :)

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hi, when i log on the server with the mission, i get this error:

19:33:22 Player Punisher connected (id=76561198018875699).
19:33:22 Roles assigned.
19:33:22 Reading mission ...
19:33:22 mpmissions\__cur_mp.fata\mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/Item0/Entities/Item11/Entities/Item2/Entities/Item0.type: Vehicle class R3F_APSO_OFFICIER no longer exists
19:33:22 Mission OPEX read from bank.

And the mission don't start.

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Thank you very much for your comments and your enthusiasm, it's a real motivation :) I am preparing a new video introducing the primary needs function, I will try to finish it for this saturday afternoon.

Now, about dependencies: yeah, I suppose I should firstly try to make a Vanillia version but when I started this project more than 5 years ago I was not thinking about this. Now, even if I'm already trying to modify the whole structure of the mission to make it as customizable as possible, it's not so easy/fast to do. And above all, I don't have as much as free time as I would like to. But be sure I'm aware of that, I don't know when/if I could do it, but I'll do my best.

Project OPFOR is requiring a few less addons but it still needs RHS. If there's a mod that would bring quality Middle-East units without any dependencies, I'm ready to make the switch - but I'm not sure it exists so far.



Could you check if you have correctly downloaded and installed R3F units both on server and on your computer ?

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Gemini, I release my own missions too that require lots of mods. Not to the extent we see here but still. I love mods. I personally don't think you should compromise and go back to vanilla. That would be a waste. CSAT on FATA? No thanks. :)

I was more or less wondering if there were any redundancies so you could consolidate and maybe remove any of the unessential ones. For instance, I see 3 mods above contain middle eastern fighters (though Accuracythruvolume is planning on consolidating his requirements for his next release of ISC so that in itself might help a bit).

And also, CBA has ASDG JR and JR standalone included (I'm pretty sure! Don't quote me) so ASDG JR and JR could probably be removed, yeah?

I think TFAR can be made optional as well from what I understand but don't quote me on that either.

Anyway, I look forward to the next video and to trying the mission! You are clearly very good at this and it's like you made this for me. It's right in my wheelhouse!

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Yeah don't worry I'm not planning to totally remove addons, unless Bohemia Interactive would bring French Army and Middle-East OPFOR into a future DLC or expansion. :smile_o:


Anyway I will check as soon as possible how I could optimize all these dependencies.

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As promised, here is a video to introduce with more details the "primary needs" function. I hope it will help to better understand what it is. I have recorded it in French, but I have also added English subtitles (they should be activable in the YouTube player).


(video has been deleted because this function has been reworked since this message)


Next steps: 

  1. I will check if ASDG Joint Rails (by da12thMonkey) and Joint Rails (by Robalo) are really required or if they are already included in CBA.
  2. I will make Task Force Radio Mod optional.
  3. In order to drastically reduce dependancies, I will try to replace current OPFOR units and vehicles by CUP ones (with a suitable equipment). Maybe it won't be as detailed as but after that, all these addons should not be required anymore: Aggressors (by CAF Team), Iraq Syrian Conflict (by AccuracyThruVolume), NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz vehicles (by massi), NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA (by massi), RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation (by Red Hammer Studios), RHS: United States Armed Forces (by Red Hammer Studios).
  4. I also noticed a few thinks to fix in some scripts

So, I will relase a first update as soon as possible. It will required some time, so again, please be patient !

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gemini, the music in ACE is managed by ACE3/addons/common/functions/fnc_setHearingCapability.sqf



look at line 50.


If you want to manage the volume by yourself you need to compile your own version of ACE without this line or ask the ACE team to remove it/make it optional through a parameter (or code it yourself for the ACE team).

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Awesome video. :)

I don't think I understood 3/4 of it though. Can we get just a really basic breakdown in English when you get a chance?

Thanks for taking the time to address the dependencies thing. I have to say, although I haven't played it yet I am really blown away by these video and concepts. I mean, I am really really impressed. At this stage I will wait for the update but I can promise you, I will spend a lot of time with this because this is like everything I ever wanted in a mission.

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Thank you for this advice. I don't feel very comfortable with compiling/recompiling - I would just need to input a "//" before this line 50 so I will check it out.



Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "Can we get just a really basic breakdown in English when you get a chance" ?

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The video was in French and I speak English.

At least on mobile I don't see any option for subtitles.

It's not a huge deal. I could figure out a lot of what you were doing just by watching you play with the UI. It's clever stuff you have there with the way you set up the base and add actions for eating and drinking.

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I watched it on my PC and the translations worked fine. 


Merci beaucoup Gemini & R3F team!   :)

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It's strange, I can see the option to enable subtitles on my mobile (Android). Anyway, I suggest to watch it again when you'll be in front of your PC. :smile_o:


@das attorney

Thank you for the confirmation subtitles are working too !

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Sorry, it's unfortunately not possible because some mods like RHS are not available on the Steam Workshop.


Anyway, I'm currently waiting for an update of the Iraqi-Syrian Conflict mod that may replace dependencies on RHS & Massi addons by unified CUP ones. In the meantime, I'm thinking on an alternative solution and I'm open to any suggestion.

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salut Gémini, j'ai un bug sur la mission en multi. Mon amis peux interagir avec les civil, mais moi quand je le fait, ca m'ouvre le menu mais j'ai beau cliquer sur n'importe quelle action (fouiller, allonger, etc...) rien ne se passe... la meme choses ce produit avec d'autres amis... Il y en a juste un qui arrive a le faire (celui qui héberge la mission).

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Salut gemini,


for all guys with a bad connection, do you think that a lite version of OPEX is possible, with vanilla maps and factions only ?


Congrats for your release and your work et bonne continuation pour la suite. ;)

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