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  1. @randy andy tw1 Are you using by any chance toby eye tracking? Any issues with anti virus software?
  2. Can you show us all your acre settings?
  3. I think the same. This should be opt-in not opt-out. You are annoying with this setting maybe not your largest buyers (Life, KoH, ...) but your most loyal followers.
  4. brainslush

    1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    The question is more like why shouldn't it? If you are referring to fast rope then this can be easily added without the mods explicit compatibility to ace.
  5. brainslush

    Metis Marker

    Already for the idea you get internet money :D
  6. Do the pop up targets have different hitzones so that on could check via script where the target was hit?
  7. It's alot of work in 3den and maybe others could benfit from it as well
  8. Update looks nice. An area with denser forest for infantry training would be nice.
  9. Nice idea but why not use intercept? It provides you with a more direct connection to A3. And just FYI make sure not to use any BI tools if you inted to sell custom ingame gauges. See https://www.bohemia.net/community/game-content-usage-rules
  10. It is actually Tobii Eye Trackings fault b/c they programmed their shit wrong and so far I don't know of any work around. The ACRE devs were talking about a fix somewhen but I can't tell you more as I'm not one of them.
  11. Do you use tobii eye tracking? Does the game crash or only freeze and does it hence write a memory dump? Have you tried it without any other mods even though I don't see any mods which could cause the error?
  12. brainslush

    [WIP] Sagarmāthā Zone

    Holy shit. Just saw the Lukla airstrip and thought, that looks like the real deal.
  13. brainslush

    Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts feedback

    To those who have already looked into the Dynamic Vehicle Loadout config wise. Is it possible to put different missiles/bombs onto one pod? Or does the pod only allow missiles/bombs of one type?
  14. brainslush

    Map Kidal - Mali

    Is someone still working on this map? I like this map b/c it gives our helicopter pilots something to do but I think it needs some finishing touches.
  15. brainslush

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Thanks for the release. Great piece of work. May helicopters explode and planes crash into the ground!
  16. brainslush

    Project OPFOR

    I can take care of this but I'll have to postpone this until the end of the next week.
  17. brainslush

    Project OPFOR

    Thumbs up for the release. As usual expect bug reports if I find any.
  18. =TSS= NameTag by: brainslush Version 1.0 Images Download http://complex-teamplay.de/brainslush/tss_nametag_public/repository/archive.zip?ref=master Motivation As you may know in elite mode of Arma3 no names of units or player are displayed. This is of course very much appreciated if you care about realism. But since Arma doesn't features customizable faces or physique, distinguishing between two different soldiers becomes extremely difficult. Not all players like to see the names all the time or just in a certain way, so I created this addon to give every player the possibility to adjust the addon, to meet his expectations. Furthermore I implemented (untested so far) the possibility for the missionmaker to turn off the addon or overwrite partly the usersided config to match equal criteria for TvT or other gamemods. Features Implemented Features Display the name of the unit which you are poinitng at Display the name of sorrounding units via a defined custom key Display the names of your vehilce crew using the custom key Customizable via userconfig, (switch on/off, distance, show ai, color, size) Overwrite the userside config by defining values in the description.ext Simple deaktivation of the addon via defining a specific variable in the init.sqf Display rank Planed Features you can pm me or leave a feature request in the bug tracker Required AddOns CBA - Community Based Addon Usage User You can adjust the addon using the integrated configuration menu. Use the cba keybinding system to open it. Missionbuilder As missionbuilder you can overwrite some of the client settings for all players using the description.ext description.ext class TSS_NAMETAG { enable = 1; // 1== on, 0 ==off, can't be forced on, only off distance = 10; // maximum display distance, if clientside setting is smaller it will be set to the smaller value showFaction = 4; // does overwrite clientside settings, which faction names will be displayed, for more details see userconfig showDead = 1; // show name of dead player, can't be forced on, only off showAI = 1; // show AI names, can't be forced on, only off showSorrounding = 1; // allow or disallow the usage of the the feature which displays all names in the surrounding showUnitsInVehicle = 1; // allow or disallow the feature to display units in vehicles showRank = 2; // Overwrite the settings of the player to show rank unless he has it turned off by him self, 0 = force off, 1 = short name, 2 = image } init.sqf TSS_NAMETAG_MISSION_DISABLE ="xyz"; // the value can be basically anything even number, since the variable only needs to be defined Server administrator If you want to force a config onto all clients you need to install tss_nametag_fsc.pbo onto the server and adjust the userconfig of the server to your wishes. Of course if the client uses settings which are smaller or disable certain features those are effective instead. Report Bugs http://complex-teamplay.de/brainslush/tss_nametag_public/issues Changelog #04/12/15, v1.0 Reworked some of the code Fixed: Names are now displayed in the correct height on the water an in buildings Fixed: Implemented the new cba keybinding system, requires CBA RC6 or greater Added: Zooming increases nametag size Added: Names are now displayed for a longer time Added: Init names can now be displayed in vehicles using the custom key Added: license information #10/01/14, v0.8 Added GUI for configuration Added CBA-Keybinding system userconfig has become obselete for the clients some code tweaking rewrote some of the code #05/25/14, v0.7 fixed: Name was displayed in wrong height when units were in buildings fixed: If the rank function was disabled a filled square was displayed added: tss_nametag_fsc.pbo (if you want to force the clients to use a certain setting install this file onto your server and change the server userconfig as you wish) #12/17/13, v0.6 ATTENTION: THE USERCONFIG AND ITS PATH HAS CHANGED rank of the unit can be displayed now, either the shortname or the image names of units in vehicle can be displayed if you look at the vehicle both features can be disabled or overwritten via the missionbuilder using the description.ext fixed: height of the name in buildings was displayed in the wrong height fixed: AddOn couldn't be disabled defining TSS_NAMETAG_MISSION_DISABLE in the init.sqf changed path of userconfig to meet tss addon conventions License TSS Nametag by brainslush is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  19. brainslush


    Seems like your addon throws a config error since the last arma update. It is related to the item. 14:49:06 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgModels.default'. 14:49:06 Warning Message: No entry '.sections'. 14:49:06 Warning Message: Size: '/' not an array 14:49:06 Warning Message: No entry '.sectionsInherit'. 14:49:06 Warning Message: '/' is not a value 14:49:06 Warning Message: No entry '.sections'. 14:49:06 Warning Message: Size: '/' not an array 14:49:06 Warning Message: No entry '.sectionsInherit'. 14:49:06 Warning Message: '/' is not a value 14:49:06 Warning Message: No entry '.sections'. 14:49:06 Warning Message: Size: '/' not an array 14:49:06 Warning Message: No entry '.sectionsInherit'. 14:49:06 Warning Message: '/' is not a value
  20. brainslush

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    First great work. But I've trouble getting my plane (Thunderbolt) downed. I tried the SA-20 site. Attacking head on will in most cases end in a rapid death but as soon as I start circling towards my target the SAM site sometimes is shoot empty even if I don't use any CM. I see the missiles exploding nearby but the do no harm. Only the ones exploding in front of me kill me in an instant.
  21. brainslush

    US 75th Rangers

    You can upload the unpacked stuff. I can pack it for you if you like to. Don't know if eliteness works under win10. I'm still using the old win7
  22. brainslush

    US 75th Rangers

    Use Eliteness:. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/171688-community-tools-updater/
  23. brainslush

    US 75th Rangers

    It's fine. I couldn't tell from you screenshots what kind of vests you have already done. But if there will be some in the future would be great.