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  1. Hi all, i've setup a script for automatic server restart, but i want to restart all HC's as well, i know i've to use remoteExecCall but it's still a bit tricky for me so any help would be welcome :) Cheers
  2. Hi Mike, I sent you all files in pm Ive run your demo mission in dedicated and i've this error in RPT : "fn_init | _object: 1f37ace8080# 38: device_slingloadable_f.p3d | _needKit: true | _debug: false" "fn_getCondition | _needKit: true" "fn_attachObjects | _object: 1f37ace8080# 38: device_slingloadable_f.p3d" "fn_soundLoop | _object: 1f37ace8080# 38: device_slingloadable_f.p3d" Error: Object(4 : 16) not found BTW the result is the same as in Liberation mission : interaction doesnt works neither bomb bip sound
  3. Thanks for reply M1ke_SK, its an heavy modified KP Liberation mission, i send you in mp with modset
  4. The same here, works in Eden local multiplayer, but not in dedicated Trying to debug atm
  5. Hi Vandeanson, Thx for your amazing mod, btw i cant use it on my dedicated as there is no key Any chance to get one ? or is there a way to integrate it as a script ? Cheers Wave
  6. You were right, after many many test here is my conclusions : 1/ Try to avoid wifi connexion when playing CTI with ten's (hundred) of active units, even if you have a strong internet connexion better use ethernet connexion between computer and router. 2/ In "Extended Options" menu, just use "Ajust view distance to keep fps above" : 30 fps (is fine) 3/ For server admin : even if your server fps is always above 30/40 ftp, better use headless clients, this will free ressources to the main server that will only manage to transfert objects positions on the map. Here is the results for my configuration : 1/ Server difficulty was set to moderate with 100% unit, with 2 headless clients gigabyte connected to each others. 2/ My computer is laptop core i5 with geforce 950m gtx Ingame with 5 players Flyby over (210 active units and 50 vehicles) : 35 fps in town CQB (150 active units and 25 vehicles) : 29 fps For Wyqer : ive just a problem with headless client. After a random time, ennemies units dont spawn anymore, only vehicles are active. Ive to restart map and then all goes fine. Any others has reported this ? cheers HW
  7. highwave


    Bonjour Gemini, First of all, i would like to congratulate you for your amazing job, the game design is excelent and all source code are so clear and nicely commented that it become so easy to customize your map. Btw i'm so far from your arma's coding skills that i just try to adapt and integrate existing mods or scripts to match my game point of view : I'm actually applying those modifications on my dedicated server : ACE3 Advanced Sling Loading (heliportage) R3F Advanced Logistic (for towing and object placement & factory building) TFAR TM4 Fuel Uptake (increase fuel consumtion) It seems that the R3FADL script conflict cargo with your R3F script, so im wondering if i can reach my needs with your onboard R3F. My next step (maybe you can integrate the idea for next release) is to integrate a tuned version of r0ed_SurvivableCrashes, wich purpose is to eject all onboard players from crashed vehicules : - Every player are randomly ejected and randomly wounded (enough to give some hard jobs to medics) - The vehicule is 0.9 damaged so it is not destroyed and can be repaired, SFX (fire + smoke) from vehicule emited randomly from 300 to 600 secs (help for long distance crash localisation) - All players loose radio + gps + map - Crashed vehicule long range radio is disabled until damage is lower than 0.5, then after radio range is linked to damage % (ex: 0.5 damage = opérational LR with16km range, 0.2 damage = 25km range) : Purpose is to give jobs to Repair Specialist slots. - Random area marker around crash site (1.6km circle) with priority "Search and Rescue" mission popup for all players Encore une fois merci d'avoir partagé ton excellent travail avec la communauté Greatings HighWave
  8. Hello there, i was minding on it and looking for informations, but ive found nothing yet. I would like to create a realistic radio/chat system that should be impacted by : 1- Distances 2- Weather 3- Topology (mountain, obstacle) So my question is : 1- Is it possible to tune the standard chat system (global/side/team) with a script that may degrade the chat writing depending on the upper parameters ? ie. Distance between sender and receiver = 2km Optimal reception distance = 1km Sender message = "Papabear, what is your situation ?" Receiver message = "Pap***ar, w**t is **ur si****ion *" Thx for your help and dont hesitate to leave your opinion