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  1. On the contrary, it does work, but using Zeus, NOT in Eden. Like Dreadp1r4te said: the RCWS version has a "driver" and a "gunner". You can see this when you add the unit with Zeus in the left side pane. So all it takes is to add all entities relevant to the Stomper RCWS to your squad, meaning the 'invisible' driver, the 'invisible' gunner and the stomper itself, using the [variablename] join player; line on those entities that are spawned when bringing in the Stomper. It will follow you around, and fire autonomously on enemies. I don't know if setting its combat stance to 'combat' instead of the original 'safe' when you insert it with Zeus does matter, but I set it to combat. I also change all skill sets to max. Also, the Pelter will go after enemies and kill them with its shotgun.
  2. Autonomous UGV solution using Zeus: A bit of a necro here, but here is my solution since I was looking for something similar for apex scenarios: If you cannot open the Zeus interface (pressing Y just pings) then with the MCC 4 Sandbox installed https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=338988835 use the middle scroller on the mouse to open MCC 4 and press 'login', then press logout. Press Y and you should now be able to add assets via Zeus. Under the CREATE menu seen in the top right of the screen add a UGV unit: - add a stomper UGCS found under Nato>Drones: Then in the EDIT menu on the left : - Select the stomper and left mouse + ctrl-drag from the stomper icon in the 3d view to the player unit. This will add the stomper to the squad. Repeat the same process for the driver and the gunner. - Select the driver icon and ctrl-drag from the driver to the player unit - Select the gunner icon and ctrl-drag from the driver to the player unit OR Alternatively you can assign a variable to each entity: Adding the Stomper using Zeus also adds an (invisible) gunner and an driver. The entities are visible in the left side menu though. Double clicking each entity in the list and assigning variable names to them and then in the init field adding that variable to the player, gives you an autonomous stomper that will follow you around with the 'regroup' order or can be assigned either on the map or on in the 3d view to go places. Probably also with waypoints on the map as well. so for the Stomper in the variable name field copy this : stomper and then in the Init field below add this to it [stomper] join player; Repeat the same for the Driver and the Gunner by double clicking either in the list and adding them to the player also. so let's call the driver Danny so for the Driver in the variable name field copy this : danny and in danny's init field copy this: [danny] join player; and finally for the gunner called Gunny variable name: gunny and in his init field: [gunny] join player; This will work to add an autonomous UGV to help you on certain missions where it would have been nice to have a squad. Enjoy. PS to add a virtual ammo and weapons box to the stomper add this to the same init field: 0 = ["AmmoboxInit",[this,true]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;
  3. I came across the news yesterday that CC2 was almost released. So, it looks like Microprose has made Carrier Command 2 in the awesome Vintage Retro looks that it deserves reminiscent of the first one. Blocky and Retro is making a comeback and you can see it in some very good games, e.g. Hardspace: Shipbreaker. It gives the right games the military 'simulation' feel of the cold war. Great ! It also has a very distinct Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak feel to it; which I can only applaud. With Microprose at the helm, I don't think we should worry about getting a bad game. This is not EA nor Disney. As an extra plus, It will probably run on any toaster that is also 4 to 5 years old as well and will not take half a day to download. The only thing I do hope for, is that it is moddable including mesh, texture and scripting wise. Hello Species1571 🖖
  4. Hello, I wrote this down here for my own benefit as a reminder but here goes. I prefer the canopy of the Mantas to have more of a 'droid' look since I play the game from a commander's perspective at a console on the carrier. Meaning that all units; Mantas, Droids and Walruses are actually drones. What this basically does is change the manta cockpit texture from a glass look to something more droideka. 🙂 For those who like it open the following file: vehicles.h in notepad ++ and find the following line: obj/vehicles/Manta/man_cocgl in my vehicles.h file file it starts at line 1679 with the following: MAN_COCGL - manta cockpit glass entry material "obj/vehicles/Manta/man_cocgl": Generic the complete part is this: material "obj/vehicles/Manta/man_cocgl": Generic { cull ccw sort translucent receiveshadow true surfparm nomarks surfparm glass diffusemap "obj/vehicles/manta/man_cocgl_ca" normalmap "obj/vehicles/manta/man_cocgl_ns" specular $nmapalpha speculartint "1 1 1 1" specularbias 1 specularpower 0.86 envmap $nearestcube reflection $nmapalpha reflectiontint "0.715896 0.731506 0.962536 1" fresnel 0.25 blendmode alphablend zwrite false tcmod scale 0 0 3 3 } now change all the follwing instances containing man_cogl - between the brackets to the following and you're good to go: material "obj/vehicles/Manta/man_cocgl": Generic { castshadow true receiveshadow true surfparm metal diffusemap "obj/structures/tiles/metal_tech_stripes_co" asmap "obj/structures/tiles/metal_tech_stripes_as" normalmap "obj/structures/tiles/metal_tech_stripes_no" specular $nmapalpha specularpower 0.72 }
  5. Ah ok, I presume it is under Attributes-> General->Misc and set the Allegiance to change the icon from handshake to swords... @spyderblack723 and escforreality ... thank you ! was kindof a headscratcher. By the way are you the old ESCopic from Operation Flashpoint?
  6. I take it this is not a setting in the ALiVE modules then since the IND and CSAT are set as hostile in the C2ISTAR module where OPF_F,IND_F are set as enemies to NATO in the 'auto task enemy BLUE faction' field.
  7. Can someone tell me why when copy pasting all ALiVE modules from the Triple Threat demo content with CTRL+C from Altis and pasting them with CTRL-V on Tanoa, makes the Independent forces allied to NATO? When attacking the indies on Altis all is fine, but on Tanoa, without changing anything in the modules, shooting at IND forces gets you killed by your own.
  8. I have found all necessary steps to swap Island climates from one to another. Just for the record here is how to: In this example we will change the climate of Isolus from Arctic to Temperate: - After unpacking all files, make a backup of the island file you are going to change for safekeeping. I chose Isolus as a test, so I saved worlds/Isolus and worlds/isolus.ent to a folder named BAK - - Load up two instances of Workbench, and set it to Game editor after it loads, (shortcut key F11). - In one instance load the map you wish to change the climate on. For example Isolus, (which has an arctic climate) (Load Map - wolds - isolus) - In the other instance load up an island whose climate you wish to mimic, say for example evergreen, which is temperate. (Load Map - wolds - evergreen) - When both maps are opened in their respective workbench instances, click on the 'class' tab under 'ENTITIES' IN MAP. Then scroll all the way down till you see the following entity (at the very bottom is a screenshot on how that should look): 1) Changing the world entity settings: world - none - World - none Copy all values relevant from the temperate map into the Arctic one. - This means: weatherforecast, windforecast, weathereffect1, weathereffect1int etc...all the way down to the ocean values: oceannice and oceanstorm. Make sure there are values that reference to arctic settings in the new map anymore. All the values can be copied safely from the Evergreen map into the Isolus map. 2) Setting the skydome color to temperate. On the second menu bar find the drop down menu setting 'icelands_C' or 'Icelands' and set it to 'Temperate_C' or 'Temperate', it is found next to the sun/cloud icon. 3) Then comes the time to change the supertexture. Above the terrain representation in 3d, there are 5 icons, choose the 3rd one with is 'edit layers of terrain'. On the right side you will see two windows one above the other, they both have a smiley with funny teeth in them. The first one reads: Available Materials (this is basically a list of all the materials that are available for creating terrains) The second one reads: No Material selected (this is a list of the materials that the currently loaded island uses) We are now going to swap out the arctic materials for temperate ones: In the no material selected list, double click the first material in the 'no material selected' window with the 1 next to it. It should say something like 1) terrain\icelands\ice. A grey window opens with a number of choices: Layers Operations Layers Generator Remove whole layer Replace Layer Material Replace default layer Show Layer coverage Choose the Replace Layer Material option and From the drop down list, select something appropriate to replace that layer with. I chose the Terrain\temperate\dirt Do this for all layers, and use your good judgement on what layer to replace what with: Here are my choices: -1)terrain\temperate\dirt -2)terrain\temperate\grass -3)terrain\temperate\rock_vertical -4)terrain\temperate\woodmulch -5)terrain\temperate\mud -6)terrain\temperate\path -7)terrain\icelands\icewall Now click on the grey area just below the 5 icons (in between persp> and grid :16u), to focus on the 3D view in the center. Press the B key and make yourself a cup of tea, creating the supertexture is going to take a while. You can see the different layers by color when pressing the 'E' key. Press the 'E' key again to view the ingame texture again. - The texture should have changed dramatically, but that is not enough for a complete conversion as the island looks a bit naked. - Click on Terrain->compile->Layers and Materials to make the grass grow Now save your file and make another backup. After that, change out the snowy trees with trees of your choice. Additionally , here are a few tips and warnings to observe: - To select entities (trees, buildings, boulders etc), make sure that the 'select + manipulation with entity' icon (the cross with the arrows at each end) is selected. - In the left side list, you can swap between 'selected' and 'In map' entities by clicking the appropriate tab. - To declutter the map, you can also hide all entities you do not wish to edit in the 3D view by switching off layers in the 'layers' tab. I kept all trees and trees PT set to on, all the other stuff off. - To move in the 3D perspective view, select that view and click the spacebar. Then use the WSAD keys to move about, the W and Z make you hover up and down and the mouse-wheel sets the cameras movement speed. - Next to Persp (just above the 3D window) there is an arrow icon pointing to the right. Click on that arrow and change the view to top. With the top view selected you can easily select trees by drag select, and change them out to different (temperate) ones by clicking on the model entry and changing it for a different one. - Do not use 'Save Map As' but just save the map, since this might CTD Workbench. That is the reason why I make different backups. - To duplicate an entityn (in perspective view) use CTRL-C (copy) and then CTRL-Q (paste-special) which will copy that same entity at exactly the same spot the original is located. Use the XYZ arrows to move the new entity about. - You can paint extra trees on the map using the 'paint using brush from entities' icon. Good Luck !
  9. No youtube movies can be found regarding workbench. Here is a short how to guide on changing an island's climate from 'arctic' to temperate. In this case Isolus. Changing the islands coordinates on the world map has not been resolved yet. This is a guide to change the climate of an Island, and also add new static buildings, trees etc... This does not involve creating new islands and changing the height map, but you could do that as well. 2a) When flying around on isolus ingame, there are snowflakes flying around even in clear weather. Where can I switch them off in Workbench ? (I found a way to solve this) Solved: - start workbench - In workbench go to island editor F11and load Isolus.ent from the world folder - when the island is loaded you will see a list on the left with 5 tabs you can select (In Map, Selected, Create, Layers and Spawnlayers) - Select In Map (which is selected by default) and click on Class to sort the list of entities on the island by class - Go all the way to the bottom and you will see World(1) none world none select that entry In the entity selection property window you will find the following settings when you scroll down: weathereffect1val and weathereffect2val - set all values (x,y,z) to 0 and the flying snow effect is gone. Do NOT delete world none world none since it contains scripts that the game needs, just change the values above. That is all. 2b) Also on the hud, there is an ice-cristal graphic representation, how can I change this to temperate or remove it ? screenshot before: screenshot after: Solved: Setting Isolus' climate from 4 (arctic) to 2 (temperate) removes the ICE graphic from the hud. This needs to be changed in the file scripts/base/main/island.xml From this <Row ID="1"> <NAME>islandIsolus</NAME> <Title>Isolus</Title> <WorldFile>worlds/Isolus.ent</WorldFile> <Model>7948</Model> <Production>1.2</Production> <Resources>90</Resources> <ImageSet>set:cc_island image:Isolus</ImageSet> <MaterialSatellite>obj/islands/Isolus</MaterialSatellite> <MaterialAlpha>obj/Islands/Isolus_outline</MaterialAlpha> <MapMult>0.75</MapMult> <Climate>4</Climate> <AreaExtent>0.71</AreaExtent> </Row> To this <Row ID="1"> <NAME>islandIsolus</NAME> <Title>Isolus</Title> <WorldFile>worlds/Isolus.ent</WorldFile> <Model>7948</Model> <Production>1.2</Production> <Resources>90</Resources> <ImageSet>set:cc_island image:Isolus</ImageSet> <MaterialSatellite>obj/islands/Isolus</MaterialSatellite> <MaterialAlpha>obj/Islands/Isolus_outline</MaterialAlpha> <MapMult>0.75</MapMult> <Climate>2</Climate> <AreaExtent>0.71</AreaExtent> </Row> This will also change the island from 'arctic' to 'temperate' in the island info screen. All the other info is in post #2
  10. Hi Species, Great mod, this makes playing CCGM complete. One little extra feature I could suggest for this great mod is this: When flying or driving with manual control during night/bad weather, this game could do with some sort of enhanced camera vision. The color of the recon drone camera view has a blueish color (like night vision). How hard would it be to add this as an extra switchable color to playable units (mantas and walruses) for better visibility during manual control in adverse weather and at night and bind it to F11 or another unused key. Thank you again for this great mod.
  11. Hi Theopolus You can use the Transport Logistic Module and use a ground vehicle (instead of a chopper) and command that vehicle around via the 'talk to pilot' menu or the ALiVE tablet. Since I was looking for a way to get a vehicle to maintain a certain speed while doing patrols I experimented with trucks, apc's and cars. They work just as well as choppers and will also automatically engage enemies depending on the ROE you set on the tablet display. So if you would like to move your mortar squad around using vehicles and the ALiVE mechanics that is the way to go. It's kinda quirky when you're inside the vehicle since it sais 'talk to pilot' even if you're in an APC but it works. This is a way to have a mobile mortar team that reacts to point and click when using a GMG vehicle. Haven't found any other way to use mortar teams as arty yet. I don't know what happens when you click the set altitude mode. Let me know when you find out. Here is a setup on Stratis, it's on the OPFOR side. Open it up and drag select all the units on the airfield and copy them into your mission and set the commander to player. Change the vehicles accordingly to the blue side if your mission features this. The mission is not complete, since all ALiVE modules are not in there, I assume you want to have a look at how it is set up in the editor, hence the file... In the mission there is a GMG mounted on the Punisher, I have found you can assign it the task of circling a certain objective as well, just like a chopper. Good luck. https://app.box.com/s/zl9148ks6xkrxyn3fmyqv94pxvdvzxe3 EDIT, Since this mod is the next best thing to hot cup cakes, I am kinda hoping that in an upcoming iteration of ALiVE the text would reflect 'talk to vehicle operator' or 'talk to driver' and that "flight height" options would not be visible when commanding a ground vehicle this way.