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  1. Just had this happen to me with the 'old man' scenario. You get an error message telling you the complete path of the file that is causing the error including the path name. mine was situated here: C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Arma 3\Saved\a3\Missions_F_Oldman\Campaign\Missions\Oldman.Tanoa Open windows explorer and walk that path till you are in the folder of the erroneous saved file. Arrange the files by order of last created. - step 1) Make a Copy of manual save game and paste this file in the same folder (creating a file called save3 - Copy.Arma3Save) - step 2) cut the name of the autosave (continue.Arma3Save) and rename the file you just copied in step 1 to that. - Try the resume button now on your scenario, and it will work.
  2. Ok found how to change that behaviour with Drongo's tablet and then using ALiVE to order them around on the map works. As Foley stated above, since the crew was 'turned' out, their stance was 'careless' or 'safe' and only using Drongo's tablet was I able to get them to change behaviour since I cannot command them directly. Good grief, this makes it complicated, but at least, I know who has the code to help me out. Drongo. 🙂 I will make a few screenshots of how I found how to do this ingame as well as soon as the mission is finished.
  3. Will try that too - I am also going to try to assign a variable to each of the crew and try to attach the behaviour there and see what happens. Creating a Trigger that on activation changes the combat behaviour did not work yet.
  4. Thank you will try that now 🙂 Your script did work on the tank as a vehicle, but it did not work on the ALiVE module that spawns the tank which does not seem to care about 'setCombatBehaviour' - I am now trying to figure out how to create a tank and attach this / sync it to the player combat support (Transport) module, instead of having that module spawn in the tank.
  5. Hello, Again, a little question. In Sefrou Ramal, there is a concrete road going from north to south. On the screenshot above my base is in the north center - on both sides of these roads are POI's (points of interest) like the makeshift airbase on the right in the screenshot above. There is also another POI south, also held by IND, but first either objective must be captured before one can proceed to capture the south central POI. I can order ground units around, set their ROE and Speed, via the ALiVE tablet. When I order them to the east objective (for example where the (X) markers are, they will go down the main road (orange on the screenshot) and only when they come across the small gravel road will they make a left turn and scurry back up to the objective. Basically they follow the red arrows - and they should be going straight for green. Now, before you start telling me what to do here are a few things I know: a) I know about the different behaviours (Careless, Safe, Aware, Combat and Stealth). Have already tried to put that in the init field of the vehicle, but no dice... so... in the init field: tank01 setCombatBehaviour "COMBAT"; did not yield the right results, same happened, they went down the road again, tried all other behaviours also to be on the safe side. Next b) I cannot use waypoints. Like I said, the units are controlled via the ALiVE tablet. so they kinda go as they want when they are ordered to. The units path are not scripted via waypoints, like here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Waypoints c) I cannot, or do not know how this would work here using the UnitCapture/UnitPlay command as show by Banjo in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2BTPgpWcMg&t=37s d) the command car forceFollowRoad true; Does not work either if set to false Here is a screenshot of the ALiVE tablet to command the vehicles around. Normally this was made only for air units, but it works nicely with ground vehicles as well. Tested this on Malden, Altis and Stratis where roads are plentiful. Here and down the road he goes ignoring all the settings. On the map : Please remember I am not a coder, so yes I can copy and paste stuff into sqf files, but if you paste code here, please tell me what to copy, and where to paste it. Don't tell me to 'spawn a loop' or something, because I don't know what that means. All help appreciated.
  6. Reading a bit further I was able to finally achieve even more. So, to elaborate here is a detailed step by step on how to achieve this: I wanted to use the West German faction from the Global Mobilization mod in a desert skirt for a Warlords mission on Sefrou Ramal. So, I found this free texture (which requires to be seamless to show up without hiccups on the vehicle. Here is a link that shows seamless vs non seamless - https://plusspec.com/seamless-texture-tileable-texture/ WIth all the paid options on shutterstock and whatnot, I settled for a free one found here: https://www.wowpatterns.com/free-vector/desert-camouflage-vector-pattern The jpg contained in the download will work just fine to use immediately. open EDEN, insert a vehicle and a player in the mission, and save the mission. I used this one: Again make sure to save your mission so Arma creates a folder, which can be found here: C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Arma 3\mpmissions\Warlords.sefrouramal rename the jpg file as required, I named mine 'desert.jpg' and copy it in the root folder of that created mission, in the same folder as the mission.sqm Like so: Then in EDEN, double click on the vehicle and insert the following: object init: variable name: art01 or any other name you fancy - don't use spaces then in the init box below insert the following: art01 setObjectTexture [0, "desert.jpg"]; art01 setObjectTexture [1, "desert.jpg"]; art01 setObjectTexture [2, "desert.jpg"]; art01 setObjectTexture [3, "desert.jpg"]; art01 setObjectTexture [4, "desert.jpg"]; art01 setObjectTexture [5, "desert.jpg"]; art01 setObjectTexture [6, "desert.jpg"]; this looks like this in the editor: now save the mission and load it up, your vehicle should now look like this: Mind you, this is not the real 'Bundeswehr' camo, just a camo I picked up online. In camo choices, try to pick something that is not 'grimy' or contains a texture - a color works best since the 'vehicle dirt' will show up without you needing a 'grimy texture': for example: this already contains a 'sand' texture: whereas this does not: The source I used was found here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setObjectTexture using Benargee's example. Hope this will help others as well. Thanks again people for switching the light on.
  7. @pierremgi Well sir, thank you. You are a star. This makes complete sense and should be added to the mentioned wiki page above. 😍Thank you for taking the time to write this all out. 🙏 The link to the color types CO 'Diffuse Color' also makes sense now. @Harzach Thanks for sending me that color picker and restating what Pierre said above: I was using a few others like this one https://rgbcolorcode.com/color/peach and https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_cmyk.asp and then with the 4 values in the array, I got sidetracked into viewing it as CMYK - but yes: as stated on this page: https://arma.fandom.com/zh/wiki/BIS_fnc_colorRGBAtoTexture /* Description: Converts RGB color format to procedural texture. [0,0,0,1] becomes "#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,1)" Parameter(s): 0: ARRAY - color in RGBA format Returns: String */ confusing here is the acronym ARGB instead of what the number really is R G B A - 4 values Red Green Blue Alpha, like it is stated at the bottom. But it's good to be clear twice, instead of not at all. 👍 @Larrow That looks like a godsend gift, but I do not (yet) posess the skills to use it.
  8. Hello, This is making my hair grey. I know how RGB works, normally it's a number between R255 G255 B255 (white) or R0G0B0 (black) So: Logically RED is 255,0,0 green is 0,255,0 and blue is obviously 0,0,255 https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Global_Mobilization_Retexturing However, how the system works in the wiki above is beyond my understanding: bmp1 setObjectTexture [0, "#(rgb,8,8,3)color(1,0.0,0.0,1,CO)"]; (orange) bmp1 setObjectTexture [1, "#(rgb,8,8,3)color(0,0.5,0.0,1,CO)"]; (greenish) bmp1 setObjectTexture [2, "#(rgb,8,8,3)color(0,0.2,0.5,1,CO)"]; (blueish) However the following array gives me this: bmp1setObjectTexture [3, "#(rgb,8,8,3)color(0,9.0,8.0,7,CO)"]; cyan bmp1setObjectTexture [3, "#(rgb,8,8,3)color(0,9.0,4.0,0,CO)"]; Black Does anyone know a color picker online that returns or understands this exotic digital format that anyone else exept BIS finds easy to work with? I would like something sandish in color like the following: rgb(237,201,175) rgb(0.93,0.79,0.69) or peach rgb(255,229,180) rgb(1.00,0.90,0.70) Could someone please translate this in the gibberish format that BIS uses, or tell me how it is done? Sorry, I am a bit cranky, have been fiddling with this for about 2 hours now.
  9. d3rt13n


    Also, AFAIK, only BLUfor and Opfor can be chosen in the drop down menu of the warlords base module.... don't fathom why IND_F was not implemented as an option.... This means that even if you set up IND as blufor in the Warlords INIT module, NATO blufor still parachutes in, instead of AAF.
  10. d3rt13n


    Hello, I have followed the instructions in this wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_MP_Warlords I also de-pbo-ed the regular vanilla warlords scenario on Altis. I would like to setup the AAF (IND_F) as the blufor faction, CSAT (OPF_F) as the opfor faction and the GM extras mod (gmx_fc_tak) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1737435871 as independent faction config. I have done so in the 'Warlords init' module (as shown in the screenshot-link below), and setup 'warlords base' module as blufor, but the mission keeps spawning BLUFOR NATO units instead of AAF, which when they land start fighting with the AAF vehicles I have placed there. What am I doing wrong or missing here? https://ibb.co/WPdp7dm"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/WPdp7dm/2022-01-24-15-38-32-Window-kanniet-betalen.png When using NATO and blufor, everything works fine, but would like to have the AAF on my side this time. Can someone help?
  11. d3rt13n


    Hello Does anyone or has anyone tried to add the CSAT, CTRG and AAF as the friendly playable faction for OPEX instead of the USA and would be willing to share his / her files pls or explain how this is done and what files need to be edited? I tried to fiddle around with the parameters in the following files (I'm not a coder but I can copy paste and understand the basics) but I am still getting errors OPEX.ALTIS/settings/friends/default.sqf OPEX.ALTIS/scripts/gemini/fnc_params.sqf What would be cool is that you could simply choose your faction as it happens in the DRO (Dynamic Recon Ops) missions you can download from the workshop, where all factions (west/east/civilian) are all dynamically loaded into three drop down boxes and you can simply select them from there. Thanks Bonjour Est ce que quelqu'un ici a déja essayé d'ajouter CSAT, CTRG ou l' AAF au lieu des Ricains / OTAN et serait incliné de partager les fichiers svp, ou d'expliquer comment le faire? J'ai essayé de changer les parametres dans les fichiers suivants, mais ce me donne des erreurs. OPEX.ALTIS/settings/friends/default.sqf OPEX.ALTIS/scripts/gemini/fnc_params.sqf Ce qui serait superbe c'est que OPEX aurait un menu géneré dynamiquement, une liste parmis il est possible de sélectionner une faction comme dans DRO (Dynamic Recon Ops) qui est téléchargeable du Steam workshop. Merci. Dertien
  12. On the contrary, it does work, but using Zeus, NOT in Eden. Like Dreadp1r4te said: the RCWS version has a "driver" and a "gunner". You can see this when you add the unit with Zeus in the left side pane. So all it takes is to add all entities relevant to the Stomper RCWS to your squad, meaning the 'invisible' driver, the 'invisible' gunner and the stomper itself, using the [variablename] join player; line on those entities that are spawned when bringing in the Stomper. It will follow you around, and fire autonomously on enemies. I don't know if setting its combat stance to 'combat' instead of the original 'safe' when you insert it with Zeus does matter, but I set it to combat. I also change all skill sets to max. Also, the Pelter will go after enemies and kill them with its shotgun.
  13. Autonomous UGV solution using Zeus: A bit of a necro here, but here is my solution since I was looking for something similar for apex scenarios: If you cannot open the Zeus interface (pressing Y just pings) then with the MCC 4 Sandbox installed https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=338988835 use the middle scroller on the mouse to open MCC 4 and press 'login', then press logout. Press Y and you should now be able to add assets via Zeus. Under the CREATE menu seen in the top right of the screen add a UGV unit: - add a stomper UGCS found under Nato>Drones: Then in the EDIT menu on the left : - Select the stomper and left mouse + ctrl-drag from the stomper icon in the 3d view to the player unit. This will add the stomper to the squad. Repeat the same process for the driver and the gunner. - Select the driver icon and ctrl-drag from the driver to the player unit - Select the gunner icon and ctrl-drag from the driver to the player unit OR Alternatively you can assign a variable to each entity: Adding the Stomper using Zeus also adds an (invisible) gunner and an driver. The entities are visible in the left side menu though. Double clicking each entity in the list and assigning variable names to them and then in the init field adding that variable to the player, gives you an autonomous stomper that will follow you around with the 'regroup' order or can be assigned either on the map or on in the 3d view to go places. Probably also with waypoints on the map as well. so for the Stomper in the variable name field copy this : stomper and then in the Init field below add this to it [stomper] join player; Repeat the same for the Driver and the Gunner by double clicking either in the list and adding them to the player also. so let's call the driver Danny so for the Driver in the variable name field copy this : danny and in danny's init field copy this: [danny] join player; and finally for the gunner called Gunny variable name: gunny and in his init field: [gunny] join player; This will work to add an autonomous UGV to help you on certain missions where it would have been nice to have a squad. Enjoy. PS to add a virtual ammo and weapons box to the stomper add this to the same init field: 0 = ["AmmoboxInit",[this,true]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;
  14. I came across the news yesterday that CC2 was almost released. So, it looks like Microprose has made Carrier Command 2 in the awesome Vintage Retro looks that it deserves reminiscent of the first one. Blocky and Retro is making a comeback and you can see it in some very good games, e.g. Hardspace: Shipbreaker. It gives the right games the military 'simulation' feel of the cold war. Great ! It also has a very distinct Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak feel to it; which I can only applaud. With Microprose at the helm, I don't think we should worry about getting a bad game. This is not EA nor Disney. As an extra plus, It will probably run on any toaster that is also 4 to 5 years old as well and will not take half a day to download. The only thing I do hope for, is that it is moddable including mesh, texture and scripting wise. Hello Species1571 🖖