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  1. Fantastic work, totally empty buildings have always been an immersion killer.
  2. Interested in trying this but the readme states that there is an issue with tanks? Could you please elaborate?
  3. AI tanks do not use their guns effectively. They tend to charge forward and fire from ridiculously close ranges, which ties into the greater issue, their pathfinding/movement. They constantly run around forward backwards or sideways, exposing their weakest sides to enemy fire. Many times they behave as if they're infantrymen.
  4. Hi tpw, I've been having some issues with this error spamming my rpt: 19:01:55 Error in expression <ckVisibility [eyePos player, (getposasl _test) vectoradd [0,0,0.5]] == 0} && {c> 19:01:55 Error position: <_test) vectoradd [0,0,0.5]] == 0} && {c> 19:01:55 Error Undefined variable in expression: _test 19:01:55 Error in expression < vectoradd [0,0,0.5]] == 0} && {count (_test nearentities ["car",20]) == 0}) th> 19:01:55 Error position: <_test nearentities ["car",20]) == 0}) th> 19:01:55 Error Undefined variable in expression: _test 19:01:55 Error in expression <Land_HelipadEmpty_F" createvehiclelocal _pos; _test setpos _pos; if (count tpw> 19:01:55 Error position: <_pos; _test setpos _pos; if (count tpw> 19:01:55 Error Undefined variable in expression: _pos I suspect that it has something to do with civs, crowds and cars. I've been playing a dynamic mission which spans for days. I only get this messages when I load its saves and I very rarely notice civilians or cars moving around. Airplanes, boats and parked vehicles seem to be working well though. One other thing, my civs often spawn with IDAP gear when they do seem to work. I've seen them running around donning white helmets, driving IDAP vans, wearing IDAP t-shirts etc. On a final note, I don't know if it's intended or not but Tanoa seems to be getting excessive fog at least during the months of August and September. Most of the days start foggy and stay foggy even when it turns dark.
  5. Hi Leopard, Great mod, but it's been giving me trouble when I use the "Fire on my lead" command. While it works as it should and the AI hold their fire, once your unit does open fire he keeps repeating "Open fire" almost everytime I fire. I think it would be best if it didn't say anything at all. It would also help when using the traditional way of using the command menu to have your squad to fire. Also, I have been getting some errors when I try to use the waypoints but it rarely happens and I didn't check the rpt in time. If it happens again, I'll post the. Other than that great job. Keep it up.
  6. Is it possible to disable the animation kicking in when the player is climbing a ladder? It's no big deal, it certainly doesn't affect gameplay, it just looks unnatural.
  7. Nice idea. Does it work in jungle environment too? Also are SF units excluded? Or units on stealth? Is it still possible to suprise the AI?
  8. Thank you Larrow, I just tried the addon and it finally works. Thanks again.
  9. I've tried enableDebugConsole= 1, 2 and enableDebugConsole[] = { "UID" }; in vanilla without any mods. Still no dice. The test mission is just one unit with one waypoint. The mission folder contains just the mission.sqm and the description.ext. I don't know what else to try.
  10. I've a mission which inexplicably starts to lag so badly that it becomes unplayable. This doesn't occur in the editor but it does happen in singleplayer and not immediately, in fact it usually takes more than 30-40 minutes and it never happens at the same point. So I've tried to debug it by enabling the console. Unfortunately though enableDebugConsole=2 in my description.ext doesn't work. The console still won't show up in single player. Has something changed in regard to this command? It used to work just fine.
  11. Has anyone else seen this affecting the AI? I've seen them get stuck with their weapons high.
  12. Obviously yes, but I figured that the same pool of vehicles is being used for both Cars and Park?
  13. I removed all the strings from the config as suggested but unfortunately it still doesn't work. I got technicals and one BTR from OPFOR mod within minutes. I should specify that these were parked and not moving. Not sure if it makes a difference?