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Spanish Army mod pack 3

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Hi all,

Finally the Spanish army mod pack v3 has been released. It requires Queen's Gambit!


Download: http://www.ffaa.es/archivos/mods/ffaa-v3.2.7z

Mirror by armedassault.info:



Spanish army Land Forces v1.00

Quote[/b] ]This is the spanish land forces from Spanish army mod. It contains:

*Light infantry airborne BRILAT

*Special operations staff units (MOE on spanish)

*Officiers form the land forces with their uniforms.

*Four variants of the tactical vehicles (Vantac), line version, antitank TOW, grenade launcher LAG 40 and with heavy machinegunner Browning 42

*Spanish version of Leopard 2E tank.

*M60A3 Tank

*Heavy armour transport TOA, machinegunner Browning M2 version

*Motorcicle for reconnaissance and link purpose KL 250

*Transport chopper Agusta-Bell212 (AB212), two version, normal and armed with 70 mm not guided rockets.

*Tiger HAD attack chopper armed with four anti tank missiles Hellfire II, two not guided 70 mm rocket launchers and 30 mm GIAT cannon

Transport chopper NH90, not yet in service on spanish army, but will bought it on three versions normal and wothout armament NH90 TTH, NH90 FFUR armed with two not guided 70 mm rockets and NH90 MG armed with two machinegunners MG3

Heavy transport chopper CH47 Chinook

Required addons


Armed Assault: Version 1.08

- ffaa_armas (on english, ffaa_faces) - (located on pack FFAA MISC)

- ffaa_caras b(on english, ffaa_faces) - (located on pack FFAA MISC)

Spanish Air Army 1.00

Quote[/b] ]

Eurofighter Typhoon attack plane on three versions:

-Eurofighter Typhoon (AA) armed with eight SidewinderLaucher air to air missles and GAU cannon

-Eurofighter Typhoon (AT) armed with six guided missiles air to land Maverick, two rocket launchers not guided and one GAU cannon

-Eurofighter Typhoon (GBU) armed with six laser guided bombs, 240kg for each bomb

-Transport plane T-21 (C295m), it can transport up to 22 soldiers

Spanish army arabian pack 1.00

Quote[/b] ]

Infantry units from the morocco army with two types of uniforms

T72 tank from the morocco army

Two types of islamic terrorist units, afghan style and hammas style.

Spanish army misc pack v1.00

Quote[/b] ]ffaa_weapons - Weapons used by Spanish and Morocco army

HK G36E, six versions

HK MP5, three versions

Cetme C, two versions


Barrett M95



Ameli, two versions

Minimi Para


Llama M82, two versions

Glock 17,

HK USP, two versions

Fabarm SDASS, two versions

FN-Fal, two versions


ffaa_console - It changes the information on the ingame screen making it more realistic. Original version is from the TrueInGameUI mod, the only change here is due to a bug with the spanish version (don't know if it happens on any other ArmA versions), the problem was that you can't see the vehicle speed due to a too long translation. That's the only change we perform, so, if you are using this mod without problems, don't use our's one.


ffaa_et_replacement - it replaces the original arma units with the mod's ones, including vehicles and weapons. It was made for SINGLEPLAYER purposes, if you use it on mp you could find problems joining to servers that didn't have this replacement pack installed. It needs the following addons:"FFAA_Armas" ,"ffaa_caras" ,"ffaa_brilat" ,"ffaa_moe" ,"ffaa_famet" ,"ffaa_et_Vehiculos" ,"FFAA_EA_Aeronaves" ,"FFAA_Moros" ,"ffaa_terrorista"

List of changes:


M136 -> C-90

M240 -> MG3

M249 -> MG4

M4A1SD -> H&K MP5 SD6

M4AIM -> H&K G36E

M4 -> HK-G36K

M4A1GL -> H&K AG36

M24 -> Accuracy

M9 -> HK USP

AK74 -> FN-Fal

aks74pso -> FN-FalScope


US Army soldiers -> Brilat (light airborne infantry) soldiers

US Army Spec Ops -> MOE (Special operations staff) soldiers

Opfor soldiers -> Morocco soldiers

Opfor SpecOps soldiers -> Terrorists


HMMWV50 -> Vamtac (M2)


HMMWVMK -> Vamtac LAG40

HMMWV -> Vamtac

M1030 -> KL 250

M1Abrams -> LEOPAR 2E

M113 -> TOA

t72 -> t72 Morocco army version


AV8B -> Eurofighter Typhoon (GBU)

AV8B2 -> Eurofighter Typhoon (AA)

A10 -> Eurofighter Typhoon (AT)

UH60MG -> NH90 MG

UH60 -> NH90 FFUR


AH6 -> AB-212 FFAR

MH6 -> AB-212


US flag -> Spanish flag

Opfor flag -> Morocco flag


ffaa_faces - Arabian and camouflage faces

Required addons


Armed Assault: Version 1.08

"ffaa_weapons"-- (no required addons)

"ffaa_console"-- (no required addons)

"ffaa_et_replacement"-- (pack Spanish army air pack, Spanish army land forces pack, Spanish army arabian pack)







SLX - DSA - Snyde - Törni - Skaven - Martin_BM - Pedagne Mod - Real M136 - UKF Mod - BW MOD - Frenchpoint - Splinter (Counter Strike) - AfrographX - BIS


Anulomax - Arkhanis - DDare - Flaber - Frankeke - Furri - GEI_Lobo - Jabo - JAvi - Lady Falcon - Mandoble - Peloton - Perotte - Rogue - Segal - Spai - Woolridge -Txalo


- Blaucafe - Duncan - EDM_Lipe - Finu - ReX - Rommel - DragonRap - Sniper - Mandinga - Tiroloco - (EDM)Velandor - Kinno - Werty - Loopster - Jotapunto - Benamaina - BVR MOD - SOmbrA - Txalo

Special thanks to:

13th company "Tigersharks" - Defcon1 - Cy6 - Catt clan - 13th tactical group - Spanish Armed assault community

Enjoy wink_o.gif

PD: Yes, here you have the damn terrorists nener.gif

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Did i read right? Leopard2?

Only for that tank its even worth to download!

Best Regards, Christian

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A few more shots, and, what the hell happened to the title? huh.gif any admin can change it to "spanish army mod pack 3", thanks smile_o.gif






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Yowzers, congrats on the release! Can't wait to try it out yay.gif

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The info about this looks very interesting. Thanks.

Since I'm waiting for the DL I'll ask this in the mean time...

How is this compatibility wise? Does it include XEH compatibility? How about with SLX?

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Here from Check your 6 (or Simulacion-esp) we say:

Fucking congrats!

o en cristiano (argentino más bien :P):

La concha de la lora! Esta barbaro!

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One very big negative aspect founded. The file is packed into gz banghead.gif

Edit: Bad file, I need to try again.

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ja to baixando !!!!



downloading !!!


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Everything looks good guys!

Ever thought of an RACS version of some of your equipment to help promote it. kinda like the HWM guys did.

The trrrorists are simply spectacular.

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Argh, bad file again, God must hate me sad_o.gif

Luckily I have 7-zip so it's not a problem to me.

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Dunno why, but when I try placing some units in the editor to see them I get a CTD with an out of memory error or something like that, every time too. I just ran the mod along with the current patch and queens gambit, nothing else.

BTW, I thought the insurgents were going to be released on the side? No offense, but downloading over 600MB just for the insurgents alone, ouch. crazy_o.gif

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wow, this looks amazing! thank you!

are the stuff from modpack 2 also included in modpack 3? also wheres modpack 1? i've searched for it but was unable to find it!

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I agree that the insurgents really should be released as a standalone addon for Iraq and Afghanistan missions where someone might not want to download the full Spanish Army mod if they are just using the insurgents with non-Spanish addons.

However with that said, the whole pack looks incredible! I'm downloading it now and can't wait to try it out!

Keep up the great work!

Chris G.

aka-Miles Teg<GD>

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error happening in the two versions of ArmA 1.08 and 1.12 units insurgents

cannot create system memory surface 4444,256x62(size 39680 b) error code 8876086c



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The pack is awesome, it's a shame I can't use all the units because Queen's Gambit is required for some textures/models on some of the SpecOps units.

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small bug to report.....

no rudder,flaps, or elevators on the typhoon....

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