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  1. Very nice trucks, Terp! Any plans to add some kind of cargo-system like the rslk one? Would be sa-weet! :D (BTW: the linked pictures don't work for me) MfG, Medicus
  2. Don't know where to post and didn't want to open a new thread because of this. So what happend to the CH53 Super Stallion? Can't find the thread anymore. MfG

    Favourite Infantry class

    Medic ftw! :icon_mrgreen:

    Here's a fun command bug

    Hm, just tested it again in the editor and it worked all fine. Had this issue in MP (especially in CTI maps). Tried to order my support-truck to a location on the map, and the tank i was in as commander started to move to the same location. Perhaps something with respawning as groupleader or assigning manned vehicles to a player? I'll try to check this as soon as i'll find the time to play a cti again.

    Here's a fun command bug

    Have this issue, too. Me as commander in a manned tank, 2nd AI tank under my command. As soon as i order the AI tank to a loc on the map, my tankdriver starts moving to the same location. Think it's some "on-map-click thing". My driver doesn't seem to realise that the on-map-click is just for the 2nd tank. MfG
  6. Sorry, somehow OT, but shouldn't it be more FPS-friendly to set shadows to high/veryhigh? Thought the gpu(s) take the whole work to calculate the shadows if they are set to high/veryhigh.MfG
  7. No, not in "missions". Create a Folder in your ArmA2 Main-dir, name it f.e. "@Proper", crate a subfolder called "Addons" and put the .pbo-files in this Addon-folder. Now add -mod=@Proper to your ArmA2.exe shortcut. Also check out this: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Modfolders MfG, Medicus
  8. Outstanding work! :clap: Very, very nice & detailed cockpit! Really looking forward to fly this beauty! :inlove: MfG, Medicus

    JTD Fire And Smoke

    Hi DMarkwick, i have a question. Would it be possible to release some kind of stand-alone of the birds? People on our server mostly cant use your fire/smoke-effects because of their hardware, but they love the birdsfear effect. I know that it's possible to disable the fire & smoke and just run the birds, but even so it would be lovely to have it as a stand alone. :) MfG, Medicus
  10. Version 1.04.59026 * KA-52 / KA-52 Black: Rotors untextured in pilot/gunner 1st person (cockpit-view) * Mi-24P: FAB-250 Bomb drops out of the S-8 Launcher * Mi-24P: FAB-250 still attached to the chopper after drop MfG :)


    Sometime it's really useful, to read existing posts. ... and to make it a bit more easy for you: Oh .. and seems like your capslock is stuck ;)

    1.04 Server Patch WHERE IS IT?

    Patience you must have, young Padawan :D Release isn't even posted by official side here in this forum.

    New patch 1.04

    I think we should be a bit patient. Until now there isn't even a news posted in ArmA 2 - News. ... but waiting for a 1.04 server.exe, too :D