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  1. Binary

    Mag Repack

    Would it be possible to add a delay when re-distributing rounds? Like a 1 second delay per round etc.
  2. So.. If you take a .50 cal shot to the head.. Do you go "unconscious" and can be magically revived - or die? The thing I loved about the ACE system, was that you would still die, from excessive "damage", but you could survive a increased amount of small-arms fire.
  3. Thanks Larrow ! That explanation was excatly what I needed - it actually makes sense now :)
  4. I just thought that the whole point of defining the array, was that so I didn't had to type spawn1, spawn2, spawn3, spawn4 so on.. (In the real script, I got 36 spawn points)
  5. Hello folks, I'm trying to spawn a vehicle at a random position, from an array of markers. spawn.sqf: _spawnpoints = [spawn1, spawn2, spawn3]; //Name of the markers _veh = createVehicle something-something-something; Looking at the wiki for createVehicle array, I can't wrap my head around the syntax http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createVehicle_array Looking at the command description, it does seem like what i need: "If the markers array contains several marker names, the position of a random one is used." I guess I'm looking for something like this: _veh = createVehicle ["classname", getMarkerPos "_spawnpoints", [], 0, "NONE"]
  6. As someone in the industry - this made my day! A very very shitty day actually.. I can't stop laughing! Cheers dude.
  7. Well - I'm pretty sure that 90% of those who browse this section of the forum, are aware of the different switches :) But in my experience there's always been inconsistencies, as to exactly how the switches affect actual performance - both positive and negative. I will certainly be doing my own benchmarking once i get around to it - but if someone has already been busy at work, performance testing (which I'm positive several admins have), this thread would be a great place to examine and compare results, based on different configurations - across platforms, configurations, hardware and small things like command switches :)
  8. Hello fellow admins, What are everyones experiences so far, monitoring performance changes using various switches? -cpucount -exThreads -malloc and so on. So far, I haven't had the oportunity to tweak and tune much. Am also excited as to when we'll get our dedi .exe :bounce3:
  9. Hi folks, I've created a really neat mission, that unfortunately crashes every 30-45 minutes on dedi server. The mission doesn't really use any scripts, but it's using a lot of addons and a whole lot of units. But all the other missions on our servers also use a lot of addons, but they never crash. Since i know that this wouldn't be a "official" issue i don't want to use the bug tracer for this one.. But how can i go about troubleshooting my mission? I got the .rpt, .mdmp and .bidmp files. I really don't mind digging around the files myself, I just don't know where to look. If relevant, here's the files: .rpt - just from the crash exception .rpt - from missions start till crash .bidmp .mdmp
  10. The RSKL site with the serverkey has been down for a few days now.. Could anyone please upload the key somewhere?
  11. Went with this solution, awesome tool ! :)
  12. Hi folks, So far, I've encountered different answer to this pretty old question.. Is it actually possible to increase the view distance, by throwing a parameter on the dedicated server? Increasing it in the .ArmA2OAProfile doesn't seem to work.. I know that mission makers can script this, but this never really get's done in our unit, people are lazy :j:
  13. Binary

    So... What now BIS?

    No - I'm not trying to be a "Insider-smartass" ;) I was merely wondering if anyone actually knew..