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  1. It was weird...but awesome as well :D
  2. rainbow

    Ultimate Flashpoint Mod Previews and Videos

    Sorry for my curiosity but how far is grass rendered?
  3. rainbow

    Ultimate Flashpoint Mod Previews and Videos

    WoW, awesome. How about FPS? :D
  4. rainbow

    new mod Iraq/Karbala looking for people?

    Cool ! Trzymam kciuki panowie!
  5. rainbow

    WW4 Modpack 1

    epic one :D
  6. Where can I get high-quality version of the peter games' arma2 video?
  7. rainbow

    where r the ofp players?

    Here I am!
  8. http://pics.krawall.de/1/krawallbrand_ARMA_II_OA020.jpg Am I blind or is the hatch open? Is the soldier leaning out of the heli? Possibility of shooting inside vehicles? EDIT: Sorry, it's a gunner :) FAIL :D
  9. rainbow

    Ultimate Flashpoint Mod Previews and Videos

    Sorry for my curiosity but how huge FPS impact does grass have?
  10. rainbow

    WW4 Modpack 1

    Link to the latest version of ww4 vehicle config is not working - http://www.filefront.com/15820457/ww4vehcfg8.rar Maybe megaupload? At least they don't delete old files.
  11. rainbow

    Ultimate Flashpoint Mod Previews and Videos

    Looks good ;)
  12. rainbow

    [c016] Outpost Defence for OEF mod

    The same issue like in CCE - can't find addon WGLF15E.
  13. rainbow

    CCE2 for Operation Enduring Freedom

    Today I had only 30 minutes to play the mission. My first objective was to Search&Destroy 20 enemy units anywhere on the map (good idea imo ;)). We (me and my squad) got in a helicopter and we flew away. I landed in some village where I had been attacked. After furious firefight we finally neutralized all of them. Then, suddenly, there appearded other enemy squad and we had to EVAC immediately! A few good men died durining evacuation. In reply they were hit by artillery (CoC indeed ;)). After rearming&rehealing in the base I got next mission - to rescue a downed pilot. I haven't even got in any vehicle when the mission was failed (bug?). There's also a problem with loading saves - usually ends on CTD. Anyway, the mission has really good atmosphere. The good thing is Quick Command Menu - really useful thing. I haven't used airstrike, scan and other awesome stuff yet. More opinions soon.
  14. rainbow

    flashpoint rpg ability

    Exactly, it was the same thing that came to my mind when I've read rpg-elements. ARMA2 elements like talking with civilians and gathering info would really spread game's experiences.