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  1. It was weird...but awesome as well :D
  2. rainbow

    Ultimate Flashpoint Mod Previews and Videos

    Sorry for my curiosity but how far is grass rendered?
  3. rainbow

    Ultimate Flashpoint Mod Previews and Videos

    WoW, awesome. How about FPS? :D
  4. rainbow

    new mod Iraq/Karbala looking for people?

    Cool ! Trzymam kciuki panowie!
  5. rainbow

    WW4 Modpack 1

    epic one :D
  6. Where can I get high-quality version of the peter games' arma2 video?
  7. rainbow

    where r the ofp players?

    Here I am!
  8. http://pics.krawall.de/1/krawallbrand_ARMA_II_OA020.jpg Am I blind or is the hatch open? Is the soldier leaning out of the heli? Possibility of shooting inside vehicles? EDIT: Sorry, it's a gunner :) FAIL :D
  9. rainbow

    Ultimate Flashpoint Mod Previews and Videos

    Sorry for my curiosity but how huge FPS impact does grass have?
  10. rainbow

    WW4 Modpack 1

    Link to the latest version of ww4 vehicle config is not working - http://www.filefront.com/15820457/ww4vehcfg8.rar Maybe megaupload? At least they don't delete old files.
  11. rainbow

    Ultimate Flashpoint Mod Previews and Videos

    Looks good ;)
  12. rainbow

    [c016] Outpost Defence for OEF mod

    The same issue like in CCE - can't find addon WGLF15E.
  13. rainbow

    CCE2 for Operation Enduring Freedom

    Today I had only 30 minutes to play the mission. My first objective was to Search&Destroy 20 enemy units anywhere on the map (good idea imo ;)). We (me and my squad) got in a helicopter and we flew away. I landed in some village where I had been attacked. After furious firefight we finally neutralized all of them. Then, suddenly, there appearded other enemy squad and we had to EVAC immediately! A few good men died durining evacuation. In reply they were hit by artillery (CoC indeed ;)). After rearming&rehealing in the base I got next mission - to rescue a downed pilot. I haven't even got in any vehicle when the mission was failed (bug?). There's also a problem with loading saves - usually ends on CTD. Anyway, the mission has really good atmosphere. The good thing is Quick Command Menu - really useful thing. I haven't used airstrike, scan and other awesome stuff yet. More opinions soon.
  14. OEF FULL PACK (including: SEF HMMWV, Remo's Afghan Everon and ag_smith's Afghanistan) http://www.filefactory.com/file/b19ag67/n/_OEF.7z
  15. rainbow

    flashpoint rpg ability

    Exactly, it was the same thing that came to my mind when I've read rpg-elements. ARMA2 elements like talking with civilians and gathering info would really spread game's experiences.