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  1. Sounds like you need Durg's help. Whatever happened to Chris. I'm lurking btw. You sexy sound making love machine Chammy. PS: Bananaphone
  2. Hey fellas long time. Been out of contact for a long time. Any plans on improving the stock disembark animations / visuals?
  3. Depiction = Immersion. In this case the game is trying to depict a group of human beings getting out of a vehicle. Disembarking (from what I see in ARMA2 videos) appears to be the same 'ol wonderment of: "I mysteriously appeared through a solid metal plate" - or something to that effect. Good God, how this looks in it's current state, and, how this function remained unchanged from ARMA 1 to ARMA2, is beyond me. Complete immersion killer considering an alternative that depicts a more-correct visual of disembarkation. A little bug in the ear for anyone interested in listening. Vidz :bounce3:
  4. ArmaVidz


    Just out of curiousity, has BI helped you with any conversion info for ARMA2 so that you can start converting before the engine is out?
  5. ArmaVidz

    Khyber Pass (SP)

    This may sound daft, but are the Taliban units and Desert Wasteland required if you're running the ACE version? First post says Jonny's units are not for the ACE version, but doesn't mention if the other two are required. Looking forward to it  Vidz
  6. This happened to me quite a few times as well - although I couldn't (at the time) reproduce the 'actual' problem. It was like the clientside config was getting corrupted after being edited (notepad) - although there were no visible problems in the file itself. A simple fix is to use the ace_clientside_config from the 'backup' folder in the same directory.
  7. ArmaVidz

    Omaha Beach

    When I first launched the map in MP (non-dedicated machine) with some other mods, namely 31stWWII, ACE, QG, and a couple others - the whole shibang locked my computer right up. When I have more time I'll try to post back.
  8. ArmaVidz

    ArmA Editing Guide - English Version

    <span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:blue'>Thank You!</span></span> <- Another massive banana moment! You sir, are a professional.
  9. Simple: Unity. And: Because they can. Monty, it's seriously time for you to depart posting in this thread if you cannot actively control the manner in which you type. It's rude, and not appreciated. Your personal issues considered, it's still rude and ignorant to be posting in such a manner. Are you drunk?
  10. ArmaVidz

    OH-58 Kiowa Warrior

    Long awaited, highly anticipated. I am trying this right now, thanks Southy!!! Edit #1: The flight model is fantastic - you've really outdone yourself on this one Southy! Not that I consider myself a pilot in the least, but I can put this beauty down on a rooftop (for testing purposes only). Man, if you ever get a chance to alter the BI default flight models/characteristics. There are minor issues, as I am sure you aware. -Some areas of cockpit are transparent (left/right sides) -No damage textures for fuselage. -Main rotor sound: sounds distorted at times. -Cockpit guages still a wip(?) Fantastic work!
  11. Further discussion on the matter is not necessary, folks. The concern has been raised and I am sure the ACE Dev Team will address it. Vilas, can you check your PM's and reply via PM? Â
  12. ArmaVidz


    Cool rides.
  13. Wicked ride, dude. The North American vehicles really go a long way to change the scene of ArmA. Are the doors going to open and close? An outstanding example of door usage (imo) can be found in NZXSHADOWS' Up-Armored HMMWV's here. Vidz
  14. ArmaVidz

    How big is your ArmA Directory?

    what a coincidence, mine is 18.3GB's as well. I've been able to downsize alot since Advanced Combat Environment hit the scene.
  15. ArmaVidz

    F-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle

    Eble. Love it. Yeah, little details someone pointed out are off - but the jet itself is fantastic. You and the fellas who are helping you out should be very happy with your efforts. All these planes are awesome. Thanks. Vidz