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  1. Hello lads, I'm kind of a bit sticky situation to be honest, the thing is that I've lost the serials to install ARMA2 and ARMA2:OA, lovelly isn't it? I had them uploaded to a forum which went down a few days ago so I can't get them from there, and I tried to get them from the forum because my HDD fried last week, the forum was my backup. So, I was asking to see if I can get the serials from the game, I still them installed and I can play with them (the crashed HDD was another one) but I don't want it to be the last time, nor pay for the game again (which sadly, it seems that I'll have to). Oh, and to add insult to injury, I didn't brought the game, it was a friend's present (he brought it in SprocketIdea, he's name here is "FN-FAL", but he hasn't enter this forum for a while), and I've lost all contact with him, otherwise, I'd have send him an email to see if he still have the serials. Well, that's my problem, there is any solution? Cheers lads! PS: I'm not asking for a serial, I don't cracked the game nor anything, and if you want a proof, I can join any MP server, but just with a tad of lag (I'm from South America after all!). ---------- Post added at 10:47 ---------- Previous post was at 10:40 ---------- Whoopsy! Haven't seen this thread, shall I post the same text in that one?
  2. Benoist

    [SP] For The Life Of A Friend

    In the last firefight, east of the road in the South of the village, though I was kind of lost and I didn't have much time to search with the bullets passing through. May be they were in other part of the map, who knows, I was a tad stressed, damn, the cig I had after finnish it was wonderful. I played the version that is on Armedassasult.info, don't know if it's updated. Oh, and the one who gave his life for his friends, J.C., is who I think it is?
  3. Benoist

    [SP] For The Life Of A Friend

    Well, that was hard yet, I would not have imaginated a better comeback to BIS games. One thing though, why removing the bodies? I diverted a the enemy after killing a squad with NV and when I came back the bodies were gone, I'd have kill for those NV... Well, in fact, I did, but it would have been a blast! And I played solo, I leaved Olaf in his house, near the church, bloody bastad, can't shoot a thing! Excelent mission, good plot and not that hard if one uses guerrilla tactics. This shows how awesome is the mission editor, I wish I could do mission like this one.
  4. Benoist

    Catching up plus "Will it Run"?

    It actually runs very well, of course, graphics mid/low, but I played all the mission in the Demo and not a single freeze or lag.
  5. Yes, yes, yes... I know that there's a thread for the "Will it BlendRun" but I'm asking more here. First of all, FUCK it's been ages since the last time I was here... I was still playing ArmAI (more or less a few months after ACE hit the stores) until my VGC decided to just... die. After that ArmA became just a good memory. But now with time (more or less) and money (again, more or less... tha latter is a bit more appropriated) in my hands I'm going to give ArmAII a try. Second: What's so different in ArmA and ArmAII? Yes, I've read a few things but I want to hear it from the community, I'm have being playing BIS' games since 2003 so I don't wait an uber AI with smart movements in close quartes but what are the real improvements in ArmAII? Perhaps the vehicles are a bit more realistic in their movements? The AI has a bit of self-preservation? Things like that. Also, things that didn't change. The AI is still able to find you 3km away and killing you with a bullet fired with a rusty AK-74 at the same distance? Third: My PC ASUSTeK P5KPL-AM SE Intel Pentium 4 3.06 GHz 2GB DDR2 - Kingston GeForce 8800GTX Acording to CanYouRunIt it's just a bit lower than the middle in the "pass zone", but I don't know it it's going to run smooth or like ArmAI used to run in my old PC (like crap, if you didn't catch it). So, could you answer this fellow community pal questions? :) I'll give you cookies.
  6. I'm not particularly fan of chinese technology, but your scripting, modeling and editing screens are excelent, keep up with the good work.
  7. Benoist

    How to create a dedicated server

    Ok, so we can't create a dedicated server for ArmAII now, or can we? I'm confused, because someone said that BIS has to upload some files, other says that the already have a server running, etc. And in case of being positive, how?
  8. While that's shitty, at the same time you can see some bikes in top of the LAV, so, now we can load small vehicles in other vehicles? And I hope that you could chose ride on top or that those are the last available cargo position, because it would be very suicidal go straight to the top.
  9. Benoist

    ArmA II: The Vehicles

    That must been added because of the preview images and videos. And the CRCC because... it's the CRCC, it doesn't need another explanation. It's a standar boat now.
  10. Benoist

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    Yeap, I'm not going to tell you the coordinates because that would take off the magic(?), however I can just say that it's at the South East of Dead Plains, and is a Vault, so it's very well hidden.
  11. Benoist

    Custom face textures in ArmA 2?

    Dslyecxi* could you post a picture of your ArmA and ArmA2 face to compare, please? How many changes you can make? The res is still 512x512? *And how the hell I pronounce your name? It's something that has been bugging me since I read your Tactical Guide.
  12. Benoist

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    I'm eager to know what happened in the island, specially in Dead Plains. Americans and Russians were fighting when the nukes came?
  13. :\ You can clearly see that it's an object, they could have worked a bit more "fusing" the textures, or at least putting it in a brown textured soil. It kills the inmersion. But I like a game where you can see more or less the reality of war, not like a bloodless CoD.
  14. http://www.jeuxvideo.com/screenshots/images/00019/00019580_127.htm Looks like now we have some opinion about what we have to do. The campaing looks promising, not like ArmA's. But I hope that ArmA's ghosts don't chase ArmAII and spoil it's campaing.
  15. BIS is making better graphics? Good for them! I really don't care, ArmA ones were already good for me, but if they want to improve them I'm not going to stop them. Besides, improving the graphic quality of a game is easier than fixing/adding things, so at least we get a "bonus". Also, BIS has to eat, and in this market with 11 year old CoD4 fanboys, the graphics are a very important "feature". For me, meh, I would have prefer to have more things, bug fixing, a more dinamic gameplay (by that I'm not saying something as a CoD). But I already knew that they weren't going to be a lot of changes in this part of the game.