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  1. nice units.. tanks a lot
  2. Jolly_Roger


    Is very goo heard news from swm mod !!!
  3. Jolly_Roger

    British forces mod

    Are you referring to any specific SAS get-up? Counter-Terrorist kit, desert kit ala B2Z, DPM, civvy dress, or the Johnny's Special Forces style of operator? Saying 'SAS' is quite a broad request, especially considering the nature and varied roles of the regiment. I understand.. you plan a standart unit represent the variety of regiment or specific units for a specific role
  4. Jolly_Roger

    British forces mod

    amazing guys !!! and.. the SAS
  5. well.. downloading !!
  6. Jolly_Roger

    BMD 1 Alpha version

    tanks a lot soul !!!
  7. Me and my friends in Brazil says ... TANKS ACE TEAM
  8. Downloading... tank dude !!!
  9. Jolly_Roger

    British 3 Para

    AMAZING DUDE = Sinistro cara !!!!
  10. Jolly_Roger

    Modernized Especas Commandos

    http://krashevsky-sf.com/photo/ a lot of russian SF personel http://militaryphotos.net/forums....8209643 http://militaryphotos.net/forums....8209655 http://militaryphotos.net/forums....8209673 http://militaryphotos.net/forums....8209704 http://militaryphotos.net/forums....8209722 http://militaryphotos.net/forums....8209733 http://militaryphotos.net/forums....8209840 http://www.bnti.ru/dbtexts/ipks/12_07/frt/piton/index.31.jpg http://www.bnti.ru/dbtexts/ipks/12_07/frt/reid_l/index.30.jpg http://www.bnti.ru/dbtexts/ipks/12_07/frt/grenader/index.29.jpg
  11. Jolly_Roger

    Modernized Especas Commandos

    a sugestion for futures versions ... http://img258.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1047zc1.jpg http://img265.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1013ng5.jpg http://img211.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1034ii6.jpg http://img508.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1035mk9.jpg http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums....8673318 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums....8673318 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums....8482214 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums....8482214 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums....8482214 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums....8482214 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums....8482417 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums....8482417 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums....8482417 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums....8482417 i hope thats images helps you.. i lik your new models very much.. tanks
  12. Jolly_Roger

    Jonny´s Army Special Forces

    In Brazil EVERYONE play with your units jonny !!!!