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  1. William1, hace tiempo que no posteo y debido a mi pobre inglés no me atrevo a hacerlo :-P. Como ya me ayudaste en una ocasión, recurro a tí para ver si me puedes solucionar un pequeño problema.

    Me instalé el mod Cold War Rearmed y como no soy nada fan de la m´sica original del OFP pues traté de cambiarle la música, como ya hice antaño con la música del OFP y del ARMA funcionando todo a la perfección.

    Pues he tratado de hacer lo mismo con el CWR pero a la hora de la verdad y después de crear el archibo PBO de nuevo y sustituirlo, cuando estoy dentro del juego no me da ningún error pero no se oye ni la música que yo le he puesto ni los sonidos de menú.

    Estos han sido mis pasos en el proceso.

    1- Descomprimir el archivo pbo: cwr_sounds

    2- Cambiar la música original .ogg por mi música en archivos .ogg

    3- Volver a comprimir el archivo pbo: cwr_sounds

    4- Sustituir el archibo pbo en CWR\Addons

    ¿Estoy haciendo algo mal? :-o

    Un saludo.

  2. it happens with 1.14 and 1.16 also :(
  3. sled88, the game freezes in the 3º intro of the campaign, when the stalkers get into the truck and head for chernobyl, it's not a ctd , just the game gets frozen. the mods looks great until that. anyone gets the same ?
  4. Dragon Rising has been released

    oh yes throw to the bin your " prehistoric" video card and buy the ultimate model in the market that will be usefull only a couple of months until the next videogame come to the stores, then you will have to buy a new one along with a new processor, who cares , life is short !
  5. Dragon Rising has been released

    i will be in CM forums the same way that i will be in these forums because i'm not a fanboy are you gonna cry? if it makes you feel better i can say DR is very bad :bounce3:
  6. Dragon Rising has been released

    ah OK, and then saying the opposiite is not trolling? good logic. DR is great by default, it desn't need scripting to flank you, search for cover, leaning behind trees or maneovering , it really feels like you are fighting against a threating enemy.
  7. Dragon Rising has been released

    , well , i have the same right to post in this thread as you, and i'm not the one who is flamebaiting like i'm not the one who started using words like stupid to rebate an opinion.
  8. Dragon Rising has been released

    yes, it is. are you really that stupid or just trolling?
  9. Dragon Rising has been released

    Eugh... and even like that it is clearly better , so you can imagine how it is arma ai...
  10. Dragon Rising has been released

    completely agree, not to mention than DR AI is much better than ofp or Arma AI
  11. Dragon Rising has been released

    more than expansive it is expensive because you have to buy a new whole computer to (barely) play it :bounce3:
  12. for me , the natural succesor of OFP is Arma 1 , and Arma 2 is the natural succesor of Arma 1 :bounce3: ( and DR is the bastard son that will inherit all the relatives legacy :D )
  13. Dragon Rising has been released

    completely false, please stop spamming shit
  14. Dragon Rising has been released

    leaning is there , but not implemented in the game , i think they're going to adress it in the next patch
  15. Dragon Rising has been released

    DR Ai is not bad at shooting any more , there is one mod that fixed it, now it is tactical, and it is accurate