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Found 87 results

  1. Steam Trading Cards released! Today we released Steam Trading Cards for Take On Mars. By playing the game and collecting Trading Cards, people can obtain various pieces of artwork - which can be crafted into badges, drop loot in the form of profile skins, or even offer rewards such as Steam discount vouchers. Furthermore, on October 3rd, we intend to release a major new update for Take On Mars. Titled as the Deimos content pack, this free update adds two brand new locations for you to explore, a new Zero-G Probe vehicle for zero-gravity environment, plus new features such as ‘Dynamic Mission Generation’, a revamped ‘Part Failure System’ and the expanded ‘Dynamic Weather System’. The price of Take On Mars will also be increased to 13.99 EUR/ 17.99 USD/ 11.99 GBP on October 3rd. The game is currently available as an Early Access title on Steam and Store.bistudio.com for 9.99 EUR/ 12.99 USD/ 8.99 GBP. http://www.bistudio.com/images/stories/tkom/tkom_trading_cards_large.jpg (399 kB)
  2. Hello everyone, this Friday (6th September 2013) expect to see Steam Workshop support added to the development branch. Though this will appear in the main branch at the start of next week, this will give you the chance to try it out as soon as it is available. Also worthy of note is the addition of our Workbench suite, used to create your own particles, locations, materials, and much more. With the Steam Workshop support comes the full support for 'addons' - modules that add vehicles, locations, models, textures, sounds, and so on, to the game. These can be enabled/disabled in the main menu of the game in the Addons menu. To help you guys get started on making your own addons, we will also release the official example addon, which adds an example location to the game, as well as a 4WD Buggy, complete with a machine gun. Rest assured, this is to simply show what the addons are capable of, and Take On Mars is not heading for "violent exploration". To briefly outline what the example addon will contain, here is a list of goodies: - "Example Crater" location, to show how additional locations are automatically added to the campaign (if their .loc file is defined) and how these locations may be used in the editor and for scenarios - 4WD Buggy vehicle, customizable in the Rover Lab, demonstrates how custom vehicles with varied functionality can be added to the game - Sounds for the Buggy and its mounted MG, engine and so on - Models for the Buggy, including the vehicle itself as well as the turrets - Materials for the Buggy, showing how custom materials and textures may be added Following shortly thereafter will be a couple of videos to help modders get into using the added Workbench suite, as well as a video detailing how configs work, what each sections does, and a video detailing what each part of the example addon does and how it was achieved. Hopefully we will see some spectacular addons coming up within the next few weeks. A lot to look forward to! Just to give a little tantalizing taste of the buggies to come in the example addon, here are a few screenshots: http://dramthethief.com/uploaded/Buggy1.jpg (129 kB) http://dramthethief.com/uploaded/Buggy2.jpg (199 kB) http://dramthethief.com/uploaded/Buggy3.jpg (161 kB)
  3. Deformal

    Gamepad support!

    Greeting! I have gamepad Logithech F510. ARMA 3 supports it really well for hardcore PC shooter. The only problem is that control of helicopter is quite bad. Z axis and fire battons work on the same triggers. And I can`t remap them? Can you include full remapping for gamepad?
  4. How can i make the A-143 Buzzard rearm when I land on the airfield? I know how to set it up to rearm when i enter a trigger with the SetAmmo module, but if I have to land on the airfield first?
  5. We plan to add quite some new tags categories ... logical complains or really worthy suggestions, ideas are welcomed NOTE: this is more of experimental so we get some feedback on it before enabled this is sister thread of STEAM discussion: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/864976115275259971/?appid=107410
  6. Free Stratis by becario_alex Description: Stratis has been invaded by the OpFor army. They have taken control of the main settlements and facilities in the island and they are planning on launching a large scale attack on Altis from there. BluFor has been sent there to recover control of the island. They have secured Stratis Airbase and created a FOB there. They have also secured another small FOB on the east of the island. Take your men and regain control of the island. Features: VAS (Virtual Ammobox System). EOS (Enemy Ocupation System). Respawn selection (west or east). Vehicle Respawn. Disabled friendly IA. 10 conquerable sites. Installation: Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22140 This is a simple mission I created to test EOS and see how it performs. I managed to create the different tasks for each settlement and a final one in case any of those settlements are recaptured by OpFor. I think it would suit any group of friends that want a quick action mission. I also removed the sniper rifles from VAS. If anyone is interested I can add more player slots and/or create different squads. Please tell me how can I improve it. A friend told me to include a admin panel in the mission but I have no idea of how to do it :confused: For testing purposes I just copied one from Wasteland, but I haven't tested it yet (it's not in this release).
  7. Today we've released our brand new installment in the Take Onâ„¢ simulation video game series, Take On Mars. Available exclusively on Steam (Early Access) and Store.bistudio.com for 12.99 USD/9.99 EUR/8.99 GBP, Take On Mars is one of the 'smaller' and perhaps more experimental projects from our stables. At the same time I think it's also one of the coolest - especially if you're into space exploration like many of the Bohemians Interactiveans. If not, For those who hear about Take On Mars for the first time: in short, the game provides you with the opportunity to enlist as a Rover Operator and explore real locations on Mars (check the gameplay trailer below). With a scientific arsenal at your disposal, you will work your way through the numerous Science Missions in each of the locations, unlocking the secrets of Mars' distant past. And... as with any space exploration mission, the initial launch of Take On Mars is just the start of the journey. By making the game available as an Early Access title on Steam, we hope to create the most dynamic exploration sim game possible. Thus, besides the Space Program campaign and the individual scenarios, the game also comes with a scenario editor, Steam Workshop integration (to be added later) and modding support. Regular updates to the game are to be expected, and all players are welcome to report game issues or provide suggestions to the dedicated TKOM Feedback Tracker. Of course, we also invite you to the Take On Mars section on the forums. Marti(a)n Melicharek is actively replying to questions, and all of us are very curious to know what you think of the game! "Mars is there, waiting to be reached." - Buzz Aldrin
  8. Dear community, Steam is becoming very significant part of today's PC Gaming as well as it was crucial part of the success of Arma 2 / Operation Arrowhead. There are already many games that are simply Steam only but Bohemia Interactive so far tried to stay service agnostic as we did not like concept of enforcing our users in any direction. What is your opinion, should we make our games Steam only or provide Steam specific enhancements or not?
  9. IS there a way to make the civillians spawn as enemy to opfor units? Like, if I set an Ambient civi mod and eachtime they spawn near an opfor unit the opfor unit attacks the civi? Kinda wanna make a libya scenario, big guy held up in his mansion, protestors outside and in town, big guys has enough, sends troops to do some clean up, starts killing any and all civis they see, good guys come in, kill big guy and his minions, wear burkas and party like its 1999.... Just dont know how to get the module working the way I want. I know if I place a group of civi's and group them to a bluefor they are automaticaly opfor enemy but not really how I wanna do it....any ideas?
  10. vRS_Billy

    Help please,

    I have been fiddling wi the esettings in the game to try get a good combo and now there is a wierd like imprint on the screen when playing? I cant get rid of it even if I change settings and restart the game? This ARMA 2 game is the worst game Ive ever purchesed! and if there were none of these troubles it would be the best game! I am proper p!$$£d off with this now! ---------- Post added at 05:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:41 PM ---------- here is a screen shot of it. you can see it on the ship and its like that in game too no matter what I set things to. I have even tried slightly speedin up the GFX card and have put it back to std and no change????? [/img]
  11. Sharp93

    ArmA Wont Start

    Hi guys,when i try to start ArmA the part where it marks the boxes with a check mark it goes all the way except it stops at the 3rd from the last, and then i get No Entry 'bin\config.bin.ControllerSchemes' so i click ok and then the game starts up and its a black screen for about 3 seconds then closes and i get another error message,this time it says Error compiling pixel shader PPSpecularAlpha aney 1 know what the problem is,all my drivers are up to date and i have XP Pro SP3 Pentium D Dual-Core 2.66GHz on both cores and i got 2 gigs of RAM and an Nvidiea Geforce 8400 GS with 512 memory on it and it passes the reccomended requirments
  12. This page contains Frequently Asked Questions about ArmA 2 game release on STEAM. Note: TBA - To Be Announced, TBD - To Be Determined Q: Why are there different release dates on Steam? A: This depends on work-flow and particular agreements with the publishers. USA,Canada region: 26th June 2009, EU region: 30th June 2009, rest of the world: 30th June 2009. Q: Why is the Steam EU release later than EU retail release and even US release? A: This decision is related to existing publishing and distribution deals for various countries. Q: If I cancel my preorder of Steam version, do I get refund. A: Yes, of course. Q: Who is in control of game updates on Steam? A: Bohemia Interactive. Q: When new patch is released, would I need to wait for special update of Steam version? A: Yes. Update should be available at the same time as for the retail versions and should be delivered to your Steam account automatically (unlike normal patches for retail version where you will need to manually patch the game). Q: Is there SECUROM copy protection used? A: No, Steam version is protected in a different way. Q: What copy protections are used in Steam release? A: Steam copy protection and BI internal solution. Q: Are there any activation limits for the Steam version? A: No, only the standard Steam account limitations apply. Q: Any chance of preload on Steam before release? A: Most likely yes unless something unpredictable prevents it to happen. - Note: TBD Q: What is size of the Steam version download? A: ~8 GB Q: Will be there any special bonus for Steam buyers? A: TBD, TBA Q: Can we use our retail keys to register on Steam? A: TBD, TBA Q: What version will be on Steam on release? A: Version 1.02 may be available for preload, although improved 1.02+ build may be available on release. Q: Will Steam offer beta patches? A: TBD, yet most likely not Q: Can we expect demo on Steam? A: Yes, TBA Q: Will the demo be distributed exclusively on Steam? A: No. Q: What language versions of game will be on Steam? A: For now and near future English language version only Q: What Steam features works already? A: Steamclient VOIP, Steamclient overlay and Steamclient browser inside overlay, Steamfriends in Steamclient. Q: Can we expect use of SteamWORKS (VAC, Cloud, etc.) features? A: No, not at time of release but some features may become used later in future. Q: Are there any feature drawbacks of Steam version compared to retail version? A: No, all features are same. As with any other version, community-made addons and scenarios work with the Steam version. Q: Is Steam version compatible in multiplayer with retail version? A: Yes, absolutely Q: Will the Steam version work offline? A: Yes, via Steam offline mode. Q: Is Steam version supporting commandline like switches like retail? A: Yes. Q: Is there complete ArmA 2 manual included with STEAM release? A: Yes, it will be available as PDF download from STEAM. * these FAQs will be updated and expanded as and when needed ...