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  1. therealdoge

    Doge's Arma 3 Group

    After many attempts to obtain the nearest city from the AAF, we finally did it. (Oh and btw, we aren't doing Guerilla stuff anymore. Just wanted to bump this thread.)
  2. therealdoge

    Doge's Arma 3 Group

    We switched maps and we're doing Guerilla stuff atm now.
  3. therealdoge

    Doge's Arma 3 Group

    http://i.imgur.com/ZWDQF7r.png (4412 kB) Picture of me and some of my members :D
  4. therealdoge

    Some can join, some can't.

    I'm not sure how to make an Arma 3 Sync Repo. I've googled everywhere.. some people that can't join have re-installed the mods, and their entire game. But it still doesn't let them join. ---------- Post added at 16:59 ---------- Previous post was at 16:04 ---------- Ok, turns out for some reason, they have CBA enabled, but they cannot join my server and it says on the server mod requirements they do not have CBA. Idk why.
  5. Basically, the problem is. On my server I have some required mods, some people that have all of the mods can join, but some can't. It lets them join then kicks them back out onto the server list with no message. I've tried everything, I'm not sure what the problem can be.
  6. therealdoge

    Doge's Arma 3 Group

    Taking over an island yesterday: It was a success, despite two dying in the process.
  7. therealdoge

    Primary weapons not appearing in inventory

    I'd rather not, thanks for trying to help tho.
  8. therealdoge

    Primary weapons not appearing in inventory

    Tried updating AGM and tried the interface thing, no results.
  9. Hey, so basically, when I spawn in a primary weapon there is no way for me to drop it. A picture is seen below. I've tried dragging the empty space everywhere, no idea how to fix this.
  10. therealdoge

    Doge's Arma 3 Group

    Hello! I have set up a little operation group for me and some of my friends. We are currently looking to recruit more people. We aim to have a serious military experience, but we don't want to be a full-out milsim with applications etc. To join us, simple add me on steam (It's underneath my name.) and ask me to join, or head to our TS at with your requested role. Some images from our ops:
  11. Wait, so I'd put the bikey of mods I want to ALLOW or RESTRICT?
  12. Basically, I want to restrict people from using certain mods, how would I Do so?
  13. therealdoge

    Need operation buddies

    Can both of you PM me your steam name links? we've been doing a couple of ops lately and we need more people! :D
  14. Hey, I'm looking for people to run live Arma 3 sniping operations or normal operations with. If you're interested simply post your steam name below :D