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    Gamepad support!

    Thank you!
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    Gamepad support!

    Greeting! I have gamepad Logithech F510. ARMA 3 supports it really well for hardcore PC shooter. The only problem is that control of helicopter is quite bad. Z axis and fire battons work on the same triggers. And I can`t remap them? Can you include full remapping for gamepad?
  3. Hello. I want to ask developers: do you have any plans for Linux and Mac version? I understand, that now you need to work for other important things, like bugs, optimization and singleplayer. Also I know, that a lot of people think, that Linux is created for working and Windows for games. But I think, that this opinion was invented by Microsoft. Nearly 10% of my friend use Ubuntu and they buy games, that support Linux. And the last thing. A lot of think, that Linux is hardcore OS. A lot of people think, that Arma is hardcore game. Hardcore game on hardcore OS. I think it`s cool slogan :cool:. Do you agree?