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  1. Riksen

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Can't wait to see you support the mod in Patreon if you havent already 😉
  2. Riksen

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Oh my ... This is going to be a game changer! Great job! Just joined the Patreon 🙂
  3. Riksen

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    nope. I believe the issue is with your Arma 3 not being on dev branch as well. Happened to me too when I first tried so I switched to the dev branch and the issue was gone.
  4. I like it! Thank you for your work!
  5. Cover each other feature will only be seen if they arr in stealth/combat mode in any formation except Diamond and File. Try switching the formation to file and then change their behaviour. Usually that stops them from the covering behaviour.
  6. Animation speed. Tpw changes the default values to a motr realistic one. It could be that I think.
  7. TACTICAL WRIST ADDON: This addon was born as a result of my frustration to the fact that one could pull up the wrist watch view without actually having a watch on. Several mods out there display characters with a wrist watch, GPS, and other eye candy stuff on the wrist but they are mostly "private mods". I've tried without success to contact the individuals with such mods and never got a response. So I figured I would go ahead and do it myself. Both models were done by me in 3ds Max and took about 1 week to be completed as I had no idea how to work the software and kinda had to learn as I went on. I did use a template for the wrist watch (https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/watch-brands-x-free/889252) that I modified to reduce the polygons and also was my first experience with 3ds Max. If you are going to do something like this one day, I totally recommend getting one completed 3d model to learn the process. The Garmin Foretrex 401 was done from scratch after I learned a lot form the watch creation. I did use the one in the 75th Rangers mod Hawaiian & Siege-A (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1171952244) as size reference ONLY (see my 3ds max pics below). In the end my Garmin Foretrex ended up having around 8000 polygons so I had to redesign it to lose some polygons and fit better with the Arma 3 engine (this was my first ever model completely done by me - YYYAAAYYY!). Garmin Foretrex 401: Wrist Watch: In game: Watch alone: Garmin and Watch together: Contents: - Wrist Watch (in facewear and NVG slots); - Garmin alone (in facewear and NVG slots); - Combo with both of them together ((in facewear and NVG slots). License: As you can see, this project took a considerable amount of time, especially because I had to learn the basics of 3ds Max and it is free for you to use. I only ask that if you are going to include in your mod or make any changes to any part of this addon that acknowledge all the work I put in and credit me where credit is due. In general, I ask that you, please, abide to the following: - Do not use this material for any commercial purposes; - Attribute the material in the manner specified above (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the material); - If you adapt, or build upon this material, you may distribute the resulting material only under the same license; - Do not re-upload to steam workshop or anywhere else without prior consent from me. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19iezHYmn1Xg8xWV-PGfYAsHeZ40U3uXN Please do not re-upload the mod anywhere (including steam). I'll post better pics later ...
  8. Riksen

    Tactical Wrist

    I've redone the watch and the polygons dropped to 1/3 when compared to the previous model. I also included a reflective glass on its surface. Anyways, I have given the models to the CUP team so you will probably see them in the next release of CUP ... probably before I can update this one here. Sorry guys, very busy with real life at the moment and I hate going through the configs 😞
  9. Riksen

    ArmA 3: Dunes

    Let there be Sand! Thanks for this great mission!
  10. Riksen

    Tactical Wrist

    Thank you Sir! I'll work on a new watch model soon and hopefully I can release an update this or next weekend when I have some time off.
  11. Riksen

    Tactical Wrist

    You are probably right and I have to learn how to keep these managable in the future. Until I get better at it, this is what I have to offer. Sorry 😞
  12. Riksen

    Tactical Wrist

    Sorry for the delay (huge delay I would say) in responding. I corrected the missing gear in 1st person view but I havent had much time to work on the mod lately, unfortunately. I managed to make a combo with gloves as well and they fit well with the "RR JSOC Uniforms" which currently lack gloves. Problem is having the time to work through all the combos in the damn config files 😞
  13. Riksen

    Tactical Wrist

    Sorry for the delay. Yes, I want to implement hidden selection to the models (not sure how it is done but I think I know how to) so you will be able to retexture them as you want. I also moved it slightly higher as suggested (thank you). They will come in multiple combinations like the watch alone, watch + garmin, watch + Garmin + forearm map, and watch + forearm bandage. I want to contact the owners of the other models as well and, if they let me, include these combos with shemaghs, face masks, and balaclavas as well ... Sorry I'm slow with all of this 😞
  14. Please excuse my ignorance but how do I use the script? Any sample mission available? Thank you!
  15. Riksen

    Tactical Wrist

    Additional WIP gear: Forearm Bandage Paracord Bracelet: Forearm Tactical Map: I was able to fix the way the forearm map moves with the arm (had to learn to weight the model in Oxygen which was not the best experience lol). I still need to get the colors right and how it responds to light and all that but it works for now. The object can get distorted with some weapons but it works for most of them. It looks specially good with long barrel weapons and it would go really well with a range card texture for snipers and all .... Anyways, that's all I have for now ... Let me know what you guys think.
  16. Riksen

    Tactical Wrist

    COS addon: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=846603147&searchtext=C.O.S
  17. Tpw thank you for the mod! Im glad you have expanded the ability to spawn custom units! Great work sir 🙂 Does the feature also support vehicles (light armored, tanks, etc)? I know it is probably written somewhere ... Anyways, is there any chance to see this greater level of customization also affect TPW_AIR so we can select which planes and helicopters spawn during the flybys?
  18. Riksen

    Tactical Wrist

    Update guys: Sorry it took me this long to do it. My computer went kaput and I lost the previous model I was working on so I had to start all over again ... Anyways, here is the new combination that is in the oven. The forearm map thing is, however, very stiff on his arm and it does not quit follow the forearm and wrist animation. I'm trying to figure out how to fix that still so if anyone has nay suggestion or can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it 🙂
  19. @tpw Thank you for your continuing support for this mod! Quick question, if you don't mind: Is the Rosche, Germany terrain supported? Cheers and have a good weekend sir!
  20. Thank you R3vo! Mission creation is not the same without your addon. This should have been part of the game for sure! Cheers
  21. Riksen

    Frogman's War

    This mission is amazing! Great job and attention to detail. It is specially hard when using ACE and TPW mods (sharks may show up!) Thank you!