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  1. icarus86

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Maybe having the superhind as a ldf helicopter would be a cool idea, some kind of frankenstein modernized hind always seemed like a good fit for one of the indie factions
  2. On the HEMMT, that seems to happen when its made a simple object
  3. looters are split into criminals and looter iirc, criminals have the new outfits
  4. When did all the turrets get the green variant, am i blind from apex or is that all LDF stuff? (I know the patriot is)
  5. Speaking of animations the farmers outfit looks like it wasnt setup to use guns, your hand practically detaches from the arm when holding certain rifles lmao
  6. Should the police beacons emit light like the new orange beacon? because they currently don't.
  7. the rahim was a prototype for a svd replacement and almost every csat vehicle is a russian prototype or inspired by
  8. icarus86

    Arma 3 Aegis

    The current russian helmet is fine since its supposed to be a beggining of a csat merger iirc
  9. the msbsk looks almost like a scar, i think the bullup is more stylized. Which has always been the rule for vanilla a3 stuff, style and sandbox demonstration. Its been easier to faction-code bullpup weapons for sci-fi/futurish stuff
  10. The ldf's ede seems to use the same voice as the aaf one
  11. When you are using the front camera on ede and extend out all the way, you cant see edes "head" from that view, having an invisible probe shoot outa nowhere is kinda funny.
  12. One of the cross connector tents doors is blocked even when its set to open still
  13. i believe thats referring to an alien vehicle and/or the 2 new offroad variants.
  14. Id like to see the open/closing of the offroads back added to the regular versons of the truck
  15. icarus86

    Arma 3 Aegis

    in some screenshots the suit is shown to work as its own CBRN outfit, so maybe everything is under it? Im fine with the suits being armored or not, just dont want people to make the same mistake as they do with csat and make terminators by accident in there missions lmao