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  1. @tpw I had a thought regarding HUD: Given that a player using it can experience a marked improvement in their own skill level while it's active, might it be possible to boost the AI skill level for any units wearing the compatible headgear? As a simulation of their own improved awareness?
  2. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    I doubt that would change too much in the Armaverse depleted future, if by some miracle the UK remained whole and not conquered by Europe. Ergo; UK Forces would almost certainly be using the US stanag as a basis for anything. If resources are as tight as Armaverse predicts then they'd never fund a replacement for the SA80 family - maybe just changing the action to accept the US waffle mags. That might be a bitch to do model-wise - NIArms did it for their G36 pack and it's quite a radical looking change.
  3. my 10¢: I run TPWmods alongside ACE without issues, so long as Bleedout is disabled.
  4. Oh Hell. Was worried someone would say that Time to start the horrible process of working out what's doing it. Odd as it only started when I added ACE3 to my modlist ----- OK this is weird. Knocking off mods that could possibly affect things I realise that the only BIS scopes I have access to are the ones that ACE3 gives 2D/PIP options for; all others are closed off. No-one else has this problem? ----- FOUND IT! The problem wasn't a mod but compatibility files packaged within a mod. I will pass the info onto the author in case anyone else has experienced this.
  5. Been searching the thread but couldn't find an answer; ACE3 & CBA seem to have removed a large number of scopes from the available pool. Especially noticeable are the BIS scopes like the DMS or ERCO (from Apex). I know they are fictional and therefore less likely to see support in a realism mod, but it makes like somewhat interesting when attempting to play through the official campaigns or any scenario that uses Vanilla content ONLY. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to regain access to them? CBA on it's own used to give them compatibility so I'm assuming it's an ACE3 thing... TIA
  6. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Maybe have a separate Field Officer in plate and pot, leave the current officer as FOB/Camp counterpart?
  7. Little less Elder Scrolls: How about scripting to make the AI scan their local area for sources of ammunition and auto-looting them without the player having to scream themselves hoarse over the limitations of the command menu? Say if the AI is static and without orders for 1 minute+...
  8. If TPW's taking suggestions how about fountains & refreshment stalls giving localised boosts to stamina & health regeneration? Or is that too Elder Scrolls?
  9. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Don't Do It! NATO is more than just the USA! Also means the helmets can't be used for any generic (or simply non-american) units
  10. So now we have a new checklist for you to work on
  11. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Are we talking one addon per Side, or per Faction? or just per logical grouping?
  12. @tpw I do like the new simplified HUD, streamlines things a little and is much less intrusive. My only problem is that it disables the UAV and Squad networking to highlight known threats outside of your own eyeline. Is there a way to tinker the .hpp into doing this or do I have to cycle through to the full HUD for that?
  13. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    @Night515 Is there any chance you could be persuaded to include some CTRG gear that isn't the UBACS/Crye uniform? I'm a big fan of CTRG and their gear can work well for PMCs (just see your own Clouds setup) but there's no option for a barracks/garrison/non-field uniform anywhere.
  14. Winter 2035

    Out of random interest I tried Malden while running this mod. It's a little odd having a circle of snow expand as you move, feels cold as hell though. Shame you don't have time to deal with that world map :( The fact I get cold shiveres sat in a warm room just goes to show how well your mod works though