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  1. RabidStoat

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Avery isn't active on the mod's development now. You'll need to talk to Heliotrope on the mod's discord server nowadays.
  2. I take it those of us who have had the hpp perma-tabbed in Notepad++ will need to start from scratch recreating our settings in cba, there's no cross-compatibility?
  3. Dear god, disable the comments... We've all used and loved your work for years; half the ingrates who've commented already are just bitching there's no CBA/in-game config set up! Saw that artwork and was about to report it as another dick stealing your work. Now to decide if I swap from dropbox links to steam for the few friends I still have playing A3...
  4. Many thanks. I'm almost at the point of giving in and using vanilla setups, I can't get it to work no matter what I do
  5. Every time I make an edit I update the files here. They include everything that goes into my mod, I just pack the local copy of that folder into a pbo and drop it in my mod folder.
  6. I screwed something up, didn't need the baseweapon section after all. Units now back to just holding the inherited weapon. This is maddening.
  7. I'll give it a shot, thanks --UPDATE-- The units now spawn in holding their 2ry weapon. I've solved the backpack issue that I forgot to mention, but I still get the same error. The units DO load with the base class that the rifles should be inheriting from though. Should I be listing the new weapons that I am creating in the classes section of cfgVehicles maybe?
  8. My work folder can be found here; as I have the config broken up by section it'd be one hell of a long post to include it all. I've searched the cfgWeapons for . with zero results. I do wonder if the fact that I've got the config separated out is what's causing the issue, but I've never seen it cause a problem before.
  9. Hi guys, Building myself a custom faction. Used to use Alive to create the configs, however the way they set loadouts makes it awkward to do minor edits to units for missions. So I set about translating and Alive config into a Vanilla config. The learning curve was steep; I've now read the encoding guide and inheritance guide 'til I'm cross-eyed. My Faction now shows in Eden. The vehicles have all inherited and show up with the correct crews; editor categories are working; identities function properly.... Bugger. I'm trying to create custom classes based on the MX family. I have cfgWeapons.hpp set up and listed directly below cfgPatches in the config.cpp. I've inherited from the vanilla base class and defined what I want in linkedItemsMuzzle/Optics/Acc. No luck. This has also caused the backpacks defined in cfgVehicles to disappear. Could anyone shed some light on what I've screwed up please? The one guy I'd succeeded in wheedling into error-checking for me couldn't see why it wasn't working so I've now run head first into a wall on this. I'm quite happy to share a link to my WIP folder if anyone would be generous enough to take a peek?
  10. RabidStoat

    Quality issues on importing image to A3

    Finally got something that looks moderately ok in-game. TGA definitely seems to convert better, primarily though I think I was being failed by the conversion algorithms in Inkscape/Gimp etc. Making a BIG image and then converting it externally, resizing as part of the conversion instead of before it seems to have worked much better. Thanks for the help Jackal
  11. RabidStoat

    Quality issues on importing image to A3

    Tga to Paa is preferable to png to paa then? I'm a bit off a novice at this, picking it up as I go along (both the A3 side and the graphics) but I'll give it a shot, many thanks
  12. **Probably the wrong section for this but I honestly can't work out where else to ask for help** Trying to create Insignia for my clan - not the clan logo on the right shoulder from Units, but formation insignia on the right via Arsenal. I create an image in Inkscape (vector scales so much better - start large and shrink it); export as a png file then use A3Tools to convert to paa. My starting image is 128*128px@96dpi. In Inkscape it looks good (by my admittedly poor standards) and looks OK as a png. Once in A3 and on a sleeve in paperdoll mode however, quality has taken a nosedive. Colour is washed out, detail is patchy, edges are discoloured or distorted. Can these images be in higher resolution (maintaining the base2 ratio of course)? or is there a trick I'm missing? Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. RabidStoat

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    And the Steam DCMA strikes begin... You guys have this covered right? 🙏🤞
  14. This has been bugging the hell out of me too. Have you raised a ticket on their github about it? Been trying to find anyone there mentioning it