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    [Release] POG Surrender

    One of the best mods out there, definitively. Been quite useful and adds a lot of immersion, agree with you on the awkwardness of the "Terminator AI" that fought to the very end. Thanks!
  2. So, i'm having this issue where my mission won't load, it will load up the slot selection screen but after it is loaded, it will show the "splash" screen that shows the onLoadImage and just before the map, it will throw us back to the Slot selection screen. This mission is not much more complex than what me and a friend of mine usually do. The mission is a little bit complex but not efficiently scripted, so i thought "scripts are the issue here" but no, turns out scripts work fine, tested the mission on my computer running as a server and it worked fine, no error whatsoever, me and my friend tried playing it with no issues, but when we tried it on a small dedicated server we rented, it didn't work, so i took a look at the .rpt files, well i found that there's something i've never faced before: 20:54:59 Client: Nonnetwork object d8640140. 20:54:59 Client: Nonnetwork object d865e0c0. 20:54:59 Client: Nonnetwork object d8684180. 20:54:59 Client: Nonnetwork object d86ba140. It keeps repeating after each reset and from an extensive search on the forums, i've found absolutely nothing that helps me so far: Removed Zeus and Game Master added the description.ext Have no headless client on the server nor do i call it at any given time Does anyone has an idea as to why this happens? The mods i used: CBA_A3 Ace CUP Terrains - Core Island Panthera RHS USAF RHS AFRF RHS GREF Ace Compat for each one Last month we played a whole campaign on these mods with no issue. Link to the RPT Thanks to anyone who might help.
  3. Lorflord Denninard

    BMR Insurgency

    First of all, thanks for this aweasome gamemode Jigsor! It's given me great long hours of fun, i know it took YOU long hours to make so thanks for these maps. Secondly, is there a way i can remove the BTC revive system and apply the Ace Advanced Medical System? I mean i like the mode and all but i'd like more to use the ACE advanced medical system to make it a little bit harder. Third, and least important of all, is there a way to string vehicles to certain mods? So for example, if i have RHS USAF, when i use BLUFOR the vehicles are from RHS USAF? Thanks a lot for the maps and sorry for the inconveniences my questions may cause, thanks Jigsor!
  4. Lorflord Denninard

    Help me please Unit profile Header

    Anyone has any idea to this yet?
  5. Hello! So, i have seen that some missions have a Virtual Arsenal in which there are already some set loadouts, for example, when you get close to it you will get the "Arsenal" option on the mouse wheel menu, but also sometimes you'll find things like "Rifleman"; "AT Soldier", "Pilot" and such, when you select any of them you get a loadout given by the server (not the ones you have saved). I'm trying to do this but i can't get it to work, i know how to export a certain loadout to a text file or to another unit but i have no idea how to make it like that. NOTE: I do use CBA_A3 and ACE mods but i guess there should be no problem with that as long as the players joining the server have them as well.
  6. Just a quick question, i have a mission setup with 2 tasks initiated by CreateTask modules and ended by SetTaskState modules, 1 is for a target elimination and the other one is for a hostage rescue, they both work perfectly fine on their own, but they are both set in the same village so they have to be parallel (why would you kill a target and clean a whole enemy village just to leave the hostages behind?), how do i make it so that when both are completed a third trigger/module/txt calls "BIS_fnc_endMission";? As of now i know how to make it so that after 1 of the two missions are completed mission ends but i don't know how to "tie them together" so that they need to be both completed. Any ideas? Suggestions? Thanks BTW, i didn't made them by scripting because i am THE WORSE SCRIPTER ever, i mean i know some scripts and i can do basic things with them but scripting a whole mission is far beyond my abilities, hence i have to use modules. Thanks in advance!
  7. What if not all the player slots are filled? Will it still work? I'll try again with the one you provided @killzone_kid and see if i can make an adjustment in the script to work, ill have to try it with Friends first tho.
  8. Sorry, but i think i've got it: i want a script that activates when all available players are inside it. Thats it :)
  9. Well, it aint working, if you want i can send you the misión so you can check it? its quite on its bare bones yet, but if it helps i'd try it.
  10. So, im making a mission in which 2 helicopters land on a certain spot but they do so using the following functions: rec = [unitname,180] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitCapture; rec = [] spawn path1; But after the helicopters land and end the recording the immediatly take off, no time for the units inside to get out of it, so i was wondering if there was a way to make helicopters stay landed or if i needed to end the animation just a Little bit close to the ground and then issue an "Unload Vehicle" order. Thanks guys!
  11. What you said was more like what i was looking for, a trigger that activates when all available players are present, sorry im not that good explaining it seems, but i have to say in my dfense that english is not my first language so maybe that complicates it too hahaha, besides scripting is in english too, so, yeah i get confused at times too, but thanks a lot!
  12. I'll check it and reply, thanks beforehand man!
  13. Ok, so it goes something like this, when the mission starts, a pair of helos drop all the players at a camp, what i want to do is that once all players unload from helicopters they walk into a trigger zone where i have set up an officer with a "GUARD" animation, what this trigger does is that when it detects all players online in that trigger area, it switches to a briefing animation, but since maybe at times not all player slots are filled (lets say a group of 5 tries to make the mission out of the 10 posible) of course the players in that trigger zone will vary, so i want it to detect all used player slots online at the momento of the mission start and when they are at the trigger zone (after they landed) it starts the briefing animation, but i dont know which script to use, i know one should be !alive so it detects if the players are alive, but i need another script to link it so that game knows when they are not used (no AI in player slots).
  14. But how would i make it an argument in a trigger? Condition: if [!alive unit1] or [IsNil unit 1], [!alive unit2] or [IsNil unit 2]; [!alive unit3] or [IsNil unit 3]; etc?