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    Hello there, I've got a problem with Your mission, that is, no matter what, I lose Zeus functionality after respawn. I've tried to change ways Zeus module synchronise with the player, but nothing has helped. I looked through all pages of that discussion searching for similiar problem and I've noticed in Your changelogs, that "Zeus should now still be available after a respawn" (1.18) and "Zeus interface should work again on every map" (1.194), but it seems like it still doesn't work in my case :D I'm trying to host a local server if that matters.
  2. Hello there great community of Arma! I happened to experience this strange audio bug during my last sessions of Arma, and I'd like to ask, if anyone else experienced something familiar, and if so, did anyone managed to fix it. Here's the video of bug, it'll be better than making an effort to explain it with words: I'm using Dynasound+Enhanced Soundscape, and I feel that it started to happen more frequently after recent updates of Arma.
  3. @Applejakerie I fixed it myself right after I found what was the problem :D But thanks anyway, You only show how much You guys care for Your players :D
  4. Yes, there were multiple restarts, we are a really small group of players so we host our games locally. Like I said, I'm almost sure (and so are the other members of our group) that it used to be aligned even after few restarts until yesterday.
  5. @Applejakerie Regarding the watchtowers, they are working too, so at this point, the only "problem" that still persists is the alignment one. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure that objects were aligned properly to terrain. It was only yesterday, that everything went haywire.
  6. @eric963 You won't be able to salvage vehicles at all unless you build the depot. Even if you try using "recycle" option, it won't work, You have to build the depot first.
  7. Okay, so it looks like the classname in preset was "Land_HBarrierBig_F", while the one placed by Zeus was "Land_HBarrier_Big_F", so even though it looked exactly like the one placed by building module, the Zeus placed one was not recognized as "one of their own" and wasn't saved because of that. Thank You very much for help :D
  8. @Wyqer You're right, they are saving, but it seems, that my problem is connected with some objects not being saved. The one that really annoys me is H-Barrier Big 4 Blocks. I've built an entire FOB out of that one using Zeus only to see it vanish. Of course, there are more objects like this, for example, H-Barrier Watchtower. I don't really know if it's only my problem.
  9. Oh, and @Wyqer, it seems like the "change alignment" feature I asked for doesn't work, unfortunately. I mean, sure, You can place objects aligned to terrain, but they are short lived, as they go back to normal alignment after restarting session.
  10. Hey, @Wyqer I'd like to ask, if there's a way to save Zeus placed objects within the FOB zone. As You can guess, we found building FOBs (especially the larger ones, and even more precisely, placing H-Barriers) to be unimaginably easier when using Zeus module, the only problem is, that none of the objects placed by it are being saved.
  11. @jingols The file for parameters is "mission_params.hpp" located in "ui" folder. The latter I unfortunately don't know.
  12. @Wyqer There will be english translation, right?
  13. @devilspawn Yes, it will. We actually use Ace too, and it works perfectly.
  14. @devilspawn My group uses ASR AI and it causes no problems. We used to have Vcom AI, and it worked as well.