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  1. mihal190

    BloodLust (Version 2022.04.13)

    Are you going to port it over? Or it's just a heads up?
  2. Maybe instead of going with full interior simple ones would be time saving? GM devs did nice work with their interiors, they are not that immersive, and you are actually sitting in black box with periscope, but it's far better than static 2D image, and saves a lot of time compared to full interior
  3. Maybe instead of doing quite old PT-91 you might want to take a look at modernization project, PT-91M2 or even PT-17 since arma is more 2035 related, those would fit for LDF http://zbiam.pl/artykuły/pt-17-pt-91m2/ here is polish article if you want to take a look at changes, also if you need help with making SLAT and ERA functional (disapear on hit) i can help you with them
  4. mihal190

    Arma Zeus Cache

    Take a look at steam comments, new update broke everyone zeus, after re-opening zeus it crashes with acces violation
  5. So we will get 3 awesome terrains under RHS nametag? it's so awesome! why THAT pack doesn't have dev upload yet :c
  6. mihal190

    Slatts AAF Radar 76N6 THEIA

    it has hidden selections?? For more camos and factions?
  7. mihal190

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

  8. mihal190

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Okay, i will try to lead you out of this nonsense. You can't acctualy protect models, if you would found solution, big companies like EA or Activision probably would like to buy it from you, but you can't, because the program that is THAT idiotproof is just 2 button, select DirectX which game use and press keys on keyboard to RIP meshes, then just load them to idk... blender or even object builder and you are done, from what i've seen ripper is losing almost everything, but meshes and textures stays the same, just mapping and selection is gone i think, so only solution is make game which is not DirectX, but you are making addon to pretty old game. All you can do is maybe improve protection of actual file, but then it will hurt guys who would like to add retextures, for me i have some swatches with mutlicam Suez, and some other my country camo patterns, so if i would like to do retextures i need to reverse engineer? and for me it's pain in the ass, because instead of just opening pbo, grabing some textures, and making actual retexture, i need to go to forbbiden website, or watch some tutorial how to crack that "THING" and make retextures, because you said you will probably allow them, so let's say you allowed them, THEN! i have 2 solutions, if i want to config my hard earned textures i need again to rip your pbo to see selections, in config, i could probably do it in game but it's not so clever like in real config from addon. You see, there is no way to add protection from rippers, all you can do is hurt some idiots who would repack your mod and hurt some guys who would like to make some "Additions" to your great mod, but they will give up after 5 minutes of trying to get something to retexture. Maybe you could add obfuscation and script that detects servers names and ban all "live", but there is no actual way of protecting P3D, im pretty sure about it, because if there would be a way bohemia folks would probably implement it ASAP. So don't go this way, you can hire some people to watch over internet to check if your models won't fly somewhere and that's all
  9. mihal190

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Still i don't get this worry about stealing content, no matter how much you will protect it, there will be ALWAYS way to get these models, don't get me wrong but thats true, i've been dealing with this kinda nonsense for atleast 2 months when my friend told he would like to share copy of his work to test before release, all you can do is add obfuscation, maybe if BI let's you can use EBO's but thats likely not going to happen because they don't make exceptions if it comes to "rules of use", i couldn't find anything about it in license, still no matter what you will do there is a program to rip directly meshes from a game that you launch, i've tested it and no matter how unbreakable ebo you create, or ofuscate or obfuscate there is always a way.
  10. mihal190


    It should work with m252 from RHS?
  11. mihal190

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    YAY! i was arleady Excited, but something is missing for me...
  12. mihal190

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    i think MT-LB will come after LAV-25 and RPK
  13. mihal190

    Project RACS

    we got a lot of stuff from what are you showing us but you never said when you gona release it, or any not close date
  14. mihal190

    Project RACS

    I can feel it mate, release maybe not even close to 2035 but i feel like 100 great things to use / have fun with :D
  15. mihal190

    ANZINS Terrain

    Are you planning non vanilla maps, maybe you could make tutorial how to convert map