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  1. Defunkt

    Next DLC

    Arma is now a rather broad church (a good thing IMHO) and BI have seen the most growth over the past half-dozen years from non-military uses. You might hope or want for something else but I don't know that it has much bearing on what BI actually can't or need do. Left-over and unused assets already made seems entirely likely for this sort of fag-end release. Of course I don't know any more than the next person and it could be something entirely else, but I doubt more military assets is anybody's idea of 'unusual'.
  2. Defunkt

    Next DLC

    I can't help but wonder if they might bust out some previously unseen Alien Invasion content from back when that was on the drawing board.
  3. Hadn't previously checked this out as I'd assumed it was just Chernarus with a whole lot of extra frame-killing assets scattered around it. There's a degree of truth to that assumption (it's an FPS killer) but the changes are so much more than superficial and really artfully done. Chernarus has never looked so good - well done. Now give me some frames back!
  4. Thanks. Honestly I'd have hoped there was a way to achieve this without scripting (and I'm not sure anything in those links suggests how it might be done with). Probably I'd investigate an FSM edit first. A video to illustrate what I mean; Hopefully I've linked that 1:10 in. @jeza has three squad mates who exhibit the AWARE behaviour I'd like to avoid (in formation but weapons raised) while the local units (apparently not under his control and presumably following a waypoint) are doing what I'd like from my own AI in a 'patrol' mode keeping formation but with a relaxed stance.
  5. Pretty basic question but I'm really only recently delving into playing with AI; is it possible to have your squad keep a reasonably coherent formation while in SAFE mode? I find I often want to adopt a patrol/travel stance where weapons are lowered but setting the squad to SAFE to achieve this leads to them milling and moseying around like they're on a picnic. Every other mode and weapons are up like they're expecting imminent trouble. Any tips?
  6. Defunkt

    The effect of weapon on AI accuracy

    Good work. I think the next thing would ideally be to work out exactly what config values influence these variations such that a script might be run on the whole config tree and spit out a large result set (which could be graphed as suggested above). In as much as you've identified a potential 'problem' - this might yield its solution, whether by allowing mod makers to see how their configs compare with others or mission makers to see what weapon sets inter-operate well.
  7. Defunkt

    South Asia v1.3 No errors!!

    Took a look yesterday, really interesting (obvious appeal for jets but not too shoddy as a combined arms map) and a horrendously large download. Couple of thoughts; 1. Would it not be better to make CUP a dependency and flesh-out/override their dummy config classes? Saves on downloading duplicated assets and means the map would benefit from all CUP object upgrades. And if you reach the point where you consider it done or are tired of maintaining it they'd probably be quite happy then to incorporate it. 2. Don't know if you're in a position to edit the height field but it would be cool to see the river carved out some and have the sea level set to fill it.
  8. Defunkt

    Ravage Mod

    Yeah, unfortunately HC is a poor substitute for proper parallelism (particularly as it requires missions to be specially written to use it) but it's all we've got. Hit me up if you do decide to investigate, would be happy to help out with any coding. If we got a test mission going with one standard HC module working we could then see if it that client can spawn its own agents.
  9. Defunkt

    Ravage Mod

    Seeing as there's a spurt of development going on, can I ask if the use of a Headless Client has ever been explored in any way? Imagining something like a 'Headless Horde' module which might allow a single Horde Leader to be run from a HC and spawn additional subordinate units/agents which would be local to the HC. EDIT: I should've said, I think spectral beings are a stroke of genius given how hard it is to keep AI from walking through walls.
  10. Defunkt

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    I was deep into the original Insurgency source mod (previously Counter-Strike and before that Action Quake 2) when I ran across one of Dsylexci's ArmA (1) videos - and it looked like everything I'd ever wanted. Turned out not to be (my machine had more GPU than CPU and I couldn't run it very well) - but I was all over A2 when it released (bought the German-only edition on day one). Was never really aware of Operation Flashpoint but I'd never have tried it anyway - the character models have always seemed to me comically bad (where Arma 1's looked amazing).
  11. Didn't make an exhaustive search but on the face of it your dependency on CBA seems redundant. Only GEISTL_ASSETS_C_GER_BOX requires it (CBA_XEH) but nothing within seems to utilize it.
  12. Searched this topic (for 'CUP') and it didn't appear the subject had been done to death already so, would it be politic to ask the million dollar question; is there any plan to square the duplication of content between CUP and JBAD?
  13. Defunkt

    Machine learning / AI projects using ArmA?

    I think the key to smarter AI in A3 would be to offload higher-level functions (i.e. Finding Cover) and particularly prioritization (determining which units require the most frequent updates - because they're under fire or engaged in CQB) to a separate thread or even separate machine. This is more or less what the Headless Client seeks to achieve but the degree to which missions need to be specially written/deployed to utilize it makes it next to useless to the vast majority of players who just want to throw something together in the editor. I've dallied with the idea of trying to create an extension which an AI mod like VCOM could feed with periodic updates to unit state and location which are then constantly prioritized in a separate thread such that the mod could then also query the extension for; who do I most need to deal with next and what should they broadly be doing? Without access to map data this evaluation would be fairly rudimentary based principally on the threat/efficacy/morale/awareness and especially proximity of enemy or friendly units but it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that it could pass some finer-grained evaluation off to another game instance (think Headless Server) to perform LOS/cover checks (in SQF with actual map data). Just 'Blue Sky' thinking at this stage but it's going to be a long while until Arma 4 (and even longer until content compares to what's available in A3) - so, maybe one day.
  14. Defunkt

    Refraction blast wave

    Very nice. Love a mod that can be achieved using just the core capabilities of the engine (sans-scripts).
  15. Defunkt

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Great textures, flat (not-shiny) but with a strong sense of depth. Reminds me of Topas' work.